Political Mavens React to Pete Buttigieg and Democrats the usage of Fox Information


Former Barack Obama Communications Director and Pod Save The us host Dan Pfeiffer is joined through Democratic strategist Lis Smith who was once senior marketing consultant to Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential marketing campaign to talk about Democrats showing on Fox Information. They damage down advertisements and clips that includes Tim Ryan, Pete Buttigieg, and Catherine Cortez Mastro.

Take a look at Lis Smith’s new guide “Any Given Tuesday” – https://www.harpercollins.com/merchandise/any-given-tuesday-lis-smith?variant=39741670064162

00:00 – Intro to Lis Smith
01:15 – “Fox Information Pals” from Tim Ryan (D operating for Senate in Ohio)
05:03 – Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Fox Information (07.10.22)
09:00 – “Hammer” from One Country (assault advert in opposition to Catherine Cortez Mastro)

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Date: August 26, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Political Mavens React to Pete Buttigieg and Democrats the usage of Fox Information

  1. Every time I hear that Buttigieg is going to be or has been on I get a good laugh and my first thoughts are, Shots are going to be fired and Buttigieg will be the only one left standing. Lol. I love Mayor Pete. I'm so glad he's getting experience in a administration. That was my biggest concern when he ran for POTUS even though I knew he would figure it out because he is a incredibly smart guy. But after the fucking mess trump made we really needed a guy that had experience to hit the ground running.

  2. Ah, the great Rightening.
    Or, the Rightening of the left.
    Or, vote blue no matter who.

    The slogans of late stage Capitalism are making it harder and harder to see a non-authoritarian ending for our "great American experiment".

    But if you start a big project with violence and blood, I suppose that's what you should expect at the end.

  3. Dan, whenever someone TELLS me to brainlessly "smash" the subscribe button, they'll be lucky if I don't "smash" the unlike instead. The thing that gets me to ACTUALLY click like is when people ASK me to click like IF I liked it.

  4. I still hope Pete will run for President again. He’s so intelligent, & well spoken.
    I think I will still let you watch Fox, because it makes me sick!
    You’ve given me a new perspective, thank you.

  5. Go Pete!!
    Attack ads against the Republicans should be how the former guy cut budgets so carelessly that the pandemic spread occurred. The issues Biden is stuck with were caused by the many problems caused by the pandemic. The pandemic which spread worldwide unchecked. THAT caused inflation. Biden is doing his best to make laws to help the economy and R and fighting him tooth and nail.

  6. Normally your guests are stellar. Very disturbed that you invited Lis Smith, someone who worked for a Republican-controlled New York State Senate and worked with Cuomo on smearing accusers etc. I will unsmash that subscribe button if you continue to platform fake Democrats and abuse enablers.

  7. What happened to the idea I floated for a Pete and Liz Cheney ticket? Is it gaining any traction out there…I am so hoping it does. I know I can always count on all of you to give the feedback needed to refine ideas and cultivate them into precision guided tactics for the good of our democracy.

  8. I do not comment often about Youtube or politics but this one video really made me mad. The subtlety of sexism and racism was sublime. This is why the democrats lose time and again. The base African-Americans and women are trivialized and the unicorns straight, white male moderates are chased with a degree of absurdity. Literally, everyone that was critiqued and examed was a woman of color.
    WOW, Just WOW! Why doesn't the democratic base come out because we all know if those at the top could shove minorities, women, or the poor to the side for one extra moderate, middle-class vote you have and will. The problems that concern the working class are not just white male problems they are every worker's problem. If you are discussing religion you never turn to women even though if go to any church most churches especially Christian ones are filled with minority women.
    The reason Pete Buttigieg is not confronted on FOX is because he is a white man. Every woman and minority is treated like a second-class citizen on FOX and we know it. I know he is openly gay and he does not shy from that issue but he is never confronted with that on FOX. They respect his male, whiteness enough not to engage him on issues like that. They do not code word him like Stacey Abrams, They do not dismiss him like AOC or treat him like a terrorist like Rashid T. Neither should the Democratic party.
    The issue of race, gender, and class should not be ignored by the Democrats. Fox preaches white, Christian, nationalism, and it is dangerous. Please let us stop both sidings on this issue or throwing those that will be effected by this the most under the bus.

  9. You can use anything you want DEM's are ruining this country. Washington needs to get there ass together and first get the budget in line. Cut a lot of the here its free crap. Close the border and stop the BS teacher union from brainwashing students.

  10. If the Reconciliation Bill caused US inflation, it must have caused European inflation, too, because this is a global issue. Republicans don't seem willing to accept that fact.

  11. If you look carefully at the interviewer on Fox who is interviewing Buttigieg, where you said neither of you has ever seen him before – his face looks like there's been some digital manipulation. Perhaps an interview where Fox lost so badly required some obfuscation of who the interviewer was.

  12. But Manchin and Sinema are "Democrats" and vote Republican repeatedly and so crush the Democrat agendas. How can we tell a Democrat we want vs. 2 sell outs in it for financial gain?

  13. Secretary Buttigieg is a natural born politician. He always comes prepared, is polite but doesn’t let anyone walk all over him, and does it all w/o raising his voice.

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