Pompeo: China threat is inside the gates


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses the true threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and how America should respond to China's aggression

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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32 thoughts on “Pompeo: China threat is inside the gates

  1. Harry S Truman, “Statement On Formosa,” January 5, 1950
    President Truman spoke at the White House. He subsequently took questions on weapons programs, appointments, political races, and hydraulic power projects.
    January 5, 1950
    The United States Government has always stood for good faith in international relations. Traditional United States policy toward China, as exemplified in the open-door policy, called for international respect for the territorial integrity of China. This principle was recently reaffirmed in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution of December 8, 1949, which, in part, calls on all states, and I quote:
    "'To refrain from (a) seeking to acquire spheres of influence or to create foreign controlled regimes within the territory of China; (b) seeking to obtain special rights or privileges within the territory of China.'"
    That is the end of the quotation from the United Nations Resolution.
    [Continuing reading] "A specific application of the foregoing principles is seen in the present situation with respect to Formosa. In the Joint Declaration at Cairo on December 1, 1943, the President of the United States, the British Prime Minister, and the President of China stated that it was their purpose that territories Japan had stolen from China, such as Formosa, should be restored to the Republic of China. The United States was a signatory to the Potsdam Declaration of July 26, 1945, which declared that the terms of the Cairo Declaration should be carried out. The provisions of this declaration were accepted by Japan at the time of its surrender. In keeping with these declarations, Formosa was surrendered to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, and for the past 4 years the United States and other Allied Powers have accepted the exercise of Chinese authority over the island.
    "The United States has no predatory designs on Formosa, or on any other Chinese territory. The United States has no desire to obtain special rights or privileges, or to establish military bases on Formosa at this time. Nor does it have any intention of utilizing its Armed Forces to interfere in the present situation. The United States Government will not pursue a course which will lead to involvement in the civil conflict in China.
    "Similarly, the United States Government will not provide military aid or advice to Chinese forces on Formosa. In the view of the United States Government, the resources on Formosa are adequate to enable them to obtain the items which they might consider necessary for the defense of the island. The United States Government proposes to continue under existing legislative authority the present ECA program of economic assistance."
    At 2:30 this afternoon Dean Acheson will hold a press conference and further elaborate on the details with reference to this statement which I have just issued on the policy of the United States Government toward China and Formosa.

  2. Americans behaviour towards the rest of the world is totally unacceptable and rude.. USA is best known for invading other countries say for example in the middle East countries in the name of protecting human rights and democracy which kills many innocent children and civilians which is totally nonsense and we all have seen it in iraq Iran Afghanistan and Syria… Now USA is eying in the eastern Asia to create chaos so that they remain superpower and continue to dictate the world… Russia India and China should oppose to this attitude and establish a more peaceful multipolar world where America's bully and dictates don't work anymore

  3. Trump will do anything to take attention away from how corrupt he is Russia helps steal the election from Hillary Ukraine is just an excuse so America doesn't investigate Russia= interference with Hillary's election….!#

  4. World tax stop war
    Pajak Dunia
    1 %

    Setiap investor yang menanamkan modal di suatu negara ( pengusaha di setiap negara ) wajib di kenakan pajak dunia. Pajak – pajak ini lah yang akan merangkum kan populasi manusia di mana – mana ( Human free apartement ) . Dan mengenai tendernya, kita pilih negara dalam kondisi krisis terparah ( ekonomi ), contohnya Yunani.

    It's time we walk together
    Waktunya berjalan bersama

  5. Mr Pompeo! This is what I call right tactics: best defense is offense! And not waiting until the battle is lost!,, propaganda is the most important weapon today! Left without response always brings defeat!

  6. Communism is a disaster!
    Let me try to teach the stupid and the liberals, and the scared and especially the MSNBC:
    Karl Marx in his early childhood dreamed of chocolate houses and rivers of milk! We the people all have the sweetest dreams after we are born! The business of normal good parents is softly turning baby to a child, to a teenager and to happy adulthood! Some parents love their BABIES so much, so much so that they reject reality, laws of nature, dangers of everyday life and think of those as avoidable!
    I am quite sure that little Karl was brought in a family like that. Nobody taught him that the best happiness is a success in hard labor, victory in gradual improvement of life around!
    His mental gifts, all his generic sophistication was directed on restructuring the “wrong” society, building heaven on earth!
    For the liberals Karl Marx is a hero and raw model!
    He is a symbol of the whole mankind dreams come true! They are angels of “beautiful dreams”! You can’t hate them… but you, who do not believe it are bad, bad and cruel, dark and satanic!
    Get it? Zq
    Same-thing had happened in Russia, China, happening in Europe, England etc etc…
    STAY AWAY FROM MARX AND RADICALS! Or prepare your children ‘of the world’ to die

  7. What pompeo means china is afraid of the us its engagements thtu rhetorics or barking and barking but never go outside of its gate becsuse it n might be comfronted srrioudly and it cannot defend itself ibig sabihin duwag ang china kasi puro threats at pag iingay lsmang zng kaya buking nz ngayon ito lalong confident nz ngayon ang us nz hi di kaya ng china ang mzkipag gyera sa us at mga sllies nito gaya ng taiwan australia uk france at iba pa kaya panatag na ang loob ng taiwan at it is an inch away to its full pledge independent nation and in a few time taiwan will become the newest member of the united nations mabuhay

  8. Pathetic lies i just hope America wakes up before the rich elite get richer and our country suffers irreparable damage and our young men and women die in the millions these fools are pushing our enemies together

  9. Traditionally, China is not an aggressive military nation. Its concerns are local concerns about national unity. It is 12, 000 miles on the other side of the world. Yet we are willing to start a nuclear war over matters that don't really threaten us in any way whatsoever. This is crazy, and the reason it's crazy is because crazies are in charge. True, there is a certain prestige in acting as if we are the police-force of Earth. But there is also grave danger involved in voluntarily assuming that heavy responsibility. One is provoking reactions that will be detrimental to both ourselves and he entire planet. There is definitely no prestige in being the police force of a nuclear-devastated wasteland of a planet.

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