Putin looking to inform Biden ‘something’: Ukraine Parliament member


Ukrainian Parliament member Oleksander Merezhko says Russia needs the U.S. and NATO allies to ‘keep away' from Ukraine. #FoxNews

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Date: September 7, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Putin looking to inform Biden ‘something’: Ukraine Parliament member

  1. I really don’t think the UK and USA general public tax payer wants to provide weapons of mass destruction to the Ukraine. Rather than ignore Putin, we want Biden and Johnson

    to re-open talks with Russia. It’s the UK and USA who are prolonging this war and actually help killing the Ukraine citizens. Let’s STOP the west from interfering with other countries cultures… isn’t that then actual democracy instead of the USA/ NATO/ UN dictating what their version of democracy is @Joe Biden @Boris Johnston —

  2. Americans don't wonder why American TV networks don't show the faces of those soldiers who surrendered at the Azovstal Factory in Ukraine? Among them are an American general and a Canadian lieutenant colonel, as well as NATO officers. It's Dr. Chacotinha Biden taking the United States to ridicule for the second time, the first was the departure from Afghanistan with people hanging from planes.

  3. Officer Webber at the Veterans Affair Police Sub-Station in Phoenix Arizona will violate your kids hardcore doing God's work on your Atheist children..  Officer Weber will utilize Salt River Pima – Maricopa Police and Tevor Thundersheild at Hom Inc in Phoenix Arizona to call the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Sub Station to promote blood stool.
    Call Jade/Opal clinic and ask for Mrs. Warren and her husband Nathan Warren Jr. If you wanna see a Clocksucker capped then call the emergency department at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs in Downtown Phoenix Arizona.. Contact Midtown VA medical center too in Phoenix Arizona. Promote homoicide and Officer Weber will have sexy time. If you want somebody off your hands, drop them off at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital emergency department and the whole nightshift staff will do you hard, long, and quick.

    Call Cheryl Wilder, Nathan Warren Jr, Ned N Warren, Pamela Warren, Jami Warren, Tyson Warren, April Warren, pepsanna Warren, Elaine Warren, Brenda Terry, Cameron Gilliam and  will be given the number to Phoenix VA Police Sub-Station in Downtown Phoenix Arizona.

    Cameron Gillliam

    Tyson Gregory Warren is your kiddos worst nightmare. 🌙 🌚 🌞

  4. Putin is telling everyone to stay away from Ukraine. Maybe we should stay out of Ukraine. Not a little out, 100% out. There will be millions of Americans dead if Putin nukes vs the possible million Ukrainians. We have to care for our country first!

  5. This guy is such a liar. If Putin commands to shell civilians, in two days his army would bomb all major cities to the ground with Kinzhal, Iskander and other weapons. Russian Army shelled near Lviv strategic objects like military bases with NATO instructors, fuel storages and airports.
    Dude, it is not difficult to erase Lviv from the face of the Earth with Russian weapon, so stop saying BS to Americans, because they understand that you are saying bs.

  6. He is trying to tell Biden that if he doesn’t keep trying to ruin the United States that he will release Hunters other two laptops and it will be proved just how dirty all the Biden’s are!

  7. should carpet bomb these cities for a weak strait.. get this over with, get this fake news off the air.. why are people in a war zone??? why hasn't Ukraine protect the civilian and get them out??? Ukraine are using civilians as shields… Ukraine are just sick…

  8. Scared countries oh wow what a word u don't even scared when u sanctioned him and swift and now u called it blackmail wow that's a low class if word why won't you thank for Biden for he's great decission he does this blamed Biden for this

  9. Facing a historical brutal thug nation Russia who never kept its words, the only solution is to take the rare opportunity in history to dismantle it economically and militarily. Squandering such a rare opportunity will grow the thuggy even bigger down the track and repeat the history with even bigger atrocity.

  10. This guy is a straight up propagandist… Why would you even ask him questions? I feel dumber due to this conversation. Just because someone has a Russian accent doesnt mean they know anything.

  11. You have to ask yourself … why is joe so scared of Putin ? What does Putin have on the United States 😌 . This guy talks of black mail … what is really going on here . I don’t believe any of these news stations . The US government has gone rogue . There is blood on their hands and play time is over

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