Rep. Gallagher: That is an unacceptable abuse of energy


Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures' to talk about the fallout over the FBI's Trump raid and the desire for transparency inside of federal regulation enforcement businesses. #FoxNews

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Date: September 4, 2022

RSS The Hill

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23 thoughts on “Rep. Gallagher: That is an unacceptable abuse of energy

  1. Why did FBI sit on the lap-top since Trump's first impeachment and not investigate Biden's collusion with Russia & China? And they let Trump get wrongfully prosecuted and let Biden get elected! Did our whole government helped steal the election? You know Intelligence Dept knew about it the lap-top and I'm sure others in Congress knew about it also because of Nancy Pelosi's relationship with Adam Schiff who was ON the Intelligence Committee & Russia hoax & impeachment!

  2. First of all, for the thousandth time, it was not a raid, it was the serving of a search warrant, and they found more than they were looking for, according to an FBI friend. If Trump, his legal team and all these media outlets don't leave this alone, there is going to be serious consequences for all involved. You simply can't take government documents, classified or not, and since they got the evidence to convict, it's over, case closed!

  3. The Democrats are spiralling America towards a civil war in November 2024. They’re hiring 87,000 IRS agents, arming them and telling them they may have to use lethal force, why exactly? Will they situate them in strategic positions ready to seize power when Trump wins?

  4. The FBI is an extension of the Democrat party just like media the IRS the doj the state department they're all in the same boat. Don't trust any of it. They're liars and thieves.

  5. Executive order creating the quantum act will straighten out all of this. Executive orders are for a reason people. Maritime law federal martial law. I sure hope you people can handle what will come in the future. Some things may be confusing but when evil has light shed on it it can no longer hide. Welcome to make America great again. Donald John Trump is a good man.

  6. Why wouldn't they do this? They'll never be held accountable. What they're going to lose their job? They don't care. Who is going to hold them accountable? Let's be clear here everyone in the FBI CIA doj DHS IRS and every other government agency who has been protecting the clintons Obama and Biden must be perp walked for the world to see indicted prosecuted imprisoned for Life and/or executed and that includes judges the mainstream media and big Tech.

  7. If anyone is thinking this is not scripted as a set up purposely to cause us to be fearfilled & cower , you haven't the two brain cells required to survive this attack by the left. No joke,I smell Adam Schiff all through this, like the staged photo! LOL Additionally to slip in their "evidence"! Deflecting from what they are doing will be found out. We know already deflecting doesn't work.

  8. Abuse of Power was the theft of 300 classified documents from the American people! Refusing to return them for over 18 months, lying to the FBI! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Legal search warrant based on potential criminal activity! HUM

  9. Yay more money wasting hearings where no democrat goes to jail, still no justice for Bengazi or the Epstein list makes me think their all involved

  10. If Trump legal team signed off on how many documents there were and where they were, but lied about it, they will be indicted. That was enough for probable cause, no way around it, inside Whistle Blower/s were credible.

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