Retired first responders anticipated to resolve the national trainer scarcity


Florida-based lieutenant firefighter Tommy Douglas supplies viewpoint at the huge staffing shortages going on national and the way this is impacting American schooling on ‘Fox & Buddies Weekend.’ #foxnews

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Date: August 21, 2022

RSS The Hill

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33 thoughts on “Retired first responders anticipated to resolve the national trainer scarcity

  1. lol Good Luck Jack…'re a teacher now, not a cop/firefighter/EMS so not respected anymore! You just became bullsht guy….going into a field that will pay you 47k (or starting salary) forever and ever w/o a pay increase. And every yr they demand more work. Enjoy!

    Here's a note. FL police and firefighters get 3% state contributions to their 401k…teachers use to but it got taken away. This and other pay cuts have been happening since '05.

  2. Principals are often coaches who have been promoted beyond their abilities. None have anything resembling 'management' training or expertise.
    They are dumb jocks who become ensconced as petty tyrants.
    Homeschooling, charter or private schools get your kids out from under these dullards.

  3. Lol, what's sad is that many people actually think that untrained people can just walk into a classroom and educate children. This idiot talking here actually equated showing firefighters how to do their jobs to teaching a classroom of 30 kids. On top of that, this idiot host thinks that just because her dad transitioned into teaching, that means that all veterans make good teachers. She's a complete airhead. I can't wait for all of these people who try to teach quit after a week because they realize just how hard it is to be a teacher.

  4. Look around I can't believe we even still have schools it's literally just a daycare look how many kids come out unprepared to do anything except follow Direction all the money we spend on each one of these children we should give them the money to start a business or jump right into a trade school sitting around doing social media trends it's done nothing because depression and every one of our children schools really are just a brainwashing Center

  5. Wonder if one reason the teachers unions are against this is how many MEN it would put in the classroom?? I know from firsthand experience men aren't very welcome in education ESPECIALLY elementary education! Imagine all these children, especially boys, having positive male role models in their lives.

  6. Why does everyone on Fox News always look so pissed off? Is that how you want to be? If wanting people to be provided for well by Republican's 1970s term, 'Woke' laws, makes you pissed off, then there is no hope for you to be happy. People want to be cared for and not run over by a tank like in Tiananmen Square, China or Ron DeSantis in Florida. Democrats are happier than you are. Consider a change that will better more people than just you. Vote Democrat.

  7. I think all those teachers that quit should rent a place to teach or if they have the space teach the neighborhood kids if the parents are ok with that. The problem is the school board has been infiltrated by the political agendas in order to indoctrinate the generations more and more. Do it the old fashioned way and rent an old school house. Who needs the school board??

  8. They'll last a few weeks. Don't even try a flag salute. Wear a go pro. 1st day of school this year a parent filed a lawsuit. The coach called her son the n word. Good luck. 2nd day , 4 aunties came in to clean your clock because they don't like their nephews grades. 3rd day, someone puts ketamine in your tea and you case students around with scissors.

  9. "Teach our Kids Proper." What a Joke, Hilarious. The problem is not the lack of teachers. It is the lack of Students who want to Learn, Follow Rules, Respect Authority, Know right from wrong, Disciplined, Respect for Others, Know how to speak English not Spanish or Ebonics. Basically, everything both parents should have taught them before Kindergarten and especially by intermediate school. THE PARENTS OR LACK OF THEM ARE THE PROBLEM. It will never be solved and it will never be reversed. It will only increase more exponentially as the Dumbing Down of America continues. I was a substitute teacher for inner city schools. Teachers don't need to be paid more, kids need to be born less to end up the ways they are not raised by absentee fathers and stung out mothers.

  10. A licenced "Teacher" isn't needed, anyone can teach someone to read, write (I've done it, helping homeless) and do basic Math, nor do you need a Teaching Licence or a Degree to teach someone Geography and History and you certainly don't need it to organise a Basketball Game or Calisthenics.
    I say the Public needs to Break the Teachers Union. Parents and Students need to go on Strike!

  11. I thought a four year degree was required to teach. Most first responders do not have the qualifications to teach. Once again the system is not responding to the proper needs of the children.

  12. I have never seen a firefighter with a BA or a masters, half of them can barely read and write. It takes years to get teaching cardinals too. I don’t see how this is going to work, unless FL doesn’t have much for requirements. I mean, he’s a fire Lieutenant and has long hair. Where I come from police and fire can’t have visible tattoos, long hair, and no more than a mustache.

  13. Yes please, encouraging strong responsible heros to teach is an excellent idea. No offense to us ladies but k-12 teaching had been female dominated for a long time and all feminists focus on is the boardroom.

  14. This is a great way for de santes to perpetuate another generation of ignorance by commissioning the under qualified to teach. The teacher shortages are only in those states that have a distrust of science and education, teach their ideology in public schools, and burn books. No wonder teachers are quitting.

  15. Might as well go down to crack alley and pick your teachers up just homeschool your kids forget these peasants that live off the rest of us let's take men and women who've really done nothing in their life and never worked any real job except for harassing normal decent Folk and keep paying them taxpayer money so they can continue to be leeches

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