Reza Aslan: 'I Really feel In reality Unhealthy' For Fox Information Anchor Who Grilled Me


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Date: September 7, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Reza Aslan: 'I Really feel In reality Unhealthy' For Fox Information Anchor Who Grilled Me

  1. The Faux News interview was pathetic. Aslan tried to school the idiot Lauren Green and she just didn't get it. I enourage all to read Aslan's book, Zealot. It is a very interesting read. I enjoyed it and found his arguments very compelling. Too bad the right wing nut bible thumpers can't open their minds up to reality and reason.

  2. Are you aware of the "collateral damage" caused by drone strikes? We're not just killing militants. Plus there's the hundreds of thousands of people who died in Iraq due to America's involvement. But people like you who think Muslims are the problem would chalk those deaths up to national security.

  3. oh sweet. that's what i thought. i found it doubtful that someone as intelligent as lauren green would voluntarily continue the interview along the trajectory she did despite aslan's very clear and logical answers. suspected that there was some external pressure there that we couldn't see.

  4. You have no idea what you are talking about. Describing the content of your Phd and listing it's official title are both acceptable ways of talking about your credentials. Only a person with no clue about academics would call it a lie to describe the content of your study rather than the actual title.

  5. Please explain how a person can get a Phd in the sociology of religions without the Phd also involving an extensive study of the history of religion. The idea that describing the Phd non technically is a lie is pure fantasy by haters.

  6. Ignorant, narrow minded people that can't think about any new perspectives. These kind of people are easily tricked by intellectuals and the government into violating their own rights in order to make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful.

  7. Watch on here the part where Megyn Kelly calls out Karl Rove for spinning math to suit his own agenda, not in how math is intended, then put the two interviews together as classic examples of lousy journalism on Fox Entertainments part.

  8. you are correct, i know alot of people who think it is fake. the thing is, even my friend also earning well monthly doing surveys and reading mails daily. if you wanna try just try now: bit.ly1bPY0Ts

  9. I did not mention religion a single time in my comment. I said that people will never act purely based on truth and knowledge. Personal and cultural beliefs will always be part of the human experience, and always should be. I can't provide a bunch of facts and numbers to explain why murder is wrong. Those kind of things are based on belief.

  10. Since when do you need religion to know right from wrong. People should live according to their morals because they know its right not because they are scared they won't make it in to heaven. All religion does is stunt the human development and spread hate and violence. The world would be a better (and smarter) place if religion was eradicated

  11. He is an academic with a PhD in religions, the book he wrote is not based on his opinion or faith-based beliefs, it's a factual account of Jesus's life. He himself also stated in the interview that they are speaking of and many others that not only did he used to be a christian, but his wife and mother are also Christian. The book he wrote is not an attack on Christianity or Jesus, it is an academic work that has nothing to do with the fact that he is Muslim.

  12. Sorry, but humans are not machines that absorb all the information, discern the truth, and act according to it. And we never will be. People will always have their assumptions and their emotions that drive decision making. We don't have a full picture of what goes around us and we act based on a narrow interpretation. Can you use scientific knowledge to explain why genocide is wrong? No. Because morality is a belief system. Life is not just about what you know. How you feel is just as important.

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