Russia and China are ‘deepening’ their alliance: Rebekah Koffler


Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow Gordon Chang and previous Protection Intelligence Company officer Rebekah Koffler analyzes Russia and China’s rising alliance, on ‘Fox & Pals Weekend.’ #foxnews

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Date: September 4, 2022

RSS The Hill

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41 thoughts on “Russia and China are ‘deepening’ their alliance: Rebekah Koffler

  1. So 30 NATO countries uniting in a military union is not a threat, as Putin has been saying for the past 22 years. But Russia and China uniting into one (after the U.S. has declared both countries as existential threats for just existing) is a threat. Am I understanding this correctly? Someone please help me out here…

  2. The Bible warns about Gog and Magog and anybody that does not believe we are in the final seven years of the book of revelation is a fool and needs to read the Bible

  3. Bravo to Sasakchewan for warning Trudeau that if he sends his "Nitrogen" police to Sask they will be arrested!!!! Its time for provinces to break away from the Federal overloards!!!! Rule by the People NOT a King!!!!

  4. The greatest threat to our food supply is not climate…. its the givernment. Shi Lanka just proved it…abd now Trudeau begins the same total warfare on Canadas farmers. In one year Teudea can collapse our entire food industry, as planned. Enjoy your ctickets!!

  5. *This is an awesome alliance all they need is Treasonous Trump as team captain and together we can rule the whole world with an iron fist*🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  6. sad apart none of theses politicians gonna send their kids to fight a war they create for power the world were a better place the golden days for africans Europeans dark ages

  7. China will be the dominant partner in this relationship. China still has designs on Russia's Far East sparsely populated territories. A weaker Russia will come under pressure from a stronger China to renegotiate their border.

  8. You start a war with Russia and now you're starting a war with China. You are beyond doubt that stupidest people that God ever put breathe into. The US will almost certainly be destroyed.

  9. Well, when you treat Russia and China like enemies for decades, off course this will happen. No mention that India also joined in the military drills with China and Russia.

  10. So what?U.S.and her European dog puppets are so jealous and insecure because their lies are exposed and majority of the countries around the world knew that The western evil warmongering empire are full of shits and doesn’t care for the normal citizens of the world

  11. Just wait. Russia,china,N.Korea,Iran, and finally India. China and India is 2.6 Billion people. In just these two countries. All of NATO together don't equal 1Billion. Now throw in the other 3 countries. Russia N.Korea, Iran. This will probably go nuclear real fast. It's a shame for the innocent and a shame on the global elite's. Or US elite's. So load your soul with the spirit of God before you load your mags with Bullets.

  12. Communist love each other until they want each others land, so what you expect. China,Russia,India,Turkey,Iran,North Korea,Pakistan,Syria all grouping up and greed is funding them. Then all that greed will be lost as it will go to the victor or be burned from existence.

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