Sean Duffy: There is nothing more intrusive than this


Fox News contributor Sean Duffy gives his take on the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.' #FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

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Date: August 16, 2022

RSS The Hill

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46 thoughts on “Sean Duffy: There is nothing more intrusive than this

  1. Not the abolishment of the FBI, the cleaning out of the entire leadership and central office where each FBI investigation is handled by the local offices in the state the crime was committed an to have all served warrants being handled by the local state FBI where you would then have to go through more people to do things like this which will naturally create more oversight and more credibility until new objective leadership can be hired and be put in place. None of this is even about trump. Politically it will help him in 2024, what this is about is that now both sides will do it together which destroys the entire system

  2. Trump better do a bug sweep of his house.

    If the fbi isn’t targeting one side more than the other, where are the bulk arrests of antifa/blm who burned federal building and those who harassed SCOTUS justices at their homes, Brandon crime family and other top Dems guilty of crimes.

  3. One side believes there is a higher law than Man.
    The other side believes Man is the highest law.

    One side believes life is part a greater purpose.
    The other side believes life is a meaningless, random experience.

    One side believes in a steadily developing society observing traditions and respect for history and convention.
    The other side believes in a constantly changing society fuelled by revolutions and disregard for history or convention.

    One side believes Man is inherently good and, with education and freedom, can be successful.
    The other side believes Man is inherently bad and must be regulated and ruled by government.

    I'm beginning to understand that some people will naturally agree with one side and some, with the other side. Not because one side is right and the other, wrong, or because of the media, etc. but because of human nature.

    Different things appeal to different people and, it seems, no amount of reasoning will persuade them otherwise. It's just like the two halves of our brain. Though they are believed to be opposites in nature and function, the healthy unity of the two yields the best results.

  4. It's becoming pretty obvious: Garland is so angry at Republicans for not letting him join the Supreme Court, that he is now conducting like a maestro the politicization of the FBI against mainstream moderates and commonsense conservatives. Dont believe me? Remember Garland going after parents for attending school board meetings? Garland not sending support to threatened Supreme Court justices, but sending support to threatened FBI members? Sendng FBI after Trump staff members but not Hunter Biden? There's a pattern here that clearly shows Garland has politicized the FBI making it an arm of the Democrat Party against mainstream moderates and commonsense conservatives. Why? Because Garland is still pissed at Republicans for blocking his way to the Supreme Court. Sad … in the meantime this silly man is ushering the end of our Democracy because of pride.

  5. DId the lawyer sign off the first time saying they gave everything? If somebody told you they handed over classified information and you find out there's more you would expect them to search everything. It's the FBI. We all know if you give them an inch they'll take a mile. Why not hand over everything the first time?

  6. This is so sad … to see our own Democracy beginning to fall apart because FBI has decided to take sides and go after mainstream moderates and commonsense conservatives, as well rightwingers. How can people not see this?

  7. Those who keep spinning the narrative that this raid is purely the lawful execution of a search warrant (which by the way, was purposefully to be so broad that should not be approved by any federal judge who won't trade his soul for personal agenda) are either blind, deaf, stupid or plain evil. A "civil war" has literally been declared and taking place in the past six years by the far left via weaponized state institutions against civil liberty, by repeatedly and openly practicing two tier "justice", placing political agenda above the rule of law in the name of "democracy" and "national security". US "democracy" and "free world leader" icons are fading bigly in front of the whole world, and yet those deplorable (who pathetically are calling other fellow citizens with a normal "un-mutated" heart and soul "deplorable") or ill-spirited and their masterminds have been dumping all the bull craps on one individual, whom has been portrayed as an evil monster (BTW: why such a powerful political gangster and its sidekicks appear to be so afraid of one non-career politician is truly fascinating, isn't it?), instead of seriously questioning the integrity, competency or even the agenda of the political "union" in Washington. Such a non-career politician may indeed have committed a crime, yet no one can deny that the "birth" of such an iconic figure serves as a wake-up call to US civilians that the moment the fair justice is compromised, so goes the democracy and civil liberty. When people become fearful of its government or the ruling party, the nation is effectively ruled under tyranny. God bless America, the land of free and home of the brave!

  8. Jesus Christ/God is in the process of judging America.Things will become increasingly worse.He is coming back soon.Will you be left behind?Repent of your sins and trust Jesus as LORD and SaviorNOW

  9. Could the cancelation of the pipeline be a measure meant to facilitate The Southern Border Invasion? How many of those executive orders Brandon signed on his first day be used to facilitate the Southern Border Invasion?

  10. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, now Donald Trump… Expose criminal acts within federal intelligence agencies, expect the espionage card to be played against you.
    Trump had an opportunity to pardon Assange and Snowden. He didn’t, leaving the deep state further imbedded in our lives – and now his.

  11. FBI/KGB has their work cut out for them to overcome the precedence of Hillary’s 33,000 emails ,full of classified documents, destroyed, bleached, hammered, etc. She stored them in her unsecure bathroom on unsecured servers which the whole world could hack into. She wasn’t even a president. What did Trump do that was worse than that?

  12. Whoa!it sounds more like the FBI is creating the environment of violence as that woman said. Treason? Why were Stroxk and his girlfriend Paige not branded as treasonous too? The double STANDARD does exist and I hope President Trump will eventually be vindicated and all the swampy creatures be charged for all their crimes!!!!

  13. They want Trump out because he's a very smart man, he knows the truth that hided behind the DC walls. If we the people meant anything at all to them, Biden would have been impeached the first few days in office. He's nothing but a joke , a puppet on a string. Personally I dont know why he hasn't caught a bullet along with that evil b** pilose. I wish I had the means of making people wake up and taking back our country before it all comes crumbling down around us. There will still be dumba** that won't know why. Sad, so very sad….

  14. No Democrats you want a b** complaining about everything you're doing yourself and try to just push the blame on everybody else that's not like you you know that 70% of Americans that are not like you… And I really emphasize the word not

  15. There’s always a few moles in the FBI but not all of them but an entire department wouldn’t be involved in such a political plot. Wanting to defund the FBI is putting them in danger. So now the feds suddenly changed? Because they raided a republican President? If they would of raided Biden like this would republicans be upset? No. They’d say up fund the feds now. Feds we’re tipped off with some b.s and they reacted because aren’t we saying they we’re fishing? Ok then it may not of be because of the documents but because they we’re told he had something else in the home and that’s why they don’t want to show the alpha-davit because they didn’t find it but they still completed their federal job. So this shows the feds we’re doing their job and should not be defunded and attacked. I am not upset at the feds but at the lying snitch that got all this commotion going. I don’t like to see anyone get raided because i feel it’s disrespectful and I’ll defend the home owners but at the same time I’m not going to say law enforcement is bad now and to defund them. It’s like saying bad doctor bad doctor that one shot hurt so defund all doctors. The political shot hurt because of a lying snitch but we say good feds good feds because they acted fast knowing we are paying tax dollars. They are the ones that would bring our abducted child home and they want to defund the FBI? So I was right all along political people would allow Americans to wither away to get back in power.

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