Sean Hannity 8/22/22 [FULL HD] | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 22, 2022


Sean Hannity 8/22/22 [FULL HD] | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 22, 2022
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Date: August 23, 2022

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  • Why the discovery of a Chinese balloon in US skies is such a big deal February 3, 2023
    Tensions between the U.S. and China are on the rise again after the discovery of what the Biden administration is describing as a sophisticated Chinese espionage tool flying over the United States. The discovery of a massive Chinese surveillance balloon over Montana, which hosts some nuclear silos, sparked a diplomatic crisis on Friday, with Secretary...
  • Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo February 3, 2023
    Editor's note: Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plaskett is the top Democrat on a Judiciary subcommittee established by the GOP to examine the “weaponization” of the federal government. The information was incorrect in an earlier version of this story. The House Judiciary Committee fired off its first subpoenas under the leadership of Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio),...
  • 5 takeaways on a surprisingly strong jobs report February 3, 2023
    The U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, more than doubling Wall Street expectations and turning up its nose at prognosticators of an imminent recession. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.4 percent, the lowest level since 1969. Analysts were expecting it to move in the opposite direction, ticking up to 3.6 percent. The monthly jobs...
  • Victoria Spartz passes on Senate run, to retire from Congress at end of term February 3, 2023
    Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) on Friday announced she will not run for Congress in 2024, retiring from the House and passing on a bid for Indiana's open Senate seat. "It’s been my honor representing Hoosiers in the Indiana State Senate and U.S. Congress and I appreciate the strong support on the ground. 2024 will mark...
  • GOP lashes out at Biden, Pentagon as Chinese balloon hovers over US February 3, 2023
    Republicans have seized on the news that a Chinese surveillance balloon is flying over the northern U.S. to cast President Biden and the Defense Department as failing to protect national security. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) quickly called for a briefing for the Gang of Eight, the top members of Congress who receive classified intelligence from...

42 thoughts on “Sean Hannity 8/22/22 [FULL HD] | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 22, 2022

  1. The Inflation Reduction Spending Act is nowhere to be seen? food prices increased in August 2022 economic inflation 9.1% increased more from vegetables food beef, pork, and seafood all increased, it's all lies, the government prints money divided by parts small $ 739 billion , spending slowly continues Joe Biden increases the bailout package until the end of 2022 is a total of 3.5 trillions then the government shuts down
    There is a proverb that says, don't listen to what the communists say. but look at what the communists do

  2. Reinhardt needs to abandon ship with this one. If it is found the DOJ/FBI did something illegal in the warrant application, he will be aiding and abetting by following through after requests were made to unseal all the warrant documents.

  3. Please don't vote for this guy hes another job Biden never worked for Day In his life and he does not have any real experience behind him. Please don't vote for this fraud hes a scammer he doesn't believe in the American dream or the freedom for you people

  4. You know why he will not do it because he hasn't got the balls that come up against you because he knows you have told the truth!!!!!! Disguise a liar. Like I said he has no balls he wouldn't come up against a man like you and this is a slug he should crawl back under his rock where he came from. And how dare they say something like that about you!!!!5? I've always given Fox a lot of credit because I like the way they tell the truth and explain stuff and how they got ithey got it very proud to be listening to Fox and not to the other garbage that's out there

  5. Please consider this, it could save you years of wasted time…

    If you or I took Top Secret documents the FBI would pay us a visit too, no doubt. Trump was told REPEATEDLY to hand over HIGHLY CLASSIFIED documents he had no business holding onto. He turned over some but not all.

    After a SECOND visit to retrieve more CLASSIFIED documents Trump's attorney signed an affidavit saying they'd given the FBI EVERYTHING. Well guess what, it wasn't true. They now have a whistleblower who informed them of Donald's secret stash and surveillance video of LOTS of people coming and going with boxes from the basement where the documents were stored.

    These TOP SECRET documents are normally kept in a VERY secure location, as they should be. And there's an elaborate procedure to follow when you want to declassify materials and Trump didn't follow any of it. Normally they are reviewed and there would be a papertrail.

    Instead Trump just waved his magic wand and DECIDED they were declassified just like that. He literally walked off with these documents (OUR documents) and REFUSED REPEATEDLY to give them back even after a subpoena and a warrant were issued, thus "the raid". And what was his response, "It's not theirs, it's mine" sounding like a 5 year old. Look it up. He had one justification after another from "They were planted" to "I declassified them myself".

    Trump will have to prove his case by presenting a paper trail demonstrating that security protocols were followed, these documents would be dated and stamped "Reclassified". Now time will tell. These are NUCLEAR SECRETS we are talking about, our own NATIONAL SECURITY, not some cookie recipe.

    After investigating Hilary's computer it was determined there was no "Criminal Intent" to cause harm, just negligence and MAJOR Stupidity. That's not the case with Donald Trump. He has a clear history. HE HAS ALREADY REVEALED OUR SECRETS…He has a history of disclosing Top Secret material in his past. Here's a headline when Trump was in office. "Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in the Oval Office".

    "President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russia’s foreign minister and their ambassador about a planned Islamic State operation, two U.S. officials said on Monday, plunging the White House into another controversy just months into Trump’s short tenure in office." There are dozens of sources about this meeting in the Oval office…also photos of Trump laughing with the Russians.

    Trump also revealed the location of two Nuclear Submarines to the authoritarian President of the Philippines, Duterte telling him where they were stationed. Trump has already betrayed the United States. Why wouldn't he do it again?

    I actually met Donald Trump. My encounter was Very brief and yet insightful and I wrote about it, talking about what a VERY damaged human being he actually is. What you see is not what you get. Not even close. One needs to peek behind the curtain. I also quote his sister Maryann and his niece Mary who have both known him all their lives and have strong opinions about the man. Trump even admits who he really is at the end of the piece. He says the quiet part out loud. Also look up BANNON LEAKED AUDIO TAPES and TRUMP RIGGED EMMYS. Donald has a problem losing so he lies. And now he's playing the victim card again, taking in a MILLION DOLLARS A DAY in contributions. Being the victim is good business for Trump, wouldn't you agree Mike? Now you have to decide, party over country, the Constitution over one man, the choice is yours. Wishing you the best.

  6. Don't forget that the White House told the DOJ in a letter to start investigating parents who oppose CRT at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Of course they know everything that Ichabod Garland does, they are the ones ordering it.

  7. Trump is not above the Law Accountability Accountability Lock Trump up Accountability Accountability lock him up.

    Trump is not above the Law Accountability Accountability Lock Trump up Accountability Accountability lock him up.

  8. You watch….. when the Republicans get the majority in the House and Senate….. Democrats will be like "NNNOOOOOOO….. don't get rid of the filibuster!!! We've had filibuster rules for over a century."

    Hey…. you know Democrats invented the "cloture rule" and the "nuclear option" when it served them, and only condemn it when they want to push unpopular legislation.

  9. Maybe he should "counter Sean Hannity" with FACTS instead of just begging for money. I must say though, this guy is a Democrat at heart…… believing being a victim will get him something he did not have to earn….. relying on sympathy instead of merit.

  10. Isn't it funny watching black people flock to Fetterman, the rich, white, middle aged man who has never worked a single day in his life. He loves you ghetto dwellers!

  11. Some say GOP is no better than Dims. I say: With a GOP House majority, Pelosi wouldn't be Speaker, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, etc. wouldn't be committee chairs. GOP is 100x better.

  12. Trump, Trump, Trump Wins 2024.
    Ron DeSantis Wins 2028.
    Joe Biden your not my president. You have proven that. My president would not have damaged America in any way. Censorship, I have to add censorship to this message to be accepted. Why???

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