Sean Hannity 8/31/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 31, 2022


Sean Hannity 8/31/22
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Date: September 1, 2022

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  • Why the discovery of a Chinese balloon in US skies is such a big deal February 3, 2023
    Tensions between the U.S. and China are on the rise again after the discovery of what the Biden administration is describing as a sophisticated Chinese espionage tool flying over the United States. The discovery of a massive Chinese surveillance balloon over Montana, which hosts some nuclear silos, sparked a diplomatic crisis on Friday, with Secretary...
  • Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo February 3, 2023
    Editor's note: Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plaskett is the top Democrat on a Judiciary subcommittee established by the GOP to examine the “weaponization” of the federal government. The information was incorrect in an earlier version of this story. The House Judiciary Committee fired off its first subpoenas under the leadership of Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio),...
  • 5 takeaways on a surprisingly strong jobs report February 3, 2023
    The U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, more than doubling Wall Street expectations and turning up its nose at prognosticators of an imminent recession. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.4 percent, the lowest level since 1969. Analysts were expecting it to move in the opposite direction, ticking up to 3.6 percent. The monthly jobs...
  • Victoria Spartz passes on Senate run, to retire from Congress at end of term February 3, 2023
    Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) on Friday announced she will not run for Congress in 2024, retiring from the House and passing on a bid for Indiana's open Senate seat. "It’s been my honor representing Hoosiers in the Indiana State Senate and U.S. Congress and I appreciate the strong support on the ground. 2024 will mark...
  • GOP lashes out at Biden, Pentagon as Chinese balloon hovers over US February 3, 2023
    Republicans have seized on the news that a Chinese surveillance balloon is flying over the northern U.S. to cast President Biden and the Defense Department as failing to protect national security. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) quickly called for a briefing for the Gang of Eight, the top members of Congress who receive classified intelligence from...

38 thoughts on “Sean Hannity 8/31/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 31, 2022

  1. Oh gawd do we have to put up with Biden s dribble ..🤮🤮… America is unwell with this thing in office,.w we see through the veil of corruption ..tsk tsk ..

  2. Praying for Poloser she seem so desperate. 🙏 Maybe she needs to recruit more people to help her destroy someone. Very disturbing look. 😕 Hoping all is well and safe around her. 🙏 💯🙏

  3. The only issue Trump will have when he is elected (again), is to find ALL the liberals in the FBI and DOJ and to FIRE them all. One question I would like answered. Did ALL those FBI agents have "top secret" clearance to view all those documents? Or will they also be up on charges for the same laws they are holding Trump to?

  4. Didn't Biden say that his administration believes in "Truth over facts"? Okay, Joe! Remember that an administration who seeks the TRUTH should see things as they are; not as they want them to be!!

  5. Everything that liberals accuse conservatives of doing, they, themselves, have ALREADY done. It's so one-sided, that justice will never be a reality. Hillary is a perfect example. She cost American lives. So has Biden. And all swept under the rug by liberal mass media. There is NO democracy left in the US anymore. It's extinct ! And everyone else is the bad guy. How ludicrous. So, leaving billions of dollars of our weapons in the hands of terrorists isn't a breach of national security ? Not to mention a traitorous act ?

  6. Yeah………. The F.B.I or Trying too set up D.J.T and the old age guy in the white house is behind all of these……..I hope the republican party wins the midterms…..and puts all These Democrats in prison 🇺🇸👍

  7. Yes!! Joe's unified me squarely against Traitor Joe Biden! And his elves Merrick Garland & Chris Wray!! Let's not forget the 87,000 armed IRS agents, with orders to be ready to use lethal force against US!!! This is the Traitor Joe Regime!! You want this??? Not me!!!

  8. pretty dramatic! they all say top secret. looks like evidence. Hillary faced up in court. Trump can't man up. Desperate now grasping at straws.

  9. If it is classified, why in this photo? We don't have clearance to see this photo, right? And we don't believe this since we can't verify it. We don't believe them. We r tired of their attempt to rule the world though. Their world is our downfall

  10. Hey America…Your own constitution say's you don't have to put up with this shit !!…So why are you ?? Your own President just called you FACIST'S !! You know..The same guy that said poor kid's are just as smart as white kid's !! And berated those " Rapist Mexicans"….You have Right's when it come's to this kinda shit..USE THEM !!…before it's too late.

  11. Let me lay all the top secret documents on my floor in my office and put a cover sheet on them saying what they are defund the FBI fire Garland and Chris Ray get rid of them they're waste of space

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