Sean Hannity: A caution from California


Sean Hannity stocks how California's power disaster has long past from unhealthy to worse with pressure on state's energy grid in Wednesday's opening monologue.
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Date: September 8, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Sean Hannity: A caution from California

  1. Let's see, Hannity is supporting the following candidates, for what reason:

    Hershel Walker's wife has accused him of holding a gun to her head…making him unfit

    Mehmet Oz says it's ok for incest as long as, wait4it, it's a 2nd cousin…making him unfit for office

    Mehmet Oz also has another wild and foolish claim out there, he is of course another radical right, extremist conspiracy theorist

    Gym Jordan and Ron Johnson are conspiracy theorists.

    Newt Gingrich, well, everyone knows Newt's story, just google it.

    The rest of his guests had zero experience in Government, crickets from hi.

    Little Marco is another conspiracy theorists and said it's ok Trump took top secret documents to his home, but it wasn't ok for Hillary?

    I guess it's tough to find good, quality friends, Hannity?

  2. It seems as though certain people think that no matter what policies they implement, that everything will continue to run smoothly forever. They know this is not the case and are willfully destroying the country I fought to protect and serve. They know what is at stake and are still doing their evil. It might be time to think about stopping these spoilers. I guess we are at war. I'm going to take cover and cling to my Bible, family and firearms now.

  3. This will happen in every single state unless we get rid of the Democrats. Vote RED Save America.

  4. Everything you have said Mr Sean is correct.I live in Pensacola Florida and everytime I go to walmart to shop, the meat is higher the next week.

  5. Fox news people are not able to afford to stay here. That's why people are leaving cal. Also the politicians are to blame.

  6. Bill O’ Reilly used to call his Fox News show “ The No Spin Zone “. … this administration is the Spin zone on steroids!!! If it’s raining out … they’ll tell you it’s a bright sunny day // many won’t agree but I am hoping for a civil war … we’ll more like a revolution because it would have to be against the government…

  7. Aren`t Californias Power Companies in Bankrupcy? SOme of their Equipment has started the Wild Fires?

  8. In the 80 they send me into prison for say that the state have to act now today is 2022 and i say thi let them burn

  9. Weird that Hannity would talk about Cali bcuz it's a Blue State, but he neglected to talk about Texas's grid problems bcuz it's a Red State or the corrupt Republicans running any number of other Red State's like Mississippi where they couldn't afford to give their own citizens clean water to bathe and drinking, that's y Hannity is the KING OF FAKE NEWS! Boy those $2.3 trillion dollars the Republicans gave rich corporations in 2017 sure could have come in handy??? 🤣🤣😁😁😍😍😆😆😎😎😂😂😉😉

  10. Remember when this New Green Deal was the mumbling rantings of a wacko ex New York bartender? Little did we know…
    I have an idea, why don't all the states that want to live like this separate from the rest of us and we'll get back together in 4 years and see how well its working, in the meantime, leave the rest of us alone!

  11. Impeach Newsome or else Californians you will let Newdome win. Fight for your rights California. I pray that your state can get back on its feet.

  12. I lived in Monterey California in the '80s and it was beautiful but the climate was way too cold for me and you have water that is way too cold to ever swim in plus I lived in a tiny 600 square foot house that cost me over $500 a month in 19 84. it was impossible to start a business there without a lot of money so I moved to Texas which was a wonderful place to live and then eventually to Florida which is the freest and most beautiful state I've ever lived in. during the pandemic 90% of our businesses were open none were forced to close and I never plan to move again. California has been a lost cause for over 30 years.

  13. I must say, Hannity is totally right! I was raised in California during the previous pre Regan days, and during Regan and saugh the difference between how Regan made the state a great place to live and work, and the aftermath of destruction when the Libs took over. I left California for 30 yrs right after Regan left as Governor, and fast forwarding to 2014, when I moved back here, I will have to say I've been in shock ever since! It's not the state I remembered growing up in! 100% unrecognizable!! Such a beautiful state utterly ruined by Gov. Gruesome! Before Gov. Brown and so on!! HOW IN THE HELL, can you take the electrical grid of the state and ruin it to a point that now Gov. Gruesome in his polo coat making statements just 7 days ago stating a ban on gasoline burning vehicles being banned by 2035 and 7 days later telling everyone to not charge their EVs and or turn on any appliances, ACs in a heat wave but yet, sit in a nice cold AC room wearing a coat? Does any of California residents see the hypocrisy of this guy? If anyone here can say they are living large and happy here with these unsustainable laws and mythical green energy policies, THEIR LYING!!! Its time to rid California of this standard, and make California great again like it once was! Most of these radical policies are being voted in by young influenced adults from other states who move here and push for this crap! I can't imagine now, they agree with it seeing how things are going here now! But of course, they just pull anchor and sail off to another state when they have buyers remorse leaving the rest of us to figure out how to stop this criminal Government here! VOTE with common sense this November, not with your heart or feeling!!!!

  14. Hey wait a minute these people knew what they were doing when they voted them in so it's their fault their choice nobody else's and it's destroying everything around the other States too the overspill of it

  15. This is Greatest example of what long term and in cases short term Democrat leadership could be nation wide.
    It would be disastrous. Only two years of Democrat dominance has put our country and the wider world on the edge of collapse.

  16. It's a dump they knew that in the ninety's guys why the sudden care? I remember that air quality was issue one in the coal burning days it had to stop if you have ever lived in a town that uses coal for heat you would know just how bad it is California is worse COVID woke us to the possibility the earth could bounce back if we stop but no one will they just can't imagine the world with out a rapper or a Kardashian or a Hunter Biden, yeah I'd say the world is sick hell the LGBTQIA are going to see to our Extinction listen there have always been gays but there is no reason to care about it no one cares so why is it when they get mad they get people fired

  17. So, when Texas had an energy crisis due to negligence caused by denial and failure to prepare for climate change, this was irrelevant. But when there is a hiccup with energy flow is it an Extremist Fearism Catastrophy????????? Such a Nasty Nasty Show misleading everyone to Sway Voters!!!

  18. Good news is that when enough people have moved away from California there won't be a need for all the restrictions on power usage.

  19. We've always have had global warming, but man is going to extinct himself, the urine state is just the beginning, besides they had a redo election

  20. What a pity. US was the biggest supplier of energy during the Trump's administration and today had to beg from others like Saudi Arabia & Venezuela.
    Everything needs a balance. This is what happened when the pipeline was shut down totally. This is where Biden lacks the wisdom & acumen of Donald
    Trump, a businessman.

  21. Fanatical green policies, covid lockdowns and furlough . . . what could possibly go wrong? 'California, here I come, Right back where I started from . . .'

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