Sean Hannity: They just want you to trust them


Sean Hannity discusses how the DOJ does not want the affidavit containing why they went into Trump’s home released on ‘Hannity.’

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Date: August 21, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Sean Hannity: They just want you to trust them

  1. Never going to happen with me. I will never trust Joe Biden and his administration. FBI DOJ NONE OF THEM

  2. No matter what happens, just keep defending the piece of sh*ts at the fbi? Nothings gonna change until we make it change. Getting pretty sick of them

  3. Crossfire hurricane in Florida would you have hurricanes but a devil lay in trump's neighborhood God-bless

  4. I'd sooner trust Jeffrey Epstein with my daughters before I trust the FBI with ANYTHING. EVER.

  5. Sean the televangelist scammer scaring the elderly & the mentally vulnerable everyday. 🤮

  6. When all of the madness is finally over – the Trump-Worshipping cowards in Washington and various media outlets – especially the talking-heads at FOX – will look back on their Trump-Worshipping years and realize how dishonest, disgraceful, hypocritical and regretful their actions were. To have supported and lied for such a disgraceful person as Donald Trump will have doomed their careers and be a professional embarrassment. They all know Trump lost a fair, secure and accurate election in 2020. They all know Trump is a liar, a coward and a traitor. And they all know they encouraged and consciously participated in Trump's non-stop lying. People like Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, etc. – along with elected officials like Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, etc. – will attempt to dodge or deflect personal responsibility. They will even try to blame Trump for their own words and actions. I have no sympathy for people who know what the right thing is – but are to afraid to do it.

  7. I'm not impressed with all the New York based FNC hosts who see and report on 'lawless NYC' and are still too addicted to 'the money' they get to make the decision to ABANDON the city, even to keep their family safe.

  8. Mr Hannity! I dont think you bother reading these things. But we (you) can TALK all day long. Nothing ever changes!

  9. Really, I think 'Hannity' costs ReBoobs more votes than he may generate for them. He constantly interrupts and overspeaks his 'guests', as if they were worthless, being very disrespectful of them and whatever view or information they were attempting to get across to the viewers. Please DUMP HANNITY, Fox, like CNN dumped Cuomo.

  10. Sean Hannity is the last guy to talk about injustice, with his 22 + lies denying climate change! FOX MEDIA is the worst network in the USA.

  11. I have no idea how or why these shady democrats always get away with corruption,bias as hell..

  12. I trust Merrick Garland‘s DOJ due to demonstrated credibility. I do not trust Sean Hannity or anyone else at Fox due to demonstrated lack of credibility.

  13. Let's follow Trump's statements on the missing documents:

    o First, in answer to a subpoena he claimed all were returned. That was a lie. That is why the FBI had to search Mar-A-Lardo.

    o Once we knew he had the documents, he changed his story claiming that he declassified them. Well, a president doesn't just snap his fingers and boxes of documents get declassified. There are procedures.

    o Some level of documents even a president can't declassify. Once this became known, Trump claimed that the FBI planted those. Now come one, so dozens of FBI agents, DOJ officials and court personnel (many appointed by Trump) all got together to plant some documents and no one is talking. Or……Trump is just lying again. Not a hard choice there.

    o Once those stories weren't gaining traction, he said everybody takes work home with them. First of all, even as president he hardly worked, spending most of the day watching cable news. Secondly, HE WAS NO LONGER PRESIDENT so there was no work to be done with those documents.

    o After all those stories were discredited, he reverted to his usual stance of blaming Obama, saying he did the same thing. This was quickly debunked by the Archives. Plus let's no overlook Trump using Obama's middle name, you know, just to throw some red meat to his crowd.

    So one lie and misdirection after another, grasping at straws to avoid the obvious – Trump illegally took highly classified documents and placed them in a vulnerable location at Mar-A-Lardo. And that after all the "lock her up" chants over Hillary's much lesser offense with her emails. So we again ask – What possible LEGITIMATE purpose could Trump have had for taking those documents?

  14. The Federal Bureaucracy Insurgency treats "Foreign Spies" that have diplomatic Immunity with more dignity than their own Ex-POTUS..smh

  15. It’s funny how Hannity talking about Peter Strzok . who has not work for FBI in 4 years . But Hannity know that useful idiots that watch his show will not use there small brain to do any research on this case .
    1 Feb 03 2021 US send Trump a letter asking to return all US documents and in 15 months DOJ send two Grand Jury Subpoenas asking for return of US property aka TS/SCI documents

  16. The United States started in Feb 2021 asking Trump to return those documents and went to court to get two subpoenas to get those documents. It was not until DOJ subpoenaed the security tapes of Mar a largo understood those documents were not secured , after visiting Mar a Largo in June 03 2022 . And receiving a letter from Trump lawyers telling DOJ that all classified documents had been returned . DOJ believed that Trump and Lawyers lied to them about those documents.

  17. You sure use a lot of words to confuse. MAGA losers will believe your B.S. But the 81 million Democrats will never believe what you say and we're going to come out to vote against Republicans in the midterms. 😅🤣😂😄😃😁

  18. Sean is right Dammit! We Must Overthrow the Government of the US because we are… Patriots?

  19. Hey Hannity, you have no business questioning peoples trust in people you don't trust. You trust the biggest grifter in the history of grifting. Grow up.

  20. Trump, Hannity and the republicans are destroying our country and constitution, and I can’t stand it anymore. Hannity + trump = pure evil. God please help us.

  21. Demoes plus fbi plus irs = a police state…believe it fellow americans…there may not be another free election in this country…pelosi is 3rd in line..chills up and down my spine…

  22. Hannity looked terrible yesterday he got a new coat of Rogaine, but he’s whistling for some reason. I think it has something to do with all the baby maybe he has so much Madeline his throat it’s turned into a whistle

  23. I’ll Trump wants is for the FBI to let them know the dirt they have them so we can start lying now and figure out who is going to throw under the bus

  24. Journalism in the sense of verifying facts 2 times before reporting them, is like most institutions in the US, corrupt and not believed by most people.

  25. I DON'T respect any FBI or DOJ or even law enforcement. They mindlessly do the bidding of the Leftist elites. They are not on your side, they are drones 'just following orders.'

  26. We living in a scary world I pray world war 3 doesn’t happen in my life time or my kids life time!!

  27. Find These Left-Wing Politicians Who Is Committing More Crimes Across Nationwide Please

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