Secretary Miller’s Testimony Debunks Lie Driven By way of Trump, Fox Information—And Miller


Since Jan. 6, Trump and his allies have repeated the lie that the ex-president licensed the Nationwide Guard to protect the Capitol. However now, the 1/6 committee launched definitive evidence debunking this—with testimony from some of the very males spreading the lie on Fox Information.  

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Date: August 30, 2022

RSS The Hill

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43 thoughts on “Secretary Miller’s Testimony Debunks Lie Driven By way of Trump, Fox Information—And Miller

  1. This little text is for Donald J. Trump, Steve Bannon, Kevin McCarthy, Rudy Giuliani, Stephen Miller, Roger Stone, Peter Navarro, Rick Scott’s, Mike Flynn, Lauren Boebert, Rick Scott, Allen Weisselberg, Jared Kushner, Mark Meadows, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Alex Jones, Ron DeSantis, Sidney Powell, Kash Patel, John Eastman’s, Neal Collins, Mike Lindell, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Paul Manafort, Matt Gaetz’s, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Pompeo, Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Mick Mulvaney, William P. Barr, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and even Mike Pence and all those CRIMINAL MINDED GOP/REPUBLICANS POLITICIANS including all their supporters in the USA WHO DONT UNDERSTAND THAT FASCISM IS THE CULT OF A LEADER…." When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been liars, tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it — Always.” …. * ( Ref: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ) *

    M – Many
    A – Are
    G – Getting
    A – Arrested

  2. Well I didn’t see on live T V News. So I know Trump was lying. Always pointing fingers and not admitting. U people aren’t stupid. Let’s stop this Twilight Zone Trump mess and move on with life.

  3. Everything a Republican spews is a lie. Everyone knows it. It's just that the Republican political elite have convinced their cult that such lies are necessary in order to maintain their white privilege. And with it, the freedumbz to practice unhindered bigotry, sexism, racism and domestic terrorism — as long as the cult votes only for them.

    Republicanism is a white cultural contract of hate and lies.

  4. I would like to see them ask Miller this~~I have noticed what you have said on Fox, is not the same as what you are testifying now under oath. So am I right to say, you are telling the truth here under oath, but you lie when speaking before millions of Fox viewers? Is that right? And when you’re done here, will I again see you lie on Fox about this matter, even though you know we have your truthful testimony on video and will be playing it in our next public hearing? So will I see you lie about this matter again tonight? ~~ The Jan 6 Committee, as they present the truth, need to also fight back by putting them on the spot about MAGA lies they push.

  5. "I could pump you full of bullets right now and I wouldn't even be arrested. Everyone would lie for me…everyone who counts…"

    And even some who don't or shouldn't "count". This quote (Sin City) epitomizes the paid, obsequious, lap-dog prevarications of everyone who wants a job under Trump.

  6. Trump learned this week why criminals and mobsters plead the Fifth. It'll keep him out of jail so can can keep fighting back, but that won't work forever. At his home in Florida, his attorney said back in June that everything had been turned over. When the FBI searched his home, they found that to be very untrue. You know how Trump is. He always sets the other person up to take his fall so he can stay out of jail like he did with Michael Cohen and many others. His lies, along with many Republicans, have brought down great danger to law enforcement, the FBI, the DOJ and the judge who okayed the search of his home. Trump and his mob think that they are above any laws in the United States. I support law enforcement of any kind all the way from these right wing terrorist. Most of the Republican Party does not. They are calling for the defunding of the FBI. If you vote for Republicans later this year, you're totally against law enforcement in this country anywhere. Vote for Democracy, not Trumpocracy. Remember January 6, 2021 because Republicans don't.

  7. One term germ now you got to eliminate the germs when insecticides shoot some bleach in your veins maybe you'll get rid of the germ to play some Lysol in your face maybe you will clean out that chair The germ stills classified information from the government but you still a good guy the germ try to overthrow an election oh why they go in his house for real are you that stupid what y'all been eating doo doo burgers from Trump the dump the scum of the Earth wasted sperm turn out to be and orange criminal who rob steals and kills and the Republican support that 30% said he should run 70% said he shouldn't so he going to do a term end up doing two terms it'll be the president of jail president of jail two terms maybe 20 years 10 years per term

  8. Liars debunk a lie ? How does that work? Are the liars lying , and does that make the lie ,the truth . Or does the liars lie still make the lie ,a lie ? Tell me again about Jessie Smollett and the Maga racist ! Or Trumps Russia collusion ,or how Nick Sanmann abused a native American veteran in.washington , or ,oh never mind . You'll just lie , it's what you do for a living !

  9. Why is truth labeled as perspective? The truth is just that truth. Not perspective. Anyone else look at description of any so called news outlet? Left, Right doesn’t matter if they say it’s their perspective then it is what they are saying to be true NOT what the truth really is. If this country is going to come together then we all must stop believing someone else and what they are saying or yelling is truth and see it with are own eyes and believe what we see to be true. Start believing what you can see,touch,and smell. Stop listening to other’s telling you what your opinion is. Right or Left

  10. Of course it’s a LIE! Donald J Trump is responsible for all the loss of lives and wounds suffered at The Capitol on January 6, 2021. I think Donald J Trump should be forced to pay for all the medical care, funerals and burials resulting from his attempt to install himself as America’s first Dictator!

  11. Come on everybody with a brain knows trump does nothing but lie. Trump comes treason, seditious conspiracy with most of the Repigs in political office across America. Trump did nothing for America.

  12. Ot never ceases to amaze me how fully grown adults can continue to support a proven lie without batting an eyelid. What does he tell his children? How can he look at himself in a mirror? These are suppose to be mature responsible adults. It is obvious they are treating this as an AI game, with zero concern that police were murdered & many more injured because they believe YOUR LIES HANNITY? Hoe can you live with yourself? Trump is a sick man a narcissist, who should be locked away as he coupd be very dangerous with the button under his thumb! I wouldn't trust him with a toilet set of keys, let alone the "football!" How can anyone from RNC defending Trump look at their children teaching them good morales!!

  13. The Fox news plague of Koch foot soldiers has consistently been one of if not the biggest contributers to national health crisis, national security concerns, white nationalism, the richest 1-5% being the benefactors of the vast majority of tax cuts / loopholes. They are largely responsible for the division of the middle class/working class through deceptive and out right false propaganda. The aim was at keeping the working/middle class from organizing and uniting to fight for social justice issues, against the appalling wealth Inequality and abysmal lack of workers rights. Sean Hannity is one of the most toxic destructive people in history, not just recent history.

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