Sen. Cruz slams Dems for pushing 'terrible' spending bill amid inflation


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, argues the bill will ‘kill manufacturing jobs' and ‘hammer small businesses' as well as ‘drive up gas prices.' #FoxNews

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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33 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz slams Dems for pushing 'terrible' spending bill amid inflation

  1. Month on month inflation is currently at O%, Ted, sweetie. Why, you could even afford to drop everything and just escape this whole mess and go to Cancun for the weekend. No, wait . . . . .

  2. Some America state's logic, elects a man that gets married to another man as governor and plays beer pong to oversee state law enforcement, military and government resources, participates in airstrikes on smaller religious countries in the middle east.

  3. I want Ted Cruz for Trump 's vice president pick. I could see him breaking a tie democrats and encouraging republican legislation that also helps the American people make money in this country. People from Texas know businesses and cash.

  4. Hey guys I just wanted to remind you guys that TED CRUZ is spanish… as in latino.. yup he's one of us… telling white people what to do.. isn't that awesome… cuban..Cuban… and wasn't even born un the United States is Canada… sooo

  5. The fed raised interest rates in hopes to slow down access to money and slow down the spending. This is supposed to stop the high demand so inflation goes away. But why do they get to spend a trillion dollars and say it gonna be ok? This is fing crazy… all the people who voted for this need to go. They are not representing our best interests.

  6. All bills that goes in front of Congress and the Senate should be a standalone no other agendas if it about how much money goes to the environment then all that's in that should be environmental stuff and not how money needs to go to a local park in nasty Pulaski neighborhood or any other personal gains the party trying to pass the bill wants .

  7. Have a standalone bill for lowering insulin cost and I bet you every single one of those Republicans will vote for it you have it a bill that has other hidden agendas in there of course they're not going to vote for because they don't want that other stuff that's  hiding in the bill or put in at the last minute going to really hurt the American people out if that bill would have passed. They need to make every single Bill Standalone so you don't have to have 700 to 1,000 to 10,000 pages to describe what's in the bill. Every bill that goes in front of the House or Senate should always be Stand Alone one agenda only if it's for infrastructure then you tell what's for for the roads in every state for the bridges in every state in America. And how much money is going to go to the bridges and how much money is going to go to the fix the potholes and how much money is going to fix street lights. Straight to the point easy get it done stop having agendas to make yourself richer. And if you are in the government you're not allowed to have your family or you immediate family to do any kind of work for you oh I got a Paving Company know somebody yeah he's my uncle let's give him the 10 million Paving contract. work smarter not harder. That's why 90% of the bills go in front of Congress and the Senate doesn't pass because of that hidden agendas they had eight or nine other things inside that bill other than the insulin and they pick out insulin Healthcare I'll look they don't want to do that because of this Republicans they don't want you to have healthy they don't want you to have affordable insulin. But also in the bill we have overweight Pride week where we don't shame obese people we glorify them tell people it is healthy to be big like this it's okay to be big like this.
    I have five items in front of me you could have every single one of them but you need to take a sip out of every single item to get the $200 Billion ,first item is water second item Coca-Cola third item Pepsi fourth item Mountain Dew fifth item is five different poisons now you have to take a shot of every single one of them to get the 200 Billion also you're the only one that's allowed to spend it can not go to anybody else if you die if you get in a car accident  family gets the money nope it goes right back to us if you die drinking the five items we keep the money

  8. Remember the names of these craven treasonist senators and representatives who tried to turn over the will of the people – Ted Cruz – Josh Hawley – Jim Jordan – Mark Meadows – Kevin McCarthy – Scott Perry – Matt Gatz – Margorie Taylor Greene – Lindsey Graham – Steve Scalise. The truth and history is going to be so brutal to these people and they will be disgraced forever. Their poor children!

  9. It is all about the FEDERAL government taking control away from State and Local Police and Swat. What do you think the "Defund the Police" movement is all about?
    You are naïve if you do not think we are at War from within. Both sides are corrupt it is just the Left (Communists) are Progressively corrupt and currently has control of Executive and Legislative Branches as well as the Acronym Agencies. Just wait until the 87,000 IRS are hired. The Right is just more Conservative with their corruption.

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