Sen. Johnson: I don't believe anything Biden tells me


Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., discusses the aftermath of the FBI raid at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and the ongoing border crisis.

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Date: August 16, 2022

RSS The Hill

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48 thoughts on “Sen. Johnson: I don't believe anything Biden tells me

  1. The FBI has gone completely rogue…it's acting in the name of the DOJ & White House…but really in its own interests.
    The FBI is getting away with it….Watch the other alphabet agencies do the same.


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  3. We Americans are used to the Biden/Obama administration lying to us…every time they open their mouths. Being "used to" isn't acceptance…in any way, shape or form. Kick these socialists to the roadside ditch in every election going forward. Take care. God bless!

  4. And the teachers union just passed a rules saying that people are going to be laid off now starting by race, white people get laid off before minorities do, by race not by seniority anymore. How is that constitutional at all? I'm pretty sure it's going to wind up in the courts

  5. I believe Joe Biden was the instigator of the whole deal is selling influence to other countries. He was a big guy. Big guy has many connotations, one he's a big cuz he's important, too he's big cuz he's the leader and he's important. I believe it's a second part that he organized it and he directed it. He's a crook from Scranton

  6. I don't understand when I not doing a Good Performance or make the production Goal at Work I get fired so what's the difference with Politicians if you not doing what your Constituents ask of you Why can't they be Fired someone help me understand 🤔❓

  7. Go Senator
    Omg another truthful truthful
    Honest respect
    Above man hurray
    Thank God…im 84
    And never believed
    Id see such corruption all for greed and power
    Naive about goverment greed
    But just shows
    The Biden Cartel
    Every country of dictators has them
    In their pockets….
    Come on our President Trump and Republicans
    Lets take AMERICA
    back…ARMAGEDDON is coming for the entire bunch…
    Our day is fast
    Will be gone….i feel it and have from the get go

  8. Demcorates need to stop talking to America as empty as they Democratic National Convention is period the people that showed up into want To listen to them which is 80 year olds

  9. Give it a little more time. Garland and his FBI head buddy are goingvto start leaking some of what they took. God only knows what will be fabricated and sensationalized though. My guess is most of what's leaked. Another FISA Adam Schiff fart fest on the way.

  10. Back in the 1920’s NYC had high populations of immigrants. Now that everyone who could has left NYC, there is plenty of room for 5 million illegal immigrants. Bus all of them to NYC.

  11. Americans are tired of Political games, we need help before our country is over. This is the end of America and the beginning of communism.

  12. I don't believe anything that anybody in the Biden Administration or upper ranks of the DOJ, FBI, or the rest of the alphabets, says. Everything is suspect, because they all lie their butts off.

  13. Most Americans don’t believe a word anyone in this Administration says. They do not have the best interests of the American people at heart. They have proven this by their actions and they have lied to us continually.

  14. When are they going to be held accountable? 🤔 "We The People" know unequivocally that no part of this so called Biden administration is to be trusted. However American's sit idol by while our Country is being intentionally destroyed! What exactly are we doing? 🇺🇸 God bless our Country from the treasonous politicians causing her harm!

  15. $10 billion came up missing from Ukraine war money and Biden is using that and giving it to illegal immigrants that’s a fact look into that along with 2000 mules more truth you don’t report on

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