Sen. Rand Paul Joins Sean Hannity on Fox Information- March 24, 2015


Sen. Rand Paul joins Sean Hannity to speak about Clinton hypocrisy, the way forward for the GOP and extra.

Date: August 29, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul Joins Sean Hannity on Fox Information- March 24, 2015

  1. People really need to make a decision on if they actually care about this country or if they're just full of shit.  If you really REALLY care… for RAND!

  2. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Ron Paul warns of coming New World Order" posted by JableWorldEvents on February 13, 2012! This comment is primarily for Senator Rand Paul! If you are going to become President Paul, listen to your FATHER!

  3. Rand Paul knows that only a bigger, more varied tent of voters can rejuvenate the Republican Party.  But most of the Republican candidates don't seem to resonate with enough of the voters to make this happen. 

    >Rand Paul DOES resonate with multitudes of and a great diversity of voters and CAN make this happen.

    >Rand Paul realizes that the Republican party badly needs fresh infusions of new blood, courage, and concepts.  He's been on the hustings everywhere and met with the widest variety of Americans to explain his election platform.   

    >Rand Paul doesn't temporize, vacillate, or beat around the bush with Beltway prattle.  He isn't trapped by phony, "nuanced" arguments which nobody can decipher.  He knows the issues that matter and cuts through the nonsense to presents a tight and simple argument that anybody can follow. 

    Rand Paul is:

    >Addressing ALL voters.  How refreshing!

    >Creating a groundswell of support among a much wider array of voters than before.

    >Making plans for a smaller and more responsive federal government.

    >Advocating full disclosure or, as they say nowadays, "transparency" (remember Obama's unkept promise about "transparency"?) of critical government operations and policies which EVERY American has a right and responsibility to know about.

    >Reordering priorities so that peace and free trade can become the standards by which the US is judged, and not militarism.  As his father, Ron Paul, wrote, "We should let the best measure of our American greatness come from free and peaceful trade with other nations, not from displays of our military might." ("The Revolution," p. 37).

    Rand Paul is unflappable, focused, educated, and ready for the executive torch to be passed on to him.  He won't need slush funds or sleight of hand, a rich family or shady backers to help him win the presidency.

    He WILL need the support of ordinary Americans who are fed up with the out-of-control, unmanageable, overbearing, feckless fools who presume to rule over us in D.C.  It's time to clean house!

    Rand Paul 2016! 

  4. I do give kudos to Sean Hannity for being fair to all republican runners.I'd be happy if rand or ted won the presidential election.I'm tired of the clinton's and democrats in general.

  5. O'Reilly is right and look at this hypocrite Ted Cruz HE'S ON OBAMA CARE ! lmmfao fuckn losers he's not from America he also forced students at liberty university to listen to his spill while the whole audience played with their phones with Rand Paul shirts on lmmfao where is Ted's birth certificate Lmao and for a man to fake filibuster to shut down the government over the affordable health care act but crawls his ass to it why not use blue cross blue shield of Texas hmmmm….

  6. This is remarkable!  Rand Paul's well thought out ideas have more fidelity to the constitution and the principles of liberty than ANY of the other GOP candidates, yet he is able to draw in support from non-traditional GOP voters more effectively than any of the other GOP candidates. That is literally a winning combination..

  7. I could support Ted Cruz easily but Rand Paul is still #1 in my book as long as he doesn't let those Republican asshole campaign managers change his message. If he does, I'm done. 

  8. I hope Sen. Paul wins. I am curious, however, about how his comments regarding Saudi Arabia would play out if he actually were to win. The Saudis are important allies in US foreign policy.

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