Senator Barrasso on Fox Information Sunday with Chris Wallace



Date: August 24, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Senator Barrasso on Fox Information Sunday with Chris Wallace

  1. Chris Wallace and his fake news colleagues don’t want to hear the rest of the Senator and the American people’s opinion about Biden’s failed policies so they have to turn off his mic near the end.

  2. What better way to get rid of this floppy two face radical democratic Host, who is boarding on supporting Marksism and replace his tired ugly mug and most annoying voice, who interrupts his guest that he doesn’t agree with constantly with LOU DOBBS, is my #1 choice or Gregg Jarrett? People who have love Fox would love the to see old Chris GO! We cannot stand the man!

  3. If Republicans were worried about inflation they would have started talking about it 60 years ago. Since WW2, wages have not kept up with inflation, yet profit for stockholders has typically far outpaced inflation. It is better for business owners and those who can invest millions into the market to keep the average person's earnings well below inflation so that profit margins stay high.

  4. Negotiations by each individual member of Congress needs to be itemized & updates published for feedback from their constituents including what effect benefits vs costs from only this bill would effect their State when (some components of the bill are phased in over time) and as calculated by which entities. Transparency & people over party.

  5. Another one in the cult of trump. Why was he okay about things regarding child care under the trump administration, and not now. It is all about the republicans, and not about their constituents. He should be ashamed. He can help his state, but that would go against his leader. He doesn't have a backbone, just like all them in the trump cult. Stand up for what you believe it. Do something that would benefit your people, and stand up to trump. It has to start somewhere, why not you?

  6. "Overall Joe Biden's policies have been hurting with Wyoming" erm, which ones exactly? Almost no new legislation has passed into law under Biden you dense chode. Brazen liar like every Republican currently in office.

  7. To me, it is very ironic how much folks hate on the IRS. It is probably the best run and one of the fairest agencies in the US Gov. The IRS will literally work with you on anything, accommodate your situation, and give you time to catch up on missed payments. I wish more agencies were as well run as the IRS

  8. It's so easy to be Republican….just ask yourself if the legislation will help your large corporate donors. If yes, support….if no: stall, deflect, obstruct, and lie until the time runs out. miserable hacks.

  9. An upvote for posting this. People should see how utterly vacuous you are. Tired soundbites and cliches. Never a question answered.

  10. Chris Wallace is a whiner and censors when things aren’t said his way. The senator answered his questions with answers that didn’t work in Wallace’s plans. Wallace is such a lisping piss ant . Don’t know why Fox keeps him on. I rarely watch him. Everytime I try he pulls his censoring fits. Fox please fire this jerk.

  11. This is all such bs! The republicans never vote with Democrats when it comes to money for every day people in this country. Their way of governing is to withhold all monies from the dems when we have the democratic president. Then when the republican president takes over they will spend all the money saved by not passing anything and give it to their wealthy and businesses. It’s all a game that they are just better in paying. That’s all! Our politicians need to grow a spine or balls or whatever. Personally I am getting sick of Manchin and the train wreck from Arizona.

  12. This guy just convinced me to vote all Democrat ticket next year..Republicans don't have a problem giving the rich tax cuts..Republicans are stuck on stupid

  13. Give Barrasso ans his voters an exemption on the Reconciliation bill if votes YES. Let him go back to his voters and tell them they didn't get any of that "commie" stuff.

  14. "Hundreds of thousands of people illegally coming to the country every month" ? That is just total bullshit and a bold face lie to scare racist Americans.

  15. The Republicans keep saying why have one big bill instead of a bunch of individual Bills. Well, because of the filibuster! The Republicans have sworn not to support a single thing the Democrats try to pass. That's why they put it all together in one package that Democrats can pass by themselves under reconciliation. They cant do 50 reconciliation Bills! They can only do one per year! It's typical of do nothing Republicans: they force Democrats to do things this way, then complain about the way Democrats are doing things. Get it clear: Republicans have no desire or intention to help anyone but themselves and their donors. The needs and priorities of the American people mean zero to Republicans.

  16. As Chris said the republicans are on the sidelines.Chris Wallace is the only anchor who holds the do nothing republicans accountable. Republicans’ only fear is that they will have to pay the same amount of taxes, as I,a retired RN pay right now. John Barrasso’s net worth is 6 million dollars and he has the nerve to withhold assistance from ordinary Americans so he can benefit from the socialism that provided him with millions of dollars that he probably doesn’t pay taxes on. All these worthless republicans do is complain about how helping people will affect their bottom line.

  17. Did he really have a chance to say merits or politics and say politics? Seems like he did then doubled down. "How are we going to pay for it? Also I don't like the plan to pay for it" insanity

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