Shannon Bream: DOJ should not be surprised by public skepticism


Shannon Bream, just named anchor for Fox News Sunday, joins the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the latest on the Mar-a-Lago raid and what might happen next. #FoxNews

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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Classified documents fiasco leaves lawmakers shaking heads: What happened?  January 29, 2023
    The discovery of classified documents at the homes of three top elected U.S. officials has left many lawmakers and former government workers shaking their heads and wondering how the country has ended up in this situation. Authorities found dozens of classified materials at former President Trump’s home last year, including some marked “top secret,” that...
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41 thoughts on “Shannon Bream: DOJ should not be surprised by public skepticism

  1. Really folks, we can do better than trump. To all those that follow him without question, why? What grip does he have on you that makes him more important to you than our country’s democracy. You have never met him. He is a billionaire that did nothing to help the little guy when in office, yet you worship him.

  2. The Trump raid was a massive miscalculation by the democrats
    People are fed up with the constant persecution of this man, it's making him into a folk hero. This will not play out for them like they envision. Stupid people make mistakes, and this was a blunder

  3. Glad to see never Trumpers commenting here. But they don't seem to be listening to the whole report and keep parts of it that was reported by the leftists networks. Wich is a more national security risk ? Biden being compromised or Trump keeping some documents like every other president before him ? We all have to look at this from a fair point of view and not let emotions cloud our judgement.

  4. The New York Times reported that at least one of Trump’s lawyers signed a false declaration to the FBI that Trump returned all documents from Mar-a-Lago in June.

  5. Evil Shannon Bream! Gutfeld is gonna be sad. Me too kuz I like watching her at night 😔
    Congrats Shannon! I really mean this. I guess it's always the goal to get away from the Dark Side… but I think you were made for the light anyway. You're way too nice for the dark. 🖤☻️

  6. They stepped in dog excrement and now they're trying to cover-up the smell!

    Its all Damage Control BS now!

    These people have cried WOLF so many times now…even Chicken Little doesn't trust them!

    Only a one legged…one nut…half-wit would believe…let alone trust one iota of what they say or do anymore!

  7. Also, remember that the FBI agent who ran the investigation into Hillary's emails was Peter Strzok. As I recall, he actually performed the interview himself with Hillary.

  8. As a psychologist, I feel as though millions of entranced Americans are strangely uncomfortable and they don't know why. It's cognitive dissonance. Most are in too deep to adopt new direction yet. So they're nervously waiting to be told what they’re supposed to think and believe.

  9. Boy trump is guilty of Sedition and Treason; boy trump should memorize Proverbs 12;22,"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord" and "Thou shall not steal ",especially, highly classified and secret documents" and haul them off to your Berghof.
    Boy trump is not running in 2024. And why should he when you fools have given this boy grifter and his entire family of grifters over two hundred million dollars; that's money that boy trump and his entire family can spend as they see fit.
    I wonder how much of that two hundred million dollars has gone to help those suffering in Kentucky.
    Question, where's trump's mentor Roy Cohn these days. The "tea on the street" is that boy trump and Roy Cohn are real real close.
    Fox News is always covering Hunter Biden, has anyone shone this bright light on those two pantywaist sons of boy trump?

  10. There's more to this story unfolding, minute by minute. Everything we learn seems to make it worse for Trump. Imagine what we haven't yet learned, but soon will?

  11. every "guest" one year before trump decided to run for president should be "suspect"…. that includes all the Foreign guests that trump hid from guest lists (in mar-a-lago & the white house to TODAY!!

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