Starve Employees Like 'Canine' To Make Them 'Obedient' – Fox Information


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Date: September 4, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Starve Employees Like 'Canine' To Make Them 'Obedient' – Fox Information

  1. “We take command and fight for our lives. Like a bunch of fucking dogs, who turn on their masters” -toxic holocaust

  2. Kyle is parroting corporate democrat talking points and lying to you about the safety and effectiveness of the the vaccines along with the CDC.

  3. or like me. who does have time for a shitty job because i'm working monday-friday taking 7 classes trying to get my phd. my parents are not rich. I use fasta to pay less then half, then me and both my divorced parents work to pay the more the have each semester. unemployment helps me be a full time college student, so I can become what I want and have the job I want.

  4. Hungry dogs like in the communist countries? Oh wait, I thought republicans were against communism!

  5. If those jobs paid $15 -$18 per hour, there would be plenty of applications. Time for capitalism and free market competition to work for the worker finally.

  6. I'm going to call bullshit on that guy's claim about how the military feeds their dogs. Any half competent animal trainer knows that a well fed dog will be a loyal dog. And military dogs aren't trained by average Joe dog trainers.

    I'd also like to say that a dog is probably smarter than those two idiots combined. Keep a dog hungry enough, they will turn on their owners/handlers. They are, after all, predators, and that needs to be understood and respected.

  7. Waaaa ! We don't want regulation, big government! Waaaa! Big government make the slaves go back to work!! Waaaa!!

  8. "A hungry dog is an obedient dog."

    From now on, this should be given as context, whenever Fox News and the right wing in general talks about any economic issue.

  9. A hungry dog is not an obident dog. Try approaching a dog whose hungry and tell him if you do X I'll give you Y to eat. No one including that dumb fuck would ever engage with a hungry dog.
    Its hungry human who is an obedient one. Which is worse.

  10. I love how she realizes on air how terrible that hunger comment is and that other goon is like, "Nah, blondie, I got this," and just runs with it XD

  11. On his show he pretends to be supportive of workers. Jackass just revealed he's a fake. I always had a suspicion.

  12. The sad irony is that looking at Labor Statistics is that plenty of Republicans or Conservatives work in sectors like Waste Management (not that kind), truck drivers, plumbers who are probably FOX News viewers themselves and people like Ingrahm talk down to those people. Obviously there are as well Democrats who work in those sectors but it is less. Really talking from an ivory tower I must say,

  13. Telling you Kyle, they want the “good ‘ol days” of Industrial Revolution Britain for the United States. They want to make us all serfs.

  14. "My mother started working when she was 12 during the Depression. Her head would explode if she heard about 'self-care'."
    I love how Laura said that with zero realization of how horrible it was: "As a child, my mother couldn't look after her own emotions or mental health because she had to provide for her family thanks to an economic depression."
    They would just LOVE to bring back Dickensian child labor. Not for their kids, though, of course, but other people's kids.

  15. I hate how the system works in that the people who do all the actual work are at the bottom, and management and up take a piece of your labor and do nothing, and to top it off you have to ask the person that’s making money from your labor for some of your own money back, and small increments at that.

  16. "Bar Rescue" was a guilt pleasure of mine back in he day. Jon Taffer always struck me as someone who would be a dick in real life, but holy shit.

  17. I love how Laura Ingraham says what she really thinks, then immediately back-pedals while winking at her guest. How sleazy.

  18. Damn, they're not even TRYING to hide their cartoonish villainy anymore. Might as well don costumes and develop outlandish cackles while rubbing their hands together at this point.

  19. When I was a kid, I was eating in front of my hungry dog. She jumped on me, knocking me down, and took my food. A hungry dog is not an obedient dog. If a dog is hungry, it's gonna get find who is hoarding all the food, if they have to use teeth or a guillotine.

  20. Hey, 'member what happened when the French peasants got hungry?

    I DARE you to pursue this course of action. Right now we're kept complacent with our brainwashing smartphones and our cheep, unhealthy fast food, but go ahead, make us REALLY uncomfortable en masse, and see what happens.

  21. That's conservatism. Plain and simple. Strip away the various ideological pretenses and this is what it all comes down to.

  22. "A hungry dog is an obedient dog"
    Maybe sometimes, but sometimes a hungry dog will bite your face off.

  23. Is it time for mass protest and general strikes or what! Let's get all the unions on our side that we can. Let's end the rule by wealth system.

  24. I'm fairly certain Laura Ingraham has never done an honest day's hard work in her entire life.

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