Steve Hilton: It is a turning level for Biden


‘The Subsequent Revolution' host Steve Hilton says Biden's speech will ‘hasten the day' the president is out of the White Area. #FOXBusiness

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Date: September 4, 2022

RSS The Hill

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39 thoughts on “Steve Hilton: It is a turning level for Biden

  1. As a Marine, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution just as Biden did. But unlike Biden, I intend to fully honor my oath. So if he wants to declare war on my country he's in for a rude awakening. SEMPER FI 🇺🇸 🥷

  2. The people pushing for a Civil War are going to be shocked when it starts with the News media. It won't be violent it will be like Chuck Shulmer pissing his pants while everyone bangs pots and pans.

  3. Keeping the schools closed was just another way the clueless Democrats outsmarted themselves. When the students were getting all the leftist propaganda that
    passes for school lessons now into their homes over their computers —- their parents were looking over their shoulders and were shocked at the commie lies and
    anti-American garbage that was being force fed to them at school. So that was really a good thing because it opened a lot of parent's eyes.

  4. Steve Hilton is a smart, quick, excellent reporter that does not hesitate to give it as he thinks. many newscasters are much more reserved and holding back these days, leaving it to the audience to decide where they stand. Not Steve- he is a hero in my opinion!

  5. The real problem we have in our Society isn't the Democrats and the left spewing complete lies every breath that comes out of their mouth. The real problem comes from people actually believing this s***. What needs to happen is people need to wake up and stop believing these lies and then it doesn't really matter if they stop lying or not. People just need to start seeing through the lies and then using their vote to throw these fools out of office and then fire the other nonelected fools.

  6. Let's Go Brandon – " If Fascism Comes To America It Will Come In The Name Of Liberalism. " Quoting President Ronald Reagan – "The Real Virus Is Democrats" Quoting Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson – Donald John Trump You Are Still OUR President! – Make America Great Again

  7. Watching it I had to look twice to see who was giving a speech….kinda scary looking like he was in battle mode against Americans with all the red… never seen that before at a speech….looked like a tyrannical being….scary he should have put two horns on his head… while the speech…

  8. Turning point for the good for President Biden, Global Wuhan Covid-19 bioterrorism Conspiracy in 2020 was masterminded in the shadows by Federation of American Scientists and their Affiliates. Trump and his Allies lied on China as the source creation of Covid-19 virus. China is a Victim like all other Countries Worldwide which have been affected with Covid-19 pandemic. The bioterrorist-Criminals need to be exposed.


  10. 0:24 – Can't be a battle for the preservation of our democracy, because the United States of America is not a democracy. It's a Constitutional Republic and thank God for it. In America, a simple majority CANNOT take away Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness of a minority, nor can they the just vote away their rights, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. If you want a democracy, move to nation that does just that, but meantime America will stay a Constitutional Republic! Of course the socialists aren't interested in either, but rest assure Americans will die, if necessary, to preserve the Constitutional Republic, but they sure the hell will not do the same for a simple democracy!

  11. What blows my mind is how these fools on the left are defending this lunatic old man. The left is just lost and cannot be saved. It's time to just remove them from society like the cancer they are. Not a call to violence, but time to vote them out and ignore them.

  12. No its a battle for the democrats who really would start a war in this country and cause us to lose our country just so they think they could be in complete control,they will not be

  13. That speech really WAS the turning point for the houseplant…he's finished.

    He cannot go back and change what was said in that speech. (Even though he is desperately backpedaling now 😉

    And the paperweight who takes his place will also obey the puppet masters – to finish the destruction of our country…

    Or will they get the opposite – the triumph of the patriots of our REPUBLIC???

  14. Hopefully there are many in the armed forces, that understand their oath and know when to disobey illegal orders, Many Nazis hung that were just following orders, Biden is parroting what Klaus Shwab orders him to do, They gotta ruin everything before 2024….They can't steal another election.

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    Food truck workers shared who they would be voting for and why.
    Think global, but ACT local.

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