Tensions with China escalate as Pelosi visits Asia


Hudson Institute Chinese language technique director Michael Pillsbury weighs in on ‘Fox & Pals Weekend,' caution that ‘we are coming into a deadly duration.'

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Date: August 23, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Tensions with China escalate as Pelosi visits Asia

  1. Well folks if Russia beats Ukraine don't you think Russia and China have a plan to become world rulers? All Pelosis done sis let them know we acknowledge the plan and we're preparing for what we need to do.

  2. It seems to me no one or nobody wants to visit a foreign country today. Yes God bless the United States of America because these other countries have no sense of good hospitality. really this the year 2022. Everyone wants to come to the United States of America they are actually dieing. To get here. Lord have mercy .Freedom. God Bless America and the Constitution and The Declaration of these laws and Democracy. To live in my country you are truly blessed Amen Amen Amen.

  3. Desperate again and looking at all the vile going on in Democrat ran states, they have nothing good to run on so it's back to violence, fear mongering, division by race and gender, and plotting against our elections. Yup..they are desperate and that should concern all Americans because we have so many examples of what they have already done in desperation.

  4. A 82 yrs old woman, putting in risks young lives, at that age you should be retired. The world is crazy young adults that can be politicians being in the hands of senile people that control the government

  5. My name is dedan..ami in Kenya wat i can say abt pelusi visitin Taiwan is not a problem.. I love china ad i love United States bt USA shud know that Taiwan is a chines territory.. wat i say we to choose another serious American president lik Donald Trump coz if he there nobody cud respos too him.. We nid peace i love American..


  6. So since we know Nancy Pelosi LOVES to call our country's 11% inflation "the Putin inflation" wouldn't it only be fitting to call this week's plunge in the stock market caused by Nancy's trip to Taiwan "the Pelosi Plunge"??

  7. "We support Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. For decades, members of the United States Congress, including previous Speakers of the House, have travelled to Taiwan. This travel is consistent with the United States’ One China policy to which we are committed. We are also committed now, more than ever, to all elements of the Taiwan Relations Act.” ~ sincerely, 26 Senate republicans…….

  8. American representatives used to visit Taiwan before Russia’s war with Ukraine because China was afraid of America, but when China saw that America was afraid of Russia, it encouraged China and began to threaten America. America should have supported Ukraine from the start with advanced equipment. Ukraine should be supported with everything urgently, immediately and without conditions. Or America should have crushed Russia directly. China, Russia, Iran, India and North Korea are a danger to the whole world.America must crush them all and divide them…

  9. ThE FaBoLoUs NaNCeY P. Arrives iN StYLe UnBothered & HaS WhaT iT TakeS To PuMp iN ThE Heels Of Democracy Off AiR ForCe 1 Onto The Soil Of Taiwan Unfazed By China’s Indirect Threats We LoVe ❤️ U Mrs. Pelosi LgBt Next Step Hr40 & Let Freedom RiNg🗽🏳️‍🌈 🗽📜 👠🗽🇺🇸✈️🤩🗽

  10. Hopefully nobody will do anything violent because of Pelosi's little stunt. She doesn't even have the current Whitehouse occupant's approval. American soldiers should not be killed over a dispute that could be better handled with economic sanctions.

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