That is as regards to energy: Mike Pompeo


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighs in on Democrats’ hypocritical pretensions towards democracy on ‘The Ingraham Perspective.’ #FoxNews #TheIngrahamAngle

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • McCarthy: Social Security, Medicare cuts ‘off the table’  January 29, 2023
    Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said ahead of a meeting with President Biden this week that cuts to Medicare and Social Security are off the table in talks around raising the debt limit. McCarthy has said that Republicans want commitments to spending reductions in exchange for raising the debt limit but has been unclear about what...
  • Classified documents fiasco leaves lawmakers shaking heads: What happened?  January 29, 2023
    The discovery of classified documents at the homes of three top elected U.S. officials has left many lawmakers and former government workers shaking their heads and wondering how the country has ended up in this situation. Authorities found dozens of classified materials at former President Trump’s home last year, including some marked “top secret,” that...
  • With ChatGPT rising in popularity, what's a parent to do? January 29, 2023
    Parents have a new platform to contend with in the battle to keep up with the ever-growing technological advances in their children’s lives: ChatGPT. The new AI technology has become so popular that some schools have banned it as it makes its way into the lives of K-12 and college students around the U.S. It...
  • House Intel members look for ‘reset’ after partisan era of Schiff, Nunes January 29, 2023
    The House Intelligence Committee will get a facelift this Congress following the booting of its former chairman and the retirement of a prior ranking member — a drastic makeover that’s prompting internal hopes that the panel can move beyond the partisan battles that have practically defined it in recent years. The committee launched the last...
  • Trump says DeSantis running for president would be 'a great act of disloyalty’ January 29, 2023
    Former President Trump said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) running for president would be “a great act of disloyalty” as he kicked off his first two major campaign events as part of his own 2024 presidential run. Trump visited New Hampshire and South Carolina, two of the first states to vote in the primary calendar,...

30 thoughts on “That is as regards to energy: Mike Pompeo

  1. Who leaked the Supreme Court Draft? When will they prosecute Hunter Biden, and Joe Big Guy Biden for their Chinese illegal business dealings which are national security violations? When will they prosecute Hillary Clinton for her attacks and lies for the Trump Russian FBI boondoggle? Time to Impeach Joe Biden and clean out the swamp! Abolish the ATF, and fire all DemoRats paid for politically biased FBI agents and administration! We the people have ZERO confidence in the FBI, ATF, IRS, CDC and Biden.

  2. The dea and dhs protect El chapos cartel in hemet 92544. Pompeo and crip fbi isrish mafia with mexican mafia as intelligence gathering tools. The patriot act is an illegal domain. White and black leadership taking advantage of refugees because they are scared.

  3. Comment-I, Taken from 2007 "Core Cultural .Curriculum Course" [Utube]

    "Notes to Readers, Mentors, Teachers and Professors"

    Until around the mid-Thirties of the previous century, Core Cultural

    Curriculum Courses (in Europe!) were made as “scientific” as possible,

    and science propped up its foundations by turning to philosophy.

    This attitude was in part motivated by the desire to appropriate the

    sciences with the great past ‘prestige’ of philosophers, and for the

    philosopher the new ‘status’ of science.

    Hence, European professors of physics vied with one another in

    presenting science based on high physico-philosophical grounds, and

    philosophy as a ‘science among sciences’, or even as the ‘sum of the

    other sciences’.

    A ‘PhD’ was then a bona fide Philosophy Doctor, a person of

    core knowledge and eloquence outside his specialism.

    Western education has since withdrawn from the game

    Empty specialism has since gained the highest prestige, especially

    in the U.S.; no longer do professors need borrow it from philosophy

    nor need to teach any interdisciplinary Core Curriculum Course. [CCC].

    Indeed, contemporary teachers and professors vie with one

    another in presenting fragmented, technical lectures devoid of any

    interconnected content, for they can no longer hope to achieve

    popularity by injecting core fundamental knowledge into what has

    gradually become an ever narrower, disciplinary professionalism…..


    This turn of events has resulted in overvaluation of technical

    professionalism, empty academicism, absolutation of ever-narrower

    disciplines, and the common inclination to reject bona fide core

    knowledge from the class. A pity. For these trends only push the young

    into cynicism, nihilism and feelings of emptiness in education and in

    society at large.

    Classical skepticism is usually the negation of a core,

    interconnected, physico-philosophical system. Not so with Einstein's

    methodology and skepticism.

    To start with, Einstein advocated the total removal of borders

    between disciplines, especially between physics and philosophy.

    While such attitudes add fuel to the current academic crisis,

    especially in the U.S., the Einsteinian methodology leads to unification

    of some of the most promising kernels of human knowledge, and, thus,

    to the potential to rejuvenate academic life by an old-new philosophy.

    Einstein’s failed attempts to unify [deterministic] gravity physics

    with [non-deterministic] quantum physics, have played a major role not

    only in the writing of these volumes, but have drove the need to

    rejuvenate a CCC approach in class, at least in physics and the ‘exact


    In fact, a new physico-philosophical outlook is a matter entailing

    far more ambiguity than the technicalities of the derivation and

    application of a new theory, as explained in CCCC Volume I. But such

    justifications are bound up with philosophical considerations, and the

    latter, according to many, are not anymore bona fide topics for the ‘exact


    Currently, our students are almost specifically trained by their

    teachers and professors not to ask fundamental questions in class, as a

    result of which inconsistent, or outright incorrect premises, are given a

    better chance of perpetuating themselves


  4. FBI showed US that anyone could be raided and harassed, because we lost our Constitution rights, government is getting stronger in controlling citizens, It looks like a Communist country in USA, if IRS agents can carry guns as they dig deep into our financial status & taxation. DEMOCRACY is gone!

  5. I had not a glimpse of the future but I heard a sound a voice. And it said The soldiers on the battlefield Have had no training and are training on the battlefield. So it already happened. Now we just have to live it again.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to go to war it's without warning without draft. It's better to have a 100000 men who have to train on the battlefield than to have a 100000 deserters and lawless citizens

  7. If you start the draft. The same thing is going to happen as it happened in 1960s People Will run to Canada. Others who called themselves the peacekeepers Will Distort reality and cause friction. But what is different this time. Is that All hell is gonna break loose Right here on American soil. People aren't going to hold a Woodstock Instead They're going to Flash mob Houses Homes Businesses And the law will be no more.

  8. First of all – Do we have two years, Second – Trump is mortal, Third – Trump would not become King of the United States if elected in 2024.
    What did the framers put in to the constitution in order to curtail a tyrannical government – That is what should be making headlines, not Trump.

  9. Trump now knows how the sausage is made. He can start the housecleaning or swamp draining from outside of the Whitehouse to prep for the Trump MEGAMAGA Presidency in 2024.

  10. Laura ingraham what is this I hear about you saying that it might be time to turn the page on Donald Trump? Are you insane? Obviously you have a very limited ability to see the big picture and understand what's going on. Trump has what it takes including the experience and the fortitude and the knowledge and understanding to do what must be done to save this country. No matter who the Republicans put up the Democrats will still throw chaff in the air and kick sand in your face at every turn it doesn't matter who we put up. But if we expect to win and defeat the evil forces of the deep State and the globalist agenda there is nobody that comes even close to Trump and his ability to get things done to implement sound policies domestically and around the globe. I want a trump DeSantis ticket. That way DeSantis who is currently a midget in Trump's shadow can learn from the master and home his skills and mature his perspectives so that he will be ready in four years to take on the mantle of Donald Trump and his leadership. Don't you even dare go down the path of Mitch McConnell and company or your show will wind up on the dustbin of History and that much I can promise you!

  11. The Democrats are just money addicts and they will do anything to get it or stay in power Mike pompeo is right if it was him he would be in jail but not Hillary they are all corrupt Trump all the way

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