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Date: September 2, 2022

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  • Five progressives who could be the next Sanders or Warren October 5, 2022
    Progressives love Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). But they are increasingly realizing the two senators, who are 81 and 73 years old, aren’t going to be their leaders forever. That’s intensified debates within the left about who might be the best faces to succeed them. Sanders and Warren could both still run […]
  • President caught on hot mic: 'No one f---- with a Biden' October 5, 2022
    President Biden appeared to share a lighthearted, R-rated exchange while caught on a hot mic as he met with Florida officials and residents affected by Hurricane Ian. β€œNo one f---- with a Biden,” the president appeared to say with a laugh as he had a seemingly friendly conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy...
  • Democrats excoriate Saudis over OPEC+ decision October 5, 2022
    Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration took aim at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its lead producer, Saudi Arabia, following the announcement that the OPEC+ bloc will cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. The announcement comes months after President Biden visited Saudi Arabia to appeal to the kingdom’s leaders to...
  • Court agrees to fast-track DOJ's appeal in Trump special master case October 5, 2022
    A federal appeals court on Wednesday agreed to fast-track an appeal by the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the appointment of a special master to review thousands of pages of government records seized this summer from former President Trump’s Florida home. The one-page order by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sets...
  • 'Privileged' Mar-a-Lago tranche include Trump legal docs, discussion on pardons October 5, 2022
    An inadvertently shared log of potentially privileged materials taken from former President Trump’s Florida home includes details of his calls as president, analyses of who should receive pardons and heaps of records tied to his many legal entanglements. The logs, apparently unsealed in error, were first reported by Bloomberg News, which shared the filing that […]

26 thoughts on “The 5 9/1/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS September 1, 2022

  1. You hit the nail on the head my friend no country for Old Men I have felt it for years being here in California it's just strange. God bless and thanks for all you guys do and let's save America

  2. When I was growing up yes there was a division with black and brown also it's about who's got the higher status as low class. And I'm not saying that was their fault you know social economic help for the cities throughout all of these years especially the big cities drugs were allowed to happen just sweeping the streets. So I had and so cruel

  3. Biden is going after the illegal alien vote the homeless American vote the registered sex offender vote the idiot's vote aka the liberal college educated vote he wants a America to be like those great children he raised

  4. It's not asylum when they cross illegally. When you want asylum you cross at a border crossing not in the middle of the dessert. I am actually living in Mexico at the border and it's actually not bad at all. Yea I hear gunshots from time to time. People get killed once in awhile here, just like the USA. Other than that it's very lively here lots of food places, lots of activities and shopping. Asylum is where you fear for your life because of death threats etc…from cartels.. Usually cartels go after someone who was previously in the cartel because they know too much, or someone who is running their mouth about anything about them on social media or news, even in witnesses cause they saw stuff. If you mind your own business and stay out of stuff you are usually fine. The USA is just as bad in certain areas too. These so called Asylum seekers nowadays aren't scared, they are after the Free stuff!

  5. People pay attention to what's happening if somebody only has 40% of something that means 60% which is the majority has other opinions undecided or they are on the other side all the way and that includes other Democrats!! They're thinking that the Democrat party has gone way off the deep end!! Because people that are born in the United States of America are born free and citizens 100% and they understand the Constitution their country and what they support there are disagreements in some things but their bottom line is like my bottom line and Trump's bottom line and anybody that gives a care about the United States of America and its territories does not wish to relinquish any of it!!! Patriots are not just maga people, first of all Ronald Reagan coined (Make American Great Again) they are coming out of the Carter Administration peanut farmer embarrassment!! Why if you are a citizen of a country why wouldn't you want to make it great again, or still for that matter!? This is complete stupid, idiotic, deranged thinking why wouldn't you want to improve anything you do?? We are always improving so what is this BS about not wanting to ( Make America Great Again ) think about it!! Really?? Four little letters are going to upset you" MAGA" these people are toxic and insane and the more you listen to them the more screwed up your thinking becomes get a real Webster's Dictionary the definitions have been there for decades upon decades and it was written after many languages of many centuries with words that we know mean what they mean objects colors names okay there are exact words with exact meaning learn them!! Sit down and read a dictionary from first A to the last Z!! And then get a Taurus so you can look up words and find many other words that mean similar or the same so you can broaden your words salad and they could actually mean something like you know the dictionary definition at least!! You Don't Go centuries upon centuries we're talking 1500, 2,000 years of language no no no no!! Just because they can't figure it out, they're too stupid to understand what a definition is let alone what it means!! Please you don't play into this anymore it's a nowhere place you spiral down not up we want a spiral up continue to improve not only us our country but to bring that ideology of improvement and freedom and striving to achieve something personal for yourself your family your home your country it's all going to be in that little nutshell your family your home your country and your faith!!! You and your sovereignty with your country has got to be your absolute beyond a shadow of a doubt bottom line!!! You do not sell your last resort that's your Ace in the Hole and in this case it's the United States of America the country that you are free to make a jerk of yourself if you want to!! You're not supposed to be thrown in jail for opinions, whatever happened to stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, we have forgotten that!! Grandparents and parents just not teaching children these things!! Any of you that are from the '60s in my case is predominantly 67 68 69 and onward how in the heck can you not remember what those years were like and why in the heck wouldn't you teach your grandchildren or great grandchildren the history because it is that history that these Democrats and BLM Etc want you to believe didn't happen!! Because if it happened then they wouldn't have had anything to complain about the thing that they're complaining about has already been accomplished and the strides that we have made since 1969 we overcame that Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan all of that trash!! It was trash for white people as well as black people and all other people that believed in humanity and Dignity and the right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!! Unfortunately black people are verbalizing This Racist hate!! They're driving a wedge between us all of us!! I am prejudiced more right now in the last 2 years of my 70 years of my life!! I can't on this say I'm not Prejudice or racist anymore cuz I am so sick and tired of hearing about how bad black people are being treated by white people!! You are not paying attention to the fact that people commit the majority of crimes, I'm sorry you're the minority but you commit the majority of the crimes!! Fix it you're the only ones that can!! Violence that black people experience, it's black people doing this to you!! White people aren't out there everyday thinking oh black people who can I screw over today white people don't think like that!! We're too busy trying to make our American Dream everybody has an individual dream to become a reality be productive you know that Improvement standard we strive for that's what we are thinking about that's what you should be thinking about that's all!! The Improvement of your family the Improvement of your children and their education the Improvement of your block and the street you live on to keep it clean and tidy and presentable so you're proud of your community to strive to strengthen your community that means your neighbors your seniors your children remember it takes a village to raise a child this is what you should be striving for these are the improvements that you can only make only your your people can make to improve the situation you're in!! The saddest thing about all this is you're letting a handful of nasty, vicious, evil, selfies,narcissistic, evil, people dedicated on telling you how you should walk,talk and breathe??? To fix everything it starts right there in your living room or bedroom right there fix it once you fix that then you go to the next thing pretty soon all of this repaired if we all did the same fix it for the same reason to keep us free and a country free of Invaders fix it keep in yourself you know there's things you can do to change to help fix everything that is going wrong at the moment fix it!! Fix it now!! There's no room to procrastinate any longer!! The Constitution is there for all and it is absolute no man put it a asunder!! I'm racism in the United States of America is so minimal why make it worse we were so close to just not being that way at all we have so many different interrelational marriages in the United States than anywhere we are not racist in this country we are the most open for people to live their own lives than anywhere else in the world!! Now I asked the big question why are these people so deranged and determine to destroy everything that is good and attack all those people that stand up for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and your god-given rights we firmly believe this way we are not going to do anything to take that away from you or lose it or selves believe me!! Really wake up now it's time and quit playing silly games you know what what's right and what's wrong okay we've all been taught do unto others as we would have others do unto us!! My gosh growing up as a kid I think I heard that at least once every day of my life!! Now I don't hear any of these things being told the kids just like I don't hear crickets anymore!! Fix it

  6. I watched part of this speech when they played the music when he come on I cringed this fraud then he says we the people he's not one off s but a trader to the people he needs to go back In his den of hell trie as tries to turn us against Trump and Republicans supporters u would still choose Trump not fraud and lier biden

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