The 5 9/2/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS september 2, 2022


The 5 9/2/22 FULL HD
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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Putin takes ‘nuclear blackmail’ to new level with Belarus plans March 28, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin is upping the ante in his game of nuclear blackmail with the West by promising to place missiles in Belarus. The transfer of nuclear weapons, which comes ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive, is intended to raise fears of escalation as the U.S. and NATO allies consider arming Kyiv with more...
  • New York grand jury not expected to hear additional evidence in Trump case this week March 28, 2023
    The Manhattan grand jury considering former President Trump’s involvement in a 2016 hush payment is not expected to hear additional evidence in the probe this week, according to a source familiar with the matter. The grand jury is not expected to convene Wednesday and will meet on Thursday to consider a different case, according to...
  • Dominion, Fox News want testimony from Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity March 28, 2023
    Fox News’s biggest stars and most powerful leaders could take the witness stand in a Delaware courtroom next month as part of the network’s ongoing legal fight with Dominion Voting Systems, new court documents show.  Hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, as well as Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, are among the...
  • Mexico is moving to power California and Arizona. But who will pay for it?  March 28, 2023
    Residents of the U.S. Southwest could one day power their homes with solar energy generated across the border — if a multi-pronged plan from the Mexican government comes to fruition. A 120-megawatt capacity photovoltaic plant in the Sonoran seaside city of Puerto Peñasco already began feeding the national grid last month, while another 300 megawatts...
  • Defense chief slams Tuberville's hold on Pentagon nominees over abortion policy March 28, 2023
    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday said there will be "powerful effects" on military readiness if Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) continues to hold up more than 150 Pentagon nominees over an abortion policy in the Defense Department. Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) the U.S. is facing "one of the most complex times"...

33 thoughts on “The 5 9/2/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS september 2, 2022

  1. When American people understand that not a politicians are on power they voted ! When they understand that the evil satanic cult finally made it to be on power ! Then things are going to change ! Look at Biden his speech red lighting behind some people standing there in a some kind of ritual position ! It’s a satanic ritual !!!! Wake up America !!!!!

  2. Sorry (but I'm not), abortion is murder !! Period !!!! Kill the rapist not the baby !!!! I kept mine, I love 💕🤗😘 her dearly ❣️ If you can't see yourself raising your own baby, give the baby up to adoption. It's actually hard to adopt babies. There's so many children of many ages that have been waiting & waiting to be adopted. Having an abortion can make you fertile, higher risk for cancer and not to mention the mental health of the woman. I could go on and on about murdering babies. 😭 So so sad !!!!

  3. Your first censorship you just said the information said that getting the vaccine while you’re pregnant could be dangerous and that should be blocked or should not be blocked or one of the other and then you said your doctor said it’s not true so who do you censor you’re a hypocrite so who do you censor your doctor or the people people who said it’s harmful when you’re pregnant tell me who

  4. Many times a have heard that they are the cult ! Many times I have heard that they are a satanic cult ! Well what they are doing it it’s not far away from truth ! It’s not only One to rule them all it’s their sickness of horror ! They want to spread all over like normality ! EWERYTHING against 10 commandments of our dear Lord a creation of EWERYTHING ! My conclusion is that they are sick in their minds ! They fall big time ! They can never ever make dirty an honest man and woman a true mankind !

  5. Imagine the FOOLOISHNESS of this woman Jessica!!! WHO would EVER say they were less concerned with Joe Biden being COMPROMISED, and more concerned with online medical information! If she has an OBGYN, he'll tell her, and she can get more medical opinions from other doctors, but if Joe Biden, who's in the Oval Office is compromised, her child won't have an America to grow up in!!! That's absolutely ridiculous!

  6. Jessica comes across as angry and emotionally immature. She's dangerously deluded if she thinks Biden's speech was OK. She needs to go away and come back after she matures intellectually and emotionally.

  7. Go Joey Go !!!! God Bless him !!!! Love Judge Jeanie and Greg Gutfeld of course !!!! Please, tell me why you have ANY Democrats on the 5, it's awful listening to them !!!! I understand the reason to perhaps maybe trying to dissuade their views and then come to Wisdom and become a Republican, but I hate listening to their crap. 🙄

  8. No he said I don’t think any Maga Republicans are a threat to the country just like Gore versus Bush or Clinton versus Trump or the Democrats said the elections were illegal and wrong and fixed and challenged and never gave up did the same thing that they say President Trump did why does nobody bring that up I’ve seen clips of people playing what they’ve said it doesn’t seem to make any headway

  9. Fellow Americans Which democratic country would allow a known Corrupt President to rule over its people? Father and son, Joe Biden and his son, accepting Corrupt Money from China, Ukraine and Russia, still presiding over America and condemning Donald Trump, calling him dangerous, this Sleepy Joe would never have been elected if the Electoral System is Not Corrupt and votes manipulated to usher in this Incompetent Ineffective and Stupid person, decent law abiding respectful Americans would never have condone such an idiot to bring humiliation to the country, look at the Shameful Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Uncontrolled Lawless Immigration at the Southern Border, his being Threatened by Xi Jinping during his Virtual Online Meeting and being told that a Fiery End awaits him if he dares support Taiwan Independence, what an idiot will allow this Public Challenge to go unanswered, bring Humiliation to the most powerful country on earth, and now to circumvent his own horrible inept he turns to attacking Trump to Distract American Attention to his own Ineptitude and Ultimate Incompetence, such a creature should never be paraded on the World Stage, and his persistent appearance would only bring Disaster to America and its people.

  10. Trump people said contradicting things of the vaccine…. Well that's why as a intelligent person and more you Jessica, as a journalist have to read and ask your family doctor. No one should believe everything they read, remember the quote from Ronald Reagan. TRUST BUT VERIFY! plain and simple! You can't police that, free speech, that's why you do your research and read! My God, this just proves that people are then dumb and just go by what other people say blindly????? Come one! People like this then are actually nor smart!

  11. The problem with Jessica is her communication and blinkered viewpoint, and reminds me of the student that always tried to say the textbook
    view of the events/times……..Every time I comment on 'CIANN' I get a 'bot' reply saying 'Fuk you for saying that' I usually reply by saying hello
    'bots' wheres the humans ?…… My u'tube account has obviously been flagged but I have not been banned yet as I'm critical but not rude…

  12. Jessica, not too smart or fulfilling a moronic role for the panel? – this is misinformation "safe and effective" and personally it was great that I got real information to make a very wise choice that proves more right every day given the vaers numbers, the current statistics on excess mortality rates and disease increases such as cancer…

  13. Biden has only begun !!! Wait until Marshal Law AMERICA !!! GET READY, I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN A YEAR AGO. Be Prepared. Be Smart… The Communist Devil has shown his face. Good luck… Just an observation

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