‘The 5’ discusses how the lecturers union is blaming GOP for instructor scarcity


‘The 5’ discusses how faculties proceed to push woke time table amid instructor scarcity and the way the lecturers union is blaming the GOP.

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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36 thoughts on “‘The 5’ discusses how the lecturers union is blaming GOP for instructor scarcity

  1. Who's asking for lower standardized testing?
    Who's forcing businesses into diversity hiring?
    Who's suing to get in to board of director positions?
    Who's pushing for unrealistic green energy sources?
    Who's talking about population control and open borders?
    Who's advocating for socialism, equality, speech-control & red-flag laws?

    These guys are a danger to theselves and everyone around them and ought to have their voting rights rescinded and/or restricted.

  2. I dont like the fact that our government is in control of our childrens future. Evolution. Is not even considered to have any truth to it in the way of Darwen. Nothing has been proven yet it is shown as truth. The Bible is told at Sunday school if one is to go so the Bible will be shown no matter what. But to throw in a "religion" of evolution. Leave woke and false belief behind. Stick to the basics we are good. But to push crap like they have. Shame on them. Any belief should be separate. Church and State. So much for that.

  3. Teachers unions are like the mafia. I know a few people who got out of teaching because of union bullying in NJ, they force you to join their crazy unions and then they won't let you do your job. I heard from one teacher that she taught all the crazy stuff really quick at the end of the day so the students aren't paying attention and she doesn't have to lie to them. What are they trying to teach them? The NJEA also put out an ad complaining that "certain people" are ruining the schools since they politicize everything. They have a lot of nerve projecting their politicking onto parents. People are tired of this nonsense.

  4. Teachers get paid only for the days they work. The break is required so they don't have a mental break. During covid, parents didn't even want to be around their kids as much as they had to. Don't forget, some of those loud teachers are "HOA Karens", complaining about all the wrong things.

  5. Fox "News" has lost its mind. Trump is no longer a criminal that should be afforded the same standards of justice and procedure of every single American before him. Clearly Trump instigated a insurrection that took place right before our eyes on TV that is still on going and relentless. Clearly Trump has been taking, hiding, using Top Secret files for nefarious criminality and for the advancement of espionage against the USA to further his potential rise back to power and into the White house. Trump is using espionage to make the Democrats look bad to the American voter so he can get back into the White house and never ever leave to be a dictator of the USA.

  6. I have been a public school teacher for over 25 years. I find it interesting that everyone thinks they understand the problems education and educators are having. It was honestly difficult to listen to this commentary by The Five. None of them being educators themselves. They have so much wrong. Also, many of the comments here are not accurate about what is happening in many classrooms around America. I am a conservative, Christian woman who teaches in a public school in America. It’s time to start getting answers for how we can change the American public school system from the people who are the experts. Asking public educators would be the first place to start. Also, respectfully, do your research before going on television to America. I wonder how many of The Five actually researched this topic before sitting down to discuss this important issue in America before the broadcast. Just as someone said in your broadcast, teachers should only be paid more if they are good at their jobs….. Agreed! But, are you really good at your job if you go on television and discuss a profession that you really know nothing about without doing your homework first????? I thought that was what good journalism was about! But, I don’t understand your job. Equally, you do not understand mine!

  7. The avg. salary of a NYC school teacher is $79,588 what more do they want for NOT teaching our children I have see videos of young people ( 16- 22) in Time Square being asked question that a fifth grader from my generation could have answered in a heart beat and they get them wrong one young woman didn't even know how much a dime was ..this is sad, The school system is fail our children .

  8. The women's movement has changed the world to WOKE. So what did you expect? A large percentage of women plus the Alphabet Community now hate men and they are teaching this hate and other WOKE issues in our schools. Mix in the minorities defunding the police and look what happened. Our nation has been degraded by the low IQ of teachers.

  9. Something to think about: The United States places 25th on most subjects. This is 25th behind foreign nations to include 3rd world countries; that's right 3rd world countries.

    So how is it that our schools and teachers need more money when 3rd world countries who have hardly any money can teach better?

    Maybe money is not the issue.

  10. do you know teachers in rural pa earn under 20 grand in private schools!? in fact most of us don't earn over 45 grand no matter what we do…
    you are still out if touch with those of us living within a drive to Walmart..

  11. German here: We got a three tiered school system and free school choice. There is no relevant private school sector, because competition and choice makes for good schools. We also have no academic sports competitions between schools, which means no good grades for bad students who can throw a football well. Lastly; No school system will ever make up for a broken society. Broken families, economic duress will bring violence and drugs into a society at all levels, even good schools.

  12. Teacher and administrator here. This is my 2 cents: keep good teachers and hold returning teachers to a higher standard based on growth, not proficiency. Pay good teachers more since we don’t work 20% less, but give up nights and weekends. Force DOE to be transparent with funds and use data to support teacher pay. That’s just to start. But we can’t be held accountable for parents that don’t care. Finally. No politics, no secret agendas allowed in schools. Limit religion to celebrate national holidays only.

  13. "Find ten like minded families, and pay a teacher $200,000.00"… This is what's wrong with the 1%. There's very few people that I know, that have an extra $20,000.00 a year. The disconnect is so obvious, it's disgusting. Does that also include a huge cut on taxes in general?

  14. I am one of those teachers! We don't really get summers off! New curriculum, new training, and continously professional training coupled with the continual challenges if trying to teach a class.

  15. The liberal woman on here, talks like she doesn't see how bad this country is. It's the same party that she takes up for, that's running this country into the ground. I'm not saying that all republicans are good, but I can at least admit that when I see it. Instead of her speaking honest about the facts, she tries to squeeze the juice out of some accomplishment, that's just morsel of good, compared to the damage caused by the wake of the democrats policies, and massive failures. I get that she's on here for a counter opinion, but she's just a NPC shill, that just repeats things that she read. It's like someone bragging that they shined your shoes, before they broke your foot. The problems are so obvious, and the fixes aren't impossible, but we have to have leadership that cares and wants to fix the problems. We could go back 15 years, and be in a better place than we are today. Maybe if they spent less time and money trying to convert illegal immigrants into democrat voters, and spent that wasted money on U.S. citizen children, we would start seeing some accomplishments. These neo-radical policies are failing, and putting a lot of pressure on us people who aren't making 100+k a year. It's disgusting and disrespectful to us, that aren't in the 1%, to pretend like the left isn't corrupted by globalist oligarchs and foreign adversaries, and aren't doing anything that's going to make our lives better, it's actually the opposite. She's obviously someone who can read and remember, but her commonsense lacks. I've met people like her, they come off smart, because they can remember things that smart people said, but their organic intellect is lacking. I used to be married to someone like her. My ex-wife once drove down the wrong side of the road, and didn't realize it, until I said something. This is one of many things that made me realize that well read people, aren't always as they appear to be. There's a lot of people like her walking among us, and they even have degrees. They can pass a test based on memory, but they're basically just parrots, with limited intellect. I think colleges should have an IQ requirement, at least before they give someone a degree. Having a good memory isn't good enough in my opinion.

  16. I’m a teacher who walked away from the classroom over a year ago. I left because of the administration. Republicans had NOTHING to do with it. I miss the kids terribly. If administration changed and they dropped mask and vax mandate along w saying no to CRT and BLM I would consider going back.

  17. teachers who teach without tenure, have a greater love for education. NO FEAR OF BEING FIRED.

    Teachers with tenure are lazy and could care less about our kids. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO EDUCATE. This is another excuse to be lazy and out of the classroom. Tenure needs to be eliminated. in addition we neef a universal educational system, so if you move from one state or city to another you will continue exactly where you left off. rather than being ahead or behind in grades.

  18. A new unit dedicated to making it look as if Biden is a functioning human is needed, but what would be more prudent is to have a team ready to face the next crisis which is guaranteed as soon as Biden starts drowning in facts pointing to his utter uselessness

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