'The 5' react to Biden's expected primetime deal with on gun keep an eye on


‘The 5' panelists weigh in on President Biden's upcoming deal with on gun keep an eye on and the heated debate amongst lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
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Date: August 29, 2022

RSS The Hill

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44 thoughts on “'The 5' react to Biden's expected primetime deal with on gun keep an eye on

  1. They can't give Biden no credit for nothing! Only one person on the panel made sense!! The rest is name calling and insults!!! They get paid to insult good ideas! That's way they get sued every year, and host runs away from this show!! Guns is not a republican or democrat issue it's a humanity issue!!

  2. Republicans, a party in which many members believe in the Bible and the Constitution. In many scriptures the Bible says all men and women are equal. The constitution says all men are created equal. But many republicans believe they are in a higher layer over many others.

  3. Yeah well some people are careless, irresponsible and even criminal with fire-arms, however far less with fire-arms then with driving and or intoxicated while driving and further intoxicated drivers wounds or kills a lot more people then the misuse of fir-arms, but we never outlaw driving in general, only to the abusers of driving. Think about this and keep perspective and do not be influenced by people with a hidden agenda for a selfish purpose.

  4. Instead of focusing on "gun reform", how about focusing on "criminal reform". ITS NOT guns killing people, people are killing people! Same with a person with a knife, it could be "anything", a car?

  5. Dear government employees. There is NO (BUT) at the end of the 2nd Amendment nor is there a (BUT) at the end of any other Rights in the Bill Of Rights. Cant up hold your oaths the constitution and people of these United States, Then consider all the back room deals and pay offs as a severance pay and consider this your easy out. These inalienable God given Rights will be defended as written LAW of the land

  6. School shootings are a drop in the ocean compared to American gun deaths on a weekly basis. Your 2nd amendment costs lives, if Americans are happy to pay that price then so be it. Just don’t try to solve a problem in which you are blind to even see clearly

  7. " The Five *!The most hateful ,close minded, liberal democratic group they hate the most, racist White as White people I've every encountered where are the Black people ,do they have any positive to say about the Black People ,????

  8. The EASIEST way to STOP gun violence.
    All citizens, especially American Mothers become a SINGLE issue voter.

    Do NOT vote, if a politician (doesn't matter Republican or a Democrat) ;
    1. Takes money from the NRA.
    2. Gets rating from the NRA.
    3. Supports any kind of automatic weapons.

    Good luck.
    Protect your children.

  9. The 30 round magazine is great for indiscriminate killing. Like sawed off shotguns and hand grenades they should be illegal. No one needs them for defense, sport, or hunting. Tired of children paying with their lives so morons that never grow up can pretend they’re Rambo.

  10. In their opposition to gun control, Republicans in Congress clearly are prioritizing the sentiments of gun lovers in their party over any other perspective, even that of other Republican voters. The Pew polling found that significant majorities of Americans support background checks (81 percent), an assault-weapons ban (63 percent), and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines (64 percent); a majority also opposes concealed carry of weapons without a permit. Majorities of Republicans who don’t own guns shared those opinions, as did Democratic gun owners, by even more lopsided margins. Even most Republicans who do own guns said in the polling that they support background checks and oppose permitless concealed carry (which more red states, including Texas, are authorizing). Despite all of this, Republican elected officials, in their near-lockstep opposition to gun control, have bent to groups like the NRA in equating almost any restrictions as a sign of disrespect to the values of red America.

  11. Listening to these effing gun nuts is sickening. It’s all about their report from the NRA. F@ck Fox News and their constant support for children & elderly to be slaughtered. Ask yourself one question, does Fox News allow guns in their studio?

  12. The text of the amendment, which refers to a “well regulated Militia,” suggests as much. As the Supreme Court correctly noted in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the militia of the founding era was the body of ordinary citizens capable of taking up arms to defend the nation. So how does it feel that the second amendment militia killed 19 children? How & what did these children do to this nation?

  13. One of the main problems is the decline of two-parent households. Gun violence will decrease as the percentage of two-parent households increases. Society must embrace and emphasize the importance of two-parent households. This gun violence problem isn't about the lack of gun laws, it's about the lack of children being brought up in homes that promote and nurture a healthy mind, body, and soul.

  14. Good news everyone about the gun laws, don't worry if they become illegal. You can always buy one from the Mexican cartel and I am pretty sure we can find one of them.

  15. I asked this question over a year ago. How many have to die from covid before y'all give a SH T?
    New question which is not really new. How many more children need to be gunned down in school BEFORE YOU AZZ HOLES GIVE A SH T.

  16. That statistic she mentioned about a majority of Americans wanting teachers armed is wrong. It's a daily wire exclusive and the creator of the poll has explicitly said he wants teachers armed. It's not an unbiased scientific statistic and is not credible. In fact it is significantly higher than the majority of polls that show teachers and parents do not want teachers armed in schools. Poor journalism, and dangerous misinformation.

  17. 1. Can Jesse count his fingers?
    2. Teachers should NOT have guns. They are not trained nor are they prepped for that. We have plenty of vets and professionals who can handle these things. If a gun walks into a school, a teacher is not going to be ready to act until after something happens. A roving patrol of one or two trained professionals can take care of things. Plus, having a locked door where one has to be announced to enter is also crucial to safety.

  18. Gun violence is normalized and promoted in many video games – very young kids are practically addicted to… why are we surprised when this gets acted out in real life?

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