The Advert Fox Information Gained't Air #FOXFoolsOnClimate


Fox Information would not air this advert, so we are bringing it instantly to you.

Numerous research have documented the power development of bias and distortion in Fox Information local weather reporting — and the ones of alternative Rupert Murdoch broadcast houses all over the world — together with the Wall Side road Magazine. Fox Information and Fox Trade anchors many times name local weather trade a hoax, claiming that CO2 does no longer motive international warming and the earth hasn’t warmed from human actions.

Date: August 24, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Advert Fox Information Gained't Air #FOXFoolsOnClimate

  1. Bogus! Slick production, but poor on facts. "22 miles in space"? What does that mean? There is no hard boundary to the atmosphere, so 22 miles from the top of that would give you a very poorly defined orbital radius. But 22 miles from the ground or from sea level would NOT be in space. Dumb! As far as "warmest year ever," this is bogus. When NASA scientists were asked by a reporter about the claim that 2014 was the warmest year, they balked and said they were 38% certain of that claim based on margins of error.

    Global Warming is good; Global Cooling is bad. We live in an Ice Age and cold kills. That's why the poles are close to empty and the tropics crowded with life.

    The only significant problem from Global Warming is sea level rise. Sea level has always changed. Sea level has risen over 400 feet from the depths of the last glacial period of the current Ice Age. So, you have to ask yourself: "What's more important — coastal real estate, or life itself?" These jokers prefer coastal real estate. Good luck when you have 90,000 years without summers, rain, crops, food and civilization. That's being penny wise and dollar foolish.

  2. You moron with all the fake news fox puts out and you dis them for the one story they wont join in on to deceive the people and that is about Climate change which was global warming which could be anything else later as long as we all start paying carbon taxex. You pay them you idiot. You do not perform science by concensus. It is another hoax you idiot. cute video though.

  3. This is total bullshit. Global warming/cooling or climate change or whatever the new libitard term for it, is nothing more then a fraudulent hoax designed to line the pockets of a few elites, by stealing money from willfully ignorant believers. Just ask algore.

  4. The climate is naturally cyclical.(is that the correct spelling? weird word) We may be speeding it a long but not to the extent some people believe.

  5. Don't scroll down! This comment section is full of ignorant fuckwits who bury their heads in the sand and refuse to believe that humans are accelerating global warming, that we're fucked if we don't do something to stop it, and try to defend themselves using debunked "science". Abandon hope all ye who scroll down further.

  6. Hate to be a contrarian, but Humans did not cause climate change. It is a naturally ocurring cycle. Carbon Dioxide is not the suspect number 1 either, like the media would lead you to believe. Deforestation is a problem caused by man, climate change is an act of God. It is a completely natural cycle.

  7. Climate changes every minute, Has since the earth developed. Just remember what Lying Assholes like Al Dumbass Gore said, Quote By 2015 much of California Shoreline will be gone and Sea Levels will have risen by 4 to 6 ft. Well it's 2016 and none of his Statement's are True, But u notice the Liberal News Clown Show's don't talk about it at all. WONDER WHY. In the Famous Words of Forest Gump. Stupid is that Stuped Does. Get it Liberal's

  8. I don't think the problem is whether or not climate change is real. I think the real problem is that we are so woefully unprepared for the changes that will come (if it is real, of course).

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