The Fatal Fox Information-Trump Syndicate | Robert Reich


Former Secretary of Exertions Robert Reich exposes Fox Information’ unending circuit of lies. Because the coronavirus disaster rages on and protests in opposition to police killings and centuries of Black oppression sweep the rustic, Fox Information is contributing virtually as a lot to the deaths, illness, and brutal remedy of protesters as is Trump’s White Space.

Trump spouts a stunning quantity of incorrect information from his bully pulpit, nevertheless it’s Fox Information’ similarly deceptive protection of the twin crises that closes the deadly circuit of lies.

Fox Information known as white protesters with AR-15s difficult haircuts “patriots”; they known as Black protesters difficult an overhaul of our racist programs of oppression “thugs” and “looters”. And their biased protection of the protests hasn't stopped them from proceeding to spew lie after lie concerning the coronavirus pandemic, even because the loss of life toll surpasses 100,000.

Trump's propaganda device is a transparent and provide risk to the USA. It is as much as us to close it down.

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Date: August 28, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Fatal Fox Information-Trump Syndicate | Robert Reich

  1. Team work can and will not work without negotiating with certainty the terms to follow.

    I have a lot of people supporting me.

    There still is a lot of arrogance on her part, it’s all published in clear print. So she does not care and has learnt nothing regardless all the world’s on her. Not even the fact that she is compromising her country’s security. It is all still a game to her.

    So direct contact maybe essential. If not a must.

  2. Ok I took it off in good faith Mr President.

    You can’t fault me, I have dealt with a lot of headless chicken mucking about. I am bit frustrated at this point.

    How hard is it to sort this out? Make me understand.

  3. Hydroxychloroquine works. This Plandemic is a SCAM being used to usher in a unique digital/biometric ID for everyone on the planet. This is high-tech totalitarianism and must never be allowed.

  4. It is now 2/4/2021 , Just what news has not been honest with the people !!!!! Fox did not say that Covid19 existed it said that shutting down a State's economy was bad. Protect those most in danger not everyone !!! Appears that FOX and Pres. Trump were correct !!!!

  5. This is great I always knew they were for sister and I are at odds about Trump I can't stand him and she says he's the best president ever she was sending me stuff from Fox told me to watch Fox news and I was starting to believe some of their stuff..but then I told her that's fake news. As Trump so calls it . I said this is his channel we get in plenty of fights over it.. well ty I sent her this but she'll just say your fake news..but we'll see

  6. Ted Koppel said to Sean hannity to his face you are a danger to the country. Hannity was incredulous at that true statement, and he is as is Fox news, they mislead their viewers and lie constantly to protect Trump and never talk about his outrageous behavior and his crimes against this country

  7. the way Fox have mislead the american people surely they should be made responsible for the deaths and serious future problems of covid patients —–SUE —Rupert Murdoch owner of FOX who is an australian billionaire his mums ok she lives in Australia

  8. The Dark Side of The Force is at work in our lives. It's not limited to a Galaxy far far the fuck away.
    Thanks for being The Light Side of the Force Reich👍.

  9. There's a special corner in hell reserved for these evil entities. They have the Devil beat by several miles. He should enjoy their company, that is, if they don't try taking over hell and tormenting him and everybody else.

  10. Fox is an “Entertainment Network “, they conspire to present Murdoch’s ideology that promotes fear based agendas that manipulate fact. They succeeded at one thing only, feeding lies to the largely misinformed and poorly educated masses. Has Robert says “Boycott Fox advertisers” that’s what will hurt Murdoch more than anything.

  11. Yes, thank you it's time to move past the anger. First, I will Never allow myself to be Disrespected by any of those Cartoon Villains, Outright Liars, and yes, the Men are spinless Man P*ssies.. It wasn't long ago I would get a flood of trolls for calling that Blond B*itch in the comments a four letter c word, not spelling it out of course. Yes, I will write letters and boycott Anyone who supports something worse than what you scrub off the toilet.

  12. The owner of FoxNews says that it is an entertainment channel with an occasional news story. So basically it's Enquirer or Globe magazine on TV. You're getting news from a gossip channel, good job you couldn't be more uninformed if you watched TV blindfolded in a language you did not understand.

  13. Fox plays to the Weak minded and easily swayed, United States is full of these people.. The base ‘might’ change their mind when Trump turns on them to promote his 1% friends

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