The Faulkner Center of attention 9/6/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 6, 2022


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  • McCarthy: Democrats could pick Speaker if Republicans 'play games' on House floor November 29, 2022
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warned his skeptics in the House Republican Conference against opposing him for Speaker on the House floor. “We have to speak as one voice. We will only be successful if we work together, or we’ll lose individually. This is very fragile — that we are the only stopgap for...
  • The Hill's Morning Report — Congress' lame-duck to-do list November 29, 2022
    Editor’s note: The Hill’s Morning Report is our daily newsletter that dives deep into Washington’s agenda. To subscribe, click here or fill out the box below. Congress has returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to the last few weeks of the lame-duck session — and plenty of public and behind-the-scenes planning for the legislative term ahead....
  • The Memo: Republicans’ fervor to go after Fauci could backfire November 29, 2022
    Anthony Fauci is set to retire from public service, but Republicans have no intention of letting him leave the spotlight. GOP lawmakers plan to seek testimony from the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases once they take control of the House in January. Fauci, for his part, says he has...
  • Democrats succumb to political reality on same-sex marriage bill November 29, 2022
    The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act has progressives arguing that efforts to safeguard same-sex unions remain unfinished after concessions were made to Republican demands for bolstered religious liberty protections. The bill as it currently stands would officially repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and require state recognition of legal same-sex and interracial marriages but would...
  • McConnell holds the cards in spending fight November 29, 2022
    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) is calculating whether he wants to strike a deal with Democrats on a year-end spending package before Republicans take control of the House in January. The stakes are high for McConnell, who faces regular attacks from former President Trump and earlier this month survived the toughest challenge to his...

44 thoughts on “The Faulkner Center of attention 9/6/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 6, 2022

  1. The people of California are NOT good people or they would elect different government. They keep voting for people like Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swallwell.

  2. Is FOX on CRACK????? Oh I know we've all heard this a thousand times before but isn't it fucking hilarious that on this speach everyone goes silent at once. If Trump had made this speach the entire MSM would be playing side by side comparison clips of Trump and Hitler speeches 24/7.. But all of a sudden, "what if Trump did this" fell out of the vocabulary and they call this Dividin Biden which is probably the lamest spur of the moment attempt to sweep this under the carpet in the history of media. My guess is the picked the dumbest catch phrase so nobody will even repeat their dumb catch phrase so it all goes away rapidly.

    Biden's speach, optics and tactics. were right out of Nazi Germany. The only thing missing were the mustache and Swastika's on the flags. it wasn't an oops This is what they were aiming for. Biden calls Trump and his supporters semi fascists and an internal threat while he and democrats engage in as many Fascist acts optics and behavior as possible. It's literally a form of brain washing. If you, as a fascist, openly practicing fascism while accusing those who aren't of being fascists then your supporters will soon fail to recognize fascism as fascism. The red background, yelling, clenched fists, military and dire warnings of internal threats Was right out of Hitler's NAZI rallies. Goebbels himself could have set up Biden's rally. GO watch the God damned videos of Hitler's rallies and see for yourself. Oh ya the left is trying to fire up his base. Hitler fired up the German people the exact same way with the exact same rhetoric and the exact same optics.

  3. We do not have legal elections in California. It has been over 30 years. Mail in balloting is the Democrats method to cheat.

  4. Why is he lying about the Social Security thing? Oh that Joe Biden he’s been lying for 47 years.

  5. Fox fed the big Lie, while they and Trump ripped off their Dumb Followers for $$–Funny

  6. These teachers preach diversity to students as a way to indoctrinate them in the philosophy of the Democratic Party. How did diversity and the Democratic philosophy work out for Eliza Fletcher?

  7. Bla the bla bla bla
    We as children were also told not to play with Scissors.
    So would someone take the sharp pair that flying idiot is wheeling around,
    Or point him to a flight of stairs
    And say, step forward….

  8. This is Another CLICK BAIT Site created by Foreign SCAMMERS…

    These SCAMMERS are pushing Political Propaganda in an attempt to influence American Politics. One will post Conservative News and the other Liberal News. BOTH come from same GROUP of SCAMMERS from Foreign Countries including Turkey, Portugal, Spain, and Russia. These SCAMMERS use Click Bait Techniques: Outrageous Thumbnails and Inflammatory Captions that have nothing to do with actual video. They have stolen video from American News Companies and Re-posted ILLEGALLY without their permission. This is a direct violation of American Copyright Laws. If FOX, CNN, or MSNBC knew about this they would sue them. This is no different than Bootlegging Movies and posting so others can watch. These SCAMMERS only want more ‘Clicks’ because it artificially raises their YouTube Metrics and they receive more Ad Money.

    What is actually happening is these SCAMMERS are ripping off YouTube and News Companies 0000

  9. biden is not a safe man. 99% of all Americans are against Joe Biden NOW….TREASON to himself his wife God all humanity….believe have faith he answers pray ask it will come to pass. peaceful war….

  10. This present is out of his mind the Republican didn't cause any of this trouble he did when he became president he raised gas prices food prices shut down the pipelines made people hate each other so much crime open up the borders so much drugs killing our children and he stands there and calls the Republicans the troublemaker really how stupid does he think we are

  11. Fast food bill is designed to create a fast food UNION!! soc/dems take control of unions to use for voter control, one of many dirty tricks the left use to steal elections!!!
    This is dangerous because they will push it nationwide!!!

  12. You can't fix stupid and liberals are really stupid. As Ronald Reagan said the problem with our friends on the left is so much of what they know just isn't true.

  13. people really think at this point of time that they will even have trump be re-elected.
    the dude is a criminal, liar, deceiver & thief

  14. There's nothing there they're not going to find anything on Donald Trump all this is is to keep him from running for president or ever being able to step foot and the Damn White House come on people you know as well as I know there's nothing in those documents all the presidents has checked documents home has it been treated like Donald Trump has been treated no they have not look at Hillary Clinton come on that woman's horrible

  15. All this boils down to they're scared that Donald Trump is going to run for president again there's nothing in those documents they're not going to find anything in those documents are they already said they have not found nothing you just want to keep this dragging you just want to keep this going planting stuff on Donald Trump he's a man alone grow up

  16. The rich and famous Californian can afford to have their meals flown from Paris…..or any other place in the world…..As the Jewel in The Crown type of State, its Socialist/Liberal/Leftist government is following on the footsteps of Michigan(Detroit)……Once the State disappears it will never return to what it was………NEVER AGAIN!!…Sorry California middle class…

  17. If we lose house and senate Gas Will Go to 10 dollares a gallon pete and gavin said willl suffer alot the More pain at pump better fore america

  18. He’s name calling and Mississippi has dirty water. Gas is at record highs, the border is out of control, inflation, etc. He is ridiculous and out of touch! Yuk 🤮

  19. If your not going out to vote these democrat's out in november then just sit back an enjoy the misery

  20. This is the only government in the World that continues poisoning its people with hidden ingredients no other country is aloud to do that our gov-mint is init to kill you wake up no more lobying the ponsie scheme if you speak up you are labeled

  21. Don't be deceived by a call for the delegitimisation of the FBI and Department of Justice. It's more propaganda from Fox!

  22. In my travels everyday I hear people complaining about what's going on in this country. How they are suffering with gas prices with food prices real estate taxes going up everything! … I keep saying to them we can fix this, We can try and fix this come November. If you're not going to go out and vote this November and remove these toxic Democrats from our government Then enjoy your suffering.. It's just that simple..

  23. Joe is nothing but a PUNK CRIMINAL AND NO WAY IS THIS RACES SCARING ME! And these people who are clapping for this criminal must have water in the Brain or brain washed!

  24. I still have a hard time deciding who is dumber. Biden or the moron's that still support him. Just look at those idiots standing behind him

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