The FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home & Fox News Turns on Law Enforcement | The Daily Show


Donald Trump’s Florida home is raided by the FBI, Eric Trump makes a somewhat pathetic excuse for his dad, and Fox News anchors reveal just how fast they’ll turn on law enforcement when things don’t go their way. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Date: August 16, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Why the discovery of a Chinese balloon in US skies is such a big deal February 3, 2023
    Tensions between the U.S. and China are on the rise again after the discovery of what the Biden administration is describing as a sophisticated Chinese espionage tool flying over the United States. The discovery of a massive Chinese surveillance balloon over Montana, which hosts some nuclear silos, sparked a diplomatic crisis on Friday, with Secretary...
  • Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo February 3, 2023
    Editor's note: Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plaskett is the top Democrat on a Judiciary subcommittee established by the GOP to examine the “weaponization” of the federal government. The information was incorrect in an earlier version of this story. The House Judiciary Committee fired off its first subpoenas under the leadership of Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio),...
  • 5 takeaways on a surprisingly strong jobs report February 3, 2023
    The U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, more than doubling Wall Street expectations and turning up its nose at prognosticators of an imminent recession. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.4 percent, the lowest level since 1969. Analysts were expecting it to move in the opposite direction, ticking up to 3.6 percent. The monthly jobs...
  • Victoria Spartz passes on Senate run, to retire from Congress at end of term February 3, 2023
    Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) on Friday announced she will not run for Congress in 2024, retiring from the House and passing on a bid for Indiana's open Senate seat. "It’s been my honor representing Hoosiers in the Indiana State Senate and U.S. Congress and I appreciate the strong support on the ground. 2024 will mark...
  • GOP lashes out at Biden, Pentagon as Chinese balloon hovers over US February 3, 2023
    Republicans have seized on the news that a Chinese surveillance balloon is flying over the northern U.S. to cast President Biden and the Defense Department as failing to protect national security. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) quickly called for a briefing for the Gang of Eight, the top members of Congress who receive classified intelligence from...

38 thoughts on “The FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home & Fox News Turns on Law Enforcement | The Daily Show

  1. And what have the found on Trump in the past 6 years buddy, nothing that's what let's investigate the Dems leadership on house and Senate with the same scrutiny, If you lose that's going to happen, and that's why they are trying to destroy Trump because will.

  2. Dude not kidding. As someone living in a third world city, there were not much gun violence in my city, other threats maybe but not gun violence. And recently two gun violence incidents happened and instantly my mind went like "this is turning into america"

  3. And the demo rats conduct witch hunt number four… And once again Teflon Don will be proven innocent and the Democrats and FBI will once again look like the fools they are.

  4. "…the PERCEPTION that the Justice department is being used to go after your political opponents.." Oh, so sort of like it has been since Donaldo entered the fray of poltiics. I don't like Trump either, but to think that the FBI has been anything but shady for the last few decades (outside of the world of politics) is lunacy. It is, of course, no big leap then to assume that they would be even shadier with the backing of other branches of government just to rocket appointees political capital to the stars. Then again, you don't have to speculate since there is tons of evidence, but its 2022, we don't operate on fact any longer.

  5. 6:48 in my country if anybody was to say those words in public. iI is equivalent to SEDITION, aka "Promoting acts of VIOLENCE against government bodies". They will be arrested and charged so fast their heads will spin. I am very sure these people violated some US statue when they said those words. It is not about freedom of speech, it is about how the words are put together.

  6. Look we can argue sides. Not the point .if you want OBAMA, CLITON, BIDEN House raided when REPUBLICANS take Over? No 👎 I don't either I a.m Not a Democrat it's the point it's wrong period !!!!!!!!! ONLY for political Gain that Abouslty back fired .. get Off cnn ,msmbc, watch other NEWS

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