‘The Five’ talks how the IRS now wants employees to carry firearms


‘The Five’ discusses how recent IRS job posts are asking if applicants are able to carry a firearm in the job description.

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Date: August 18, 2022

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46 thoughts on “‘The Five’ talks how the IRS now wants employees to carry firearms

  1. Expect the Anti I.R.S. noise to continue out of the Fox Republican party. In the past if you made over 10 million dollars the IRS would not in most cases go after you. The reason for that is the legal tie ups in the courts that millionaires and Billionaires do. The wealthy Republican Party donors are demanding the Politicians put a stop to it. Notice how the Fox Trumpite Politicians are all spinning along and demonizing the IRS. That's because they're millionaires themselves and don't want to pay their fair share in Taxes. The Fox liars and conspiracy freaks make big money to sucker their loyal viewers.

  2. It may be a conspiracy theory, but it seems like our government is arming up to maintain power in the event of a Republican success in the mid-terms and 2024 Presidential election. They are not gong to give up power. If the middle Americans vote to overturn a Democratic hold, they will call up these armed workers. They will have no choice but to obey lest they be on the receiving end of those guns. We are watching America fall into the same socialist path Venezuela fell into. Greed and power are in control now.

  3. Morons from fox apparently don’t know irs special agents ALWAYS carried firearms because they specifically deal with potentially violent tax cheats like trump

  4. They missed a few key facts in this video:
    1. Only 300 of the open IRS positions are for special agents, who are the only IRS agents who carry guns (about 2,000 out of roughly 80,000 current IRS employees).
    2. IRS special agents have carried guns for over a hundred years, so this isn’t a new thing.
    3. The whole “87,000” new employees isn’t a for sure thing, it was a recommendation based on projected employment needs for the next 6-10 years (I’ve read both estimates, so I just put a hyphen).

    P.S. As always, take everything you hear on these talk shows with a major grain of salt (that goes the same for the liberal shows). These folks don’t have to be super accurate, they aren’t real news reporters, they just talk about the news and their opinions/reactions.

  5. And yet the IRS is nothing more than a privately owned collection agency, chartered in Puerto Rico, and their have absolutely no power outside the island, that's why they've always shown up with a cop, to give them some legitimacy on the mainland. Can be stopped with a simple cease and desist order and demand to prove, in court, the bill. What they're trying to do is to build a mercenary force, that's why they've been buying up ammo

  6. So let me get this straight 87,000 new IRS agents are being armed with guns and they want to take your guns away so when they come to collect 99% of the people are going to give up their money sounds familiar it's called extortion and racketeering the mob has been doing it for years this is nothing new the goons are coming for you I sure hope you didn't vote for this s***

  7. Armed fed badges is not unique. What is unique, is to hire 87,000 new IRS Agents, nearly half the size of the USMC …..to target us!!! And don't think they won't. Name the IRS Building the "Lois Learner wing".

  8. Doesn’t sound funny to me. This is a very serious threat to the American people. This would be a perfect way for corrupt government to target gun owners, conservatives, anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

  9. Maybe the irs could hire exclusively from the lqbgt etc. crowd then all Americans would pay early and extra money not to have to deal with the offensive auditors.

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