‘The Five’ talks the release of Trump raid search warrant


‘The Five’ discusses how the FBI claims to have found classified documents during Mar-a-Lago raid.

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Date: August 19, 2022

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43 thoughts on “‘The Five’ talks the release of Trump raid search warrant

  1. Did she just ask, Why nuclear secret should be classified ? Of course they she be classified! I like Trump and I may vote for him again, but this is huge. He took top secret files and stored them in a closet with a pad lock!

  2. You can’t decide what you’re looking for with a warrant while you’re looking through someone’s home prior to filling out the warrant. That negates the warrant in the first place. You don’t get to decide what’s going to be on the warrant after you do the illegal search, and look for anything and everything you want to include on the warrant while you’re searching. That ladies and gentlemen is called illegal search and seizure. Dahhhh.

  3. First of all, I hate to be the one to point out the mentally challenged. But Jessica just keeps talking and shoving her hand in the air. So it kinda gets hard to ignore.

  4. You five are brilliant, I'm sure this is going to work. Your honor we concede that Mr. Trump stole the documents and took them to a public resort but he declassified them in his head before he stole them and what about Hillary's emails. Case closed!!

  5. Fox what hell are u people doing with that squeakie voice Tarlov on the five do u really need a dumbbell like her can’t she get a job with cnn or msnbc we republicans don’t want to see her anymore y don’t u get it

  6. Something really wrong with the world and the security of America! I really hope Trump didn't sell out secret information that could have some leader to be assassinated or to cause countries to go to War! If no harm was done, we should not worry about it and go on looking for solutions to help to better America where the Rich and Poor can work out a fair way for everyone to make America a great place to live for a civil war is the last thing we want!

  7. typical fox news propaganda and actors getting paid. I actually came here to see how they would defend trump stealing nuclear codes but I don't ever need to come here ever again. they would always blame the left or go off topic. this is not news please for the love of GOD TAKE THE NEWS OUT OF FOX NEWS NAME

  8. The government and the FBI are trying to decide if we will be allowed to see everything concerning the Trump raid. Wait a minute, don't they work for us?

  9. I swear they have Jessica on the show to make everyone look cooler…she not only comes out on the defensive, she doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in the things she's saying. So, yeah, I guess she's the perfect representation of the current incarnation or a democrat/liberal.

  10. What does secret, or classified I info mean , check with tucker Carlson ? Disappearing ink was classified as top secret , For a century, recently declassified . So what are these top secret docs ? 😳🧐. And who releases redacted docs and why ?😳. It is claimed to release these docs is a national risk , I believe not to release these docs is more of a threat to national security 🧐. What is being hidden ? Fair, just, truth, IS THE AMERICAN WAY .

  11. I think that Rudy Giuliani is a victim of far-Left harassments and vindictive attracts, because he supported their enemy, Donald J Trump. All the rest is just pure hog-wash! Also I think that MSNBC news is a far-left station !

    Such unprecedented fear coming from the swamp and to the point of the edge of unlawfulness and perhaps even clandestine unlawfulness. President Trump is probably the most feared person in the USA, especially by the "Swamp" and others that the Swamp influences. President Trump was the best President we have had since before Ronald Reagan and we need him back. It is not a strong President that we should fear, but a weak Presidential puppet, with the Corporation Puppeteers and Swamp controlling him! I have heard of cases, where the FBI planted fake evidence that they needed. I doubt that Donald Trump had anything unlawful, but the FBI raid was a violation of his privacy and I am sure he felt it. I think the Far-Left and Democrat-Communist-Party (DCP) works hand in hand with the Swamp, accompanied by their support team, the Media! As I recall, lawful protocol is that the FBI has to first get permission from the local County Sheriff before they can arrest or search someone’s premises. Did the Palm Beach County Sheriff, apparently Ric Bradshaw, give permission to the FBI, to search Donald Trumps premises?? If so, to what extent? Was the FBI authorized to be “plain clothes” as well?

  12. Here's the crux of your argument. Hillary did something stupid and she didn't get charged, therefore Donald Trump gets to do stupid things also. It's a childish argument. Look, Trump stole secret documents and that's wrong no matter how many other people got away with it.

    Trump says he declassified everything. What a horribly irresponsible thing to do, fortunately he's likely lying as usual.

  13. ROTFLMAO. It never fails. How many times did Hillary take the 5th versus Donnie? How many investigations did they do into her but never found anything or convicted her?

  14. Trumps aides already said he was careless with paperwork. Not surprising he had these docs at his home. Feds asked him repeatedly to return them and he didn't. They went and got them. Don't mess around with the government. You never win!

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