The Giant Saturday Display 8/20/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 20, 2022


The Giant Saturday Display 8/20/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 20, 2022
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Date: August 24, 2022

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  • Group sues to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan September 27, 2022
    The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Department of Education (ED) over its new student loan cancellation policy, becoming the first organization to challenge the Biden administration's move to forgive up to $20,000 in a student's debt. The federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in southern Indiana, contends...
  • Kaine to vote against Manchin permitting bill September 27, 2022
    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) announced Tuesday morning that he will vote against a motion to begin debate on Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) permitting reform bill, dealing a blow to Manchin’s hopes of passing the measure. Kaine said he will vote against a motion to proceed to a legislative vehicle that Senate Majority Leader Charles...
  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
    A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday handed former President Trump a partial victory in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s, with the court ruling that presidents are covered by a federal law that gives broad legal immunity to government employees. A divided...
  • US ambassador walks a post-Trump tightrope in Israel September 27, 2022
    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report incorrectly identified the location of Bnei Brak. TEL AVIV – U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said his main mission in the region is to “keep the waters calm.” Another view is that Nides is tasked with preventing any major waves for President Biden’s relationship with Israel, following...
  • Riggleman at center of new Jan. 6 controversy September 27, 2022
    Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who previously worked as an adviser to the Jan. 6 select committee, is at the center of a new controversy engulfing the panel after he dropped a bombshell revelation while promoting his forthcoming book. In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” teasing his book, Riggleman said someone at the White...

31 thoughts on “The Giant Saturday Display 8/20/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 20, 2022

  1. Wouldn't anyone wants to know. Why not? Because from
    there, we will know the transparent motive of the search. Say, President Trump
    is just a common civilian, the
    more we wanted to know.

  2. Bidem regime is shame shy of USA peoples. Same same south Vietnam .Afghanistan abandon with 8 billion dollar equipment military army gift Taliban .Extremely power no 1 on the world run away out shame Afghanistan

  3. No, it is not. It is just in the cities were the AG and Governers allow the criminals to go back on the street. There is only one answer. Be prepared to stop them yourself.

  4. Worst mistake the doj could make is not give Trump back his stuff and they need to be impartial and they need to prosecute crackhead Hunter if they don't do these things the American public will never ever ever trust them again they're already on the precipice right now of being a mafia organization

  5. Fuck this bitch. She decides when a person needs to be taken off the street.
    He should have never been on the street. If I was the victim my lawyers are are over this bullshit. Then they want to take your safety mechanism

  6. I just looked at all the comments other than mine there's only about two three more where's all the angry people at and for the dumbass isn't making $23,000 every two days or two weeks he's going to be the number one guy on the list the new IRS list they're coming for you buddy

  7. They're trying to kill off Americans biting in his bunch covid couldn't do it so now they're going to try the drug thing and kill as many of us off as they can take all the guns and make it easier to take over the country and hand it over to China

  8. Charles Murray a political scientist wrote a book a number of years ago as to what he had observed about many young people of today. He said to use his words they have no linear thinking. His was based on testing and it basically said people who commit crimes today never think about consequences. Their thought processes don't go beyond the moment whereas in the past consequences deterred many of the acts we see today. This has come about through lack of parental training, a lax judicial system, availability of drugs and overall a breakdown of the home. Until the underlying causes are addressed the problem will only increase in scope and severity.

  9. Is there such thing as a normal Democrat in this country or they all crazy if that be the case we need to do something about these abnormal below human people that claim and chase after Democrats there's just something not right about it or about them and they say the Republicans are the crazy one can't they see what they're doing can anybody answer that question are there normal Democrats?

  10. The governor of New York is such a hypocrite! She wouldn't have done anything if she hadn't been made to please. So when is Ca going to give Paul pelosi the charges he deserves?

  11. The funds ($) being used to hire 87,000 IRS workers could had gone to the VA & Border needs $

    Garland & his Geheime Staatspolizei , Looney Tunes Regime !

    Bidens home fence / WALL ? B ! S ! Let him pay for it $

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