The Ingraham Perspective 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022


The Ingraham Perspective 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022
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Date: August 26, 2022

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  • Senate Judiciary mulls action amid fallout from Durham probe January 30, 2023
    The Senate Judiciary Committee is pledging to review the actions of former special counsel John Durham following reports of inappropriate handling of his probe into the investigation of former President Trump. Recent reporting from The New York Times detailed ethical concerns during the probe prompted numerous staff departures, including concerns over former Attorney General Bill […]
  • Five ways January transformed the political landscape January 30, 2023
    A new year and a new power structure at the Capitol with a House GOP majority eager to exert its influence is quickly transforming the political landscape. The year — barely a month old — has already been marked by at least one political happening not seen in more than a century: an electrifying House election that...
  • Why California, other western states face growing pressure to reduce water consumption January 30, 2023
    Story at a glance The major storms that hit California earlier this winter dumped more than 32 trillion gallons of water on the state, helped boost some of the region's reservoirs and increased snowpack in key mountains throughout the West.   But despite this temporary reprieve, the region will need to work on water conservation and reducing demand given climate change. ...
  • What three hard-line conservatives plan to do with their seats on the Rules Committee January 30, 2023
    The addition of Republican Reps. Chip Roy (Texas), Ralph Norman (S.C.), and Thomas Massie (Ky.) to the House Rules Committee — one of the concessions from Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) that helped him secure the gavel — means that the frequent antagonists of leadership have the opportunity to create significant barriers to getting legislation to...
  • Manchin sees himself as shuttle diplomat from Democrats to McCarthy January 30, 2023
    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is seeking to carve out a new role for himself now that he's no longer the power broker that he was in last year's 50-50 Senate. Manchin now envisions himself as a shuttle diplomat working to bridge the partisan divide between Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Speaker Kevin...

27 thoughts on “The Ingraham Perspective 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022

  1. This segment is called the goons show 139 viewers only mum and dad watching now question one moment please republicans voted against abortion veterans healthcare prescription drug price reduction climate change the infrastructure bill minimum wage so just which section of the public do they represent is there anyone left seems to me they've alienated nearly everyone

  2. Defunding our law departments is not the answer, holding those that break the law inside of those organizations need not be protected, need to pay for they stupidity, need to be ousted in public so the rest of the idiots think twice before they decide to be once sided. Sr. management is in those organizations are the problem, the lower ranks usually are just following orders, as I did when I served our country. This is my personal opinion.

  3. I'm an Independent and intend to vote for Blake Masters. Although amazingly clever Mark Kelly's ads don't reflect who he really is with the exception of being a fact twisting mud slinger.

  4. If Mark Kelly slavishly followed the insane Democratic Schumer/ Pelosi line and the bat-shit crazy idiotic Biden agenda, he shouldn't be just sent 'home'; he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. That so-called 'Republican' mayor endorsing this moron, Kelly is a complete waste of space as well. People should wake that these political 'accidents' are our mortal enemies. Life will never get better if you keep voting these cretins in. They are Marxist-Leninists to the core.

  5. The Democrats are practising pure Marxist-Leninist philosophy. Lenin said, do and say anything to get into power, lie, rob, cheat murder and don't hold back; the objective is to get power, no matter what. Once you're power, it doesn't matter, as long as you get it and you get yourself into a position where you keep it. Your critics who insult and criticize you for not keeping your promises and doing the exact opposite of what you said you'd do, can be easily taken care of by having them slandered, jailed or taken out and shot!

  6. Would a Senator Lurch Uncle Festerman with Commie leanings sell his constituents down the river in either a heartbeat or a New York minute? Having been a very hard worker since I was lad, I find it very difficult to respect someone who's never held down a regular job in his misspent life and has, it appears sponged off his parents for forty odd, years. I understand that Pierre Trudeau up in Canada was such a similar freeloader with disgusting Marxist leanings as well. He would have passed these attitudes on to Fidel's son.


  8. Catholic means Universal.
    That means NWO NOW OWN everything… and sit back, rule and collect taxes for Rome.
    The London City Banker Rothschilds bought up the oil companies for Rome long ago.
    Every seven years, they raise oil, cause inflation, hike interest rates, cause recession and harvest the small businesses which fail,
    and the homes and farms which Roman banks foreclose…
    it happens every seven years… 01, 08, 15 and 22, always Sept, end of harvest…
    Then the first year of the seven year cycle they drop price of gas and lower interest rates to sucker us in to believing it will last…
so we buy homes, fix them up, start businesses… and after seven years, the bankers take the fixed up house and new business and sell them again!

    Rome tried to wipe out Christians in Old World, just as Hitlure a Catholic Ashkenatsi tried to wipe out the Orthodox Juice as Rome had stolen their priest system for their pagan gone paypal organization,
    and Vicarious Filii Dei means In Place of the Son of God on Earth, and this is the title of the Roman Cult, which changes Gods law, day of rest, and invents purgatory to get humans to turn away from seeking God
    and to disqualify and separate themselves from God… their measure of faith transformed into following a false shepherd instead of the Holy Spirit.

    When Christians fled from Roman Inquisition in Europe, they came to America, and prospered. They became Infiltrated because most Christians are white, and ex Catholic and Jezzwits easily infiltrate organizations.
Christians just got hold of the KJV Bible and read it rather than listened to priests read in Latin and translate into Romes version of reality. So Infiltration by mafia, organized crime and religion to mislead, disqualify Christian opposition votes and even take out their own if they don’t follow the NWO agenda… as JFK was the first Roman Catholic President, but he was taken out by the three letter Roman Orgz because he tried to set America free from Fiscal fetters of Federal Reserve and London Roman Banker bondage trying to set up a Bank of America using silver and bank bonds to free us from Fed Reserve laws and fractional interest payments and printing money out of thin air onto computer screens…

    Canada has had only one Christian leader since the seventies. Pierre Trudeau was the first Jesuit, and Justin went to the same university in Quebec as his dad. Only Steven Harper was a Christian leader, then when Justin took over, we literally went to pot, legalized that, and the rest is history, he called a mid term election so his four years would coincide with the second Roman in control of USA… Josephus Byedunce… and together they shut down pipelines, TransMountain and Keystone and still working on shutting Line 5… borrowing trillions puts us all in national debt to Rome, and even if we get a Christian government back, we will have to repay loans or they take something else instead… like homes, farms, businesses, and government infrastructure, mining, forestry, crown corporations, hydro, gas/oil and then flip it for instant cash to China or Russia or highest bidder…

    Shutting oil leases, new upgraders or refineries, tar sand expansion, shutting pipelines, cancelling oil loading on West Coast, no new pipelines through Quebec or all Canada now, just causes Bible Belt west to be unable to produce or sell oil, as the West never votes Liberal/Democratic in Canada… Republicans and Conservatives are Christians, and Rome in America is teaching all the immigrants they invite over the border to CRT dislike all whites…
    and to vote for the Dems and Libs/NDP who wish to dilute the Christian vote, to stay in power, and to turn Canada and USA into Mexicada and Chinada, and they are selling off bits of infrastructure and allowing foreign investment, purchase of businesses and farms, and many companies do not hire but one or two token caucasians, truck drivers, convenience stores, motels, restaurants, security guards, taxis, ubers, cleaning companies…
    all non white, for any money going to caucasians or staying in america, makes America great.
    Thus, shutting down oil production and pipelines, causes rise in costs, and money flowing OUT of america to the oil companies owned by Rome in other parts of the world… and the scamdemic only gave a reason to borrow trillions to put americans deep in national debt which will have to be paid to Roman banks in future or turn over infrastructure and control like Britain turned over to Rome in Magna Carta, all you need is one corrupt leader… like Trudeau in the 70’s with IMF.

    Liberal with borrowed money, causes debt, inflation and job loss and recession.
    Ordo Ab Chao means cause Chaos and Rebuild it the way you like it… just like 911.
    Novus Ordo Seclorum means New World Order, as I opened with… Universal Roman Control…
    That is what the Bible told us about as 666 is what Vicarious Filii Dei adds up to in Roman Numerals.
    If you dont go along with the pay you to stay home NWO plan and cause small business to fail and be bought up by the 300 families intermarried to the 13 banker royal entitled families…
    you will not be able to buy or sell as Revelation 13 states… cant buy food, cant sell anything to pay property taxes, and of course as we have seen, if you dont take the needless needle, you cant travel, escape or go find a job anywhere else so you end up homeless and like the immigrants coming over the border and diluting Christian American vote, and thus Roman Universal voting soldiers will have WON… and NWO NOW OWN everything plan will be state housing, state job, and you will get cashless payment for your slave job IF you OBEY, otherwise you will literally starve and freeze to death or end up in prison or worse… GO HOME ROME… Please, if you love our Christian way of life, then BECOME CHRISTIAN and VOTE for a Christian, not Roman or ASh Kan Nutsee. 
Keep Gods commandments, stop worshipping and serving the devil, and return to God and get to know Him and put your pride and secret agenda and societies away like the groves and idols of ancient sun and devil worshippers… God removes His protection only when His people turn to other gods, crime, porn, and sacrificing infants and abusing children and women and disobeying his Commandments.

  9. Democrats/Biden in first two years…3.8 Trillion
    87 Billion for IRS Roman Tax Collectors… Armed Tax Collectors, empowered to take your savings, home, business and farm…
    85 Billion to Tallyban prepayment for drugs coming over southern border
    1.9 Trilliion American Rescue Plan
    1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill
    280 Billion Compete with China Bill
    20 BIllion Gun Control Bill
    430 = 480 Billion Inflation Reduction Act/Build Back Better Plan

    Biden wanted to spend in first 100 days in office almost 6 Trillion…
    1.9 Trillion ARP was passed
    2.3 Trillion AJP American Jobs Plan is in blueprint stage
    1.8 Trillion AFP American Families Plan also blueprint stage.

    Now 300 Billion forgiving student loans to those making under 125 G
Vote Buying anyone? Tax payers pay for Democrati votes. 
Border Crossers getting expensive hotel rooms, phones, laptops, and taxpayers pay for Dems votes.

    Bidens plan would cost 73 Trillion over next ten years, 66% increase over last ten years.
    This would cost 16 Trillion in new public debt and 1.1 Trillion in annual interest by 2032
    This is the highest spending and greatest debt in American History EVER.
    While inflation is costing average family $3,500 extra, Biden wants to collect 85 Trillion in taxes over the next ten years…
    The Roman Jesuit NWO plan is to Spend 17 Trillion over next 10 years , and take in 85 Trillion in new taxes, utterly destroying Christian America economy.

    Trump spent 580 Billion in first two years but he had something to show for it…
    Rebuilt military, put tariffs on China, Mexico, Canada, built wall, exporting oil, least inflation ever and least unemployment ever…
    safe borders, tough on crime and immigration.
    No new wars, no withdrawal from Afghanistan, started space agency…

    Both of these not including the emergency trillions spent on the Scamdemic.
    Biden and Democrats spending printing borrowing while shutting down oil and pipelines
    and supply chain and production wanting to import oil instead of producing and exporting like Trump only two short years ago…
    is evidence Romans in power only want to put America in debt to Roman bankers for decades to come and destroy economy
    so they can demand payment in infrastructure and take over business, crown and government owned corporations and sell them off
    to China/Russia or their own 13 banker families and 300 intermarried families for complete takeover and control of once Christian America.

    Borrowing money for useless programs with no evidence of where money goes is simply a scam to create money out of nothing,
    put individuals in debt, and excuse to hike taxes and create inflation, hike interest rates, recession, depression
    then buy up/take over for cents on the dollar as economy and stock market crash due to simple shutting down oil production,
    which causes prices of everything else to rise and the eventual crashing of an economy which was thriving under Trump.
    The scamdemic did not justify the liberal spending of money printed out of thin air on a computer screen and debt put on every American for ever.

With world at brink of war, Biden wants to decrease our Army to the lowest level since 1940, with Guard and Reserve at only 998,500, down from 1,010,500.
    Democrats would also reduce our Air Force’s aircraft production and inventory for many platforms such as the F-35, E-3 and MQ-9.
Demon Crats wish to tax Christian Americans to the tune of 400 Million to pay for Title X Planned Parenthood, another term for abortions.
Biden also wishes to tax oil production companies increase the cost of oil by adding $45 billion in new taxes on domestic energy production.
this will only compound the economic chaos and inflation and complete destruction of a once dominant Christian prosperous peace keeping nation
    at the hand of infiltrating Roman Jesuits in leadership positions… referred to in the Bible as the Beast given power by the dragon/devil over Gods people who 
fled roman inquisition in Europe, and fled to America and prospered but Italian mafia families infiltrated with drugs, porn, prostitution and gambling and organized crime,
preparing the way for Jesuit leaders to slowly begin the foundation of the Image of the Beast in Rome to be mirrored in Christian America and take over control of it.

  10. He's wearing a White Carhardt hoodie, lmao
    I didn't think workwear came in white,
    the only kind of person that buys a ivory white work hoodie, is
    the ones that have zero plans of working in it, it's a prop

  11. Just found your channel, what great patriot service you offer. Thank you for featuring full shows of Jesse, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, The Five, etc for those of us who don’t have tv news!!!

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