The problem is we don’t know what Trump did: York


The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in on the latest from the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and reveals this week’s winners and losers. #FoxNews #SpecialReport

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Date: August 16, 2022

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45 thoughts on “The problem is we don’t know what Trump did: York

  1. Yet we do KNOW some of what he's done. He retained classified documents AFTER a subpoena and AFTER an affidavit from his attorney in June attesting no more records were at Mar-A-Lago. With all the grifting he's done on his cult base, Trump could well afforded to actually hire people to go through all the boxes in storage. Or here's a thought – never have removed them from the White House in the first place. Please stop making excuses, multiple excuses, with the ever changing story lines.

  2. He already sold photo copies of those documents for 2 billion dollars investment in Trump and Jared Kushner company from Saudis. Russia also has a copy. Trump must be executed for treason.

  3. Why don't they investigate the Clinton's and Biden's – !!!
    Uranium One Deal
    Hunter's Laptop
    Hunter's Behaviors

  4. The problem is it's none of your business. I'm more concerned about what conniving things demonic Rats do.

  5. This is about preventing Trump from running for office…. and that's all it's about.

  6. Campaign Manager – Prison

    Chairman – Indicted & Pardoned

    Lawyer – Prison

    Deputy Campaign Manager – Prison

    National Security Advisor – Prison

    Fixer – Indicted and Pardoned

    Inaugural Chairman – Indicted

    CFO – Indicted, pleading guilty

    Maybe the FBI is on to something legit.

  7. BREAKING: A source close to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago also said they found Hillary’s 33,000 classified email she tried to delete and hide. It was found in a box labeled “CROOKED HILLARY”. Unbelievable!😱😳

  8. BUT we KNOW what HUNTER and his Daddy did with GARLAD blessings 😡😡. Also
    son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who quietly accompanied his mother on last week’s controversial trip to Taiwan where she called out China for its threatening moves toward the self-ruled island, holds a stake in a Chinese technology company, according to a report on Thursday.

    ​​Paul Pelosi Jr., who received 700,000 shares of Borqs Technologies as compensation for his services, now you know NASY Pelosi REAL reason for the trip to Taiwan with her son on YOUR tax Dollars 😡😡

  9. The pandemic was declared over two days after the raid, so i say, FBI 22, replaces Covid 19, as Democrat commie political weapons.

  10. For the love of God, stop pointing back to Hillary's freakin emails. Trumo could have dead bodies on his property and his supporters wouldnt care. 🙄

  11. Hillary Clinton was not the president so what are saying Trump f..ked Trump was a troubled kid spoiled brat.

  12. Us democrats knows Trump is big lier so who cares about Trump he is quilty face clowns 🤡.

  13. We don’t know what Trump did? True, but we know the FBI is a criminal organization with a reputation of trying to frame him. That we do know.

  14. The left is all about " the smear". Throw anything out there that implies " bad stuff", the gullible public will believe it. These are evil people who clawed their way up from the bowels of hell to do bad deeds. Do not believe the them. Throw them back where they came from,!!!!!

  15. So these news channels whipped up the mood for what happened on January 6 and now they are trying to create a similar scenario again. I wonder how long until they are labeled terrorists. Not too long, I hope.

  16. The problem is… He stole classified documents. It's not rocket surgery. The stolen classified documents that were listed on the warrant, were recovered from Mar-A-Lago.

  17. don't worry about what he did. worry about what Joke biden and boy hunter did. Joke takin showers with 15 yr old daughter is a good place to start.

  18. And right probably the spies that have been all in his term Trump's term could have packed that stuff in those boxes long time ago this could be complete setup from months and months ago when he was president and lost they packed this stuff so they had some kind of a weapon to go after him with it's b***** it's all b***** it's all Democratic control bullcrap

  19. York says "the problem is we don't know what Trump did" – that's what conmen & witch hunters say: guilty until proven innocent. York is a disgrace.

  20. Don't know what he did? I can tell you what he did Einstein. He ran for election as the President of the United States and won and the career politicians, radical left, elites and brainwashed college students have been trying to bring him down ever since. That's what he did!

  21. If the Republicans don't win the midterm elections we will stay a communist country

  22. Lol you know things aren't going great when Hillary is mentioned. Suck it conservatives.

  23. I personally will not even ever vote for another Democrat not even if they were sent here by God himself

  24. They used the whole thing to get privileged information with his lawyers and himself they used it to get any other thing that they could use for January 16th and on it's just a bunch of shim sham that the Democrats pull rules for you but not for us because we control you

  25. They need time to dream up something that he did that's why you don't know what he did they got to dream it up first

  26. He did nothing or it would have been leaked. Everyone waited the whole time he was President to see what he did to find out someone else did it. This is as stupid as that was and everyone has taken their eyes off of their bank accounts disappearing.

  27. FBI move has put Hillary Clinton in the hot soup indirectly. Meanwhile President Trump support base is even getting stronger! Shame for the witchhunters😋

  28. Why do we tolerate all this shady secret crap? is that what we are a nation of secrets? Who cares what "papers" some guy has? He had access to everything as president! I'm so sick of hearing about these "classified documents". They did this same crap to Ed Snowden…You know, the guy who had to flee the country for the horrible crime of telling the truth. To hell with all this "secret" garbage. They probably planted 250 bugs in trumps house, his wife's clothes, inside his walls and cars. That's why they needed 9 hours and a 100 guys to get 15 boxes of papers. They had scuba guys in the water!! Not even joking! We are being spied on everywhere we go by our own government, brainwashed by the TV, censored by the Internet, indoctrinated by the schools, enslaved by the taxes, ripped off by allowing the rampant printing of money, price gouged into oblivion to get health care, not pais enough to afford dental care, Scammed out of our tax dollars to fight proxy wars as a smokescreen to make trillions of dollars for companies who make guns, bombs and war machines, sold out by politicians, families destroyed by child support and wellfare state, sucked into a false race war, forced to pander to trans/gays ect and allow them to corrupt our kids, witnessing the psychological crushing of boys and young men by calling masculenity "toxic", and our brains are slowly being liquified by looking at video games and videos all day. The world seems to be a bad place here in America. What can be done?

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