This isn’t taking part in neatly around the nation: Sara Westwood


Washington Examiner Investigative Reporter Sarah Westwood and Fox Information contributor Charles Harm discusse the bipartisan backlash in opposition to Biden’s pupil debt handout on ‘WSJ at Massive.’

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Date: August 28, 2022

RSS The Hill

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45 thoughts on “This isn’t taking part in neatly around the nation: Sara Westwood

  1. Them mf's knows God damned well they ain't got no rights to be raiding no Commander in Chief and stealing diplomatic passports so quit with the distractions and get back to The Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and The President Trump Platinum Plan including the Schools Choice vouchers or stfu

  2. Can't the Supreme Court stop the forgiveness plan? I mean if the president isn't supposed to be able to forgive the debt like even Pelosi said this should be unconstitutional.

  3. We don't need handouts. We need reasonable repayment terms that allow borrowers to actually afford to live while paying back student loans. My sons were caught in that forgotten group of students whose parents made barely enough money to keep our kids from being elligible for government help, but not enough to be able to help them with tuition. They both took out loans with outrageous rates & worked close to full time their entire way through college. It took them much longer to graduate and their monthly repayment amount takes up the majority of their salaries.
    The ironic aspect of the whole situation is that they had to refinance their government loans so they could afford to repay them on a beginers salary. They're both engineers and I am extremely proud of them (their father died before seeing them graduate from college). Like I said before……we just need more reasonable terms.

  4. I never went to a 4 year college. I went to a local community college and paid my own tuition. Same when I went to paramedic school. My dime. I don't feel I'm responsible to pay for students who borrowed over their heads for useless degrees.

  5. It is funny how Fox has argued that people should not go to college because it has no value. Now they are saying that graduates are rich. And the money is coming from the poor who they always complain that they don't pay any taxes.

  6. This pisses me off more than all the other stupid decisions Biden has made! I will be, as a self employed man, be fighting to make sure democrats get defeated. I really despise these people! They are unmoored from reality and have no morals!!!

  7. I was just censored, using no disparate words, by FOX news. Think again about this company. edit: I am a die hard conservative, but what they just did to my comment pisses me off to no end.

  8. What the gov't does not tell these dummies, and what the smart ones, incl dems, are realizing…is that when you have $500 BILLION in debt YOU WILL PAY YOUR STUDENT LOANS, PLUS SOME, back REGARDLESS….IN TAXES. If you are in a higher tax bracket you may pay back MORE THAN YOU BORROWED, IN TAXES. The gov't is going to get your loan money back from you, because everyone, even ppl on SSDI disability, PAY TAXES. Ladi dadi everybody.

  9. I worked full time from 17 to put myself through four years of nursing school;
    Had to live at home and commute using my mom’s car… Never attended one party!
    Now they are paying for those that did not do this! FJB

  10. 12 Republicans got million in PPP loan forgiveness. Marjory Green Taylor's $183,000 was completely wiped out amongst others. Rep. Vern Buchanan for having over $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven, Rep. Markwayne Mullin for having over $1.4 million in PPP loans forgiven and Rep. Kevin Hern for having over $1 million in PPP loans forgiven.
    Kelly had $987,237 in PPP loans forgiven.

    And many more… all it was ok for their full loans wiped out by taxpayers. Just not ok for tax ppayers to get $10k. Seems like a double standard to me!!!

  11. This goes to show you how stupid our leaders are: I'm not saying it's Democrats or Replublicans… the FACT that this is happens shows me our leadership are stupid toddlers: both sides!

  12. Republicans are not innocent on the school debt. Bush W. raised the ceiling on what a student could borrow to go to school. And then the colleges swooped in and raised tuition 30 plus percent. If anyone should pay anything back. It should be the colleges that took advantage of the student. When they could do is have to dig in deeper in debt to get an education. Plus during that time when Bush did this. Individuals were making the money to pay back their loans. But these new degreed individuals after Obama care also got done. In the medical field took a 50 percent plus hair cut of the potential income they would of made.

  13. Lol while this joker and many others clowns in our giv.have spent trillions. Yet they still don't have the American tax payers side or best interest clearly. Americans need quit paying taxes let alone a penny more to this corrupt government. The majority of them have become rich off the Americans people wake up.

  14. So, should I now buy a $90,000 electric car knowing full well that sometime in the future, when a democrat needs the votes, he or she will steal from the taxpayers to pay off my loan? Sounds like a great deal to me, though not so much for the poor taxpayers who voted these democrats into office.

  15. I don’t get it , why are you guys playing into the agenda 🤷‍♂️you know what’s going on your gonna be wiped out as well my as well start spilling the beans while you have time left too fix yourself before you go .

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