Trump FBI seek: New symbol of labeled paperwork taken from Mar-a-Lago launched | LiveNOW


A picture equipped through the Division of Justice displays in part redacted paperwork with labeled markings, together with coloured duvet sheets indicating their standing, that FBI brokers reported discovering at Trump's workplace in Mar-a-Lago.

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Date: August 31, 2022

RSS The Hill

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38 thoughts on “Trump FBI seek: New symbol of labeled paperwork taken from Mar-a-Lago launched | LiveNOW

  1. So Trump has a snitch on the inside. This always happens. Hahahahahaha What an ignoramus. The question is… How will FOX News recover. Why don't you go back to reporting on UFO's? FOX and the National Enquire are exactly the same ridiculous blue journalism. The difference is that only bored housewives in the 1970's picked up that trashy rag at the supermarket.

  2. They're cover sheets. Does anybody out there (Except non thinking liberals) believe anything is past the FBI after their prior performance? You know covering up for crack boy Biden so his criminal old man could get elected? Likely they're photos taken at the J. Edgar Hoover building in DC. NEVER believe the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the CBO, or ANY other government agency…they are all corrupt to the last man and woman. Period.

  3. Person, man, woman, camera, tv. Questin is: Should he be convicted to serve jailtime, or delivered to a mental asylum?

  4. The FBI director Chris Wray can't answer any question about ongoing investigations yet releases photos of FBI raid in Mar ?


  6. Trump is furiously working to forge a document declaring he declassified all the classified documents he stole. Mar A Lago has never had so many foreign agents go in and out as in the last 2 years. The filthy deeds of Dirty Donald have been declassified for all to see. How many dead on Trump's head?

  7. Have you noticed how many books are banned in Texas by a Republican govenor? This is reality by a party that prides itself in freedom of speech. Can you make the correlation between January 6 and book banning???

  8. I say bring on the special master , it’s of up most importance because of distrust of FBI , let the truth unfold as it may with someone impartial involved .

  9. Trump is furiously working to forge a document declaring he had declassified all the stolen-classified documents

  10. F..k! Anybody can put the files on the floor telling it was Trump.
    Guess we all know it was the FBI … how else would they have anything against Trump if they dont create it ??? ✌️💖🙏

  11. Mental illness is alive and well in america,just ask a trump excuser..just mind boggling

  12. Trump: The FBI & DOJ planted evidence at Mar a Lago!
    Also Trump: Everything I took, I declassified! 🤡

  13. Im so sick of this guy..enough already…the indictment cant come fast enough for this arrogant prick

  14. what would trump do with these top secret docs? whats trumps end game???? does anyone speculate on the answer?????

  15. Ok so the Justice Department wants us to think that those documents were just laying on the floor? They just confirmed that They are That STUPID!

  16. What else was he going to do with the documents. He couldn't understand 183 files of anything. And your boy's the worst traitor since Judas!

  17. TREASON ALERT!!! According to Trumpet Virus 🎺 it was a perfect crime. I suspect we will someday learn Trumpet Virus 🎺 sold copies of some of the records to the Saudis who then paid Jared $2 billion dollars to cover the treason!!!

  18. Photos by feds of top secret documents for the public to see the top secret documents.

  19. I imagine the right-wing media is scrambling to sound the alarm about such pressing issues as green M&Ms, Dr. Seuss, and Cracker Barrel right now. Man – they're gonna be lighting some farts on the air today.

  20. President Trump is not a messy pig as portrayed in this Department of Justice propaganda photograph. Trump is a neat freak !!!

  21. Laughable! A staged photo by the corrupt FBI. End this agency. They have no business representing the people of the USA

  22. All the anti Trump comments only prove that most of these commentators are working in anti
    American Non Government Organizations or Official government offices .
    Notice how their grammar is very polished and biased ???

  23. And they have them all laid out on the floor for a PHOTO OP… this was done for reaction. 🙄 The PRESIDENT has access to all of this and declares what is classified and declassification of those documents.

  24. Your not going to make the AMERICAN people believe that the*** didn't set this raid up, that Trump leaves TOP SECRET PAPERS laying around on the floor. This is not only a set up but a staged childish set up.

  25. If you think this is incriminating, imagine what Hillary was hiding that she had to take a hammer to her computer and private server that was hacked.

  26. now fox sounds exactly like the rest of the ms media. BIASED AS HELL.
    Such professional work by DOJ. Throw the evidence on the floor helter skelter.
    A president must have possession to classify a document. DUH! Same ol libtard lunacy.

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