Trump lawyer: Now we have 'actual considerations' over what FBI took


Trump lawyer Lindsey Halligan stocks the most recent within the Justice Division's investigation into former President Donald Trump on ‘Hannity.' #foxnews #hannity

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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38 thoughts on “Trump lawyer: Now we have 'actual considerations' over what FBI took

  1. Hannity, here’s a thought. . . . instead of inviting daily “attorney” representatives of the sociopath in the orange clown suit to whine about what the FBI took during the legal and rightful carrying out of their ACTUAL DUTIES to finally hold the corrupt sociopath accountable, maybe ask why they didn’t cooperate with the FBI and DOJ in the months Leading up to the so-called “raid,” or maybe ask why they lied about documents and clearances. Because being willfully uncooperative and dishonest is all the corrupt sociopath has ever known.

  2. The F.B.I. recorded themselves used remotely pretending credibility, for example, and used remotely needing to hide nature demonstrating that, per the method/s also exploiting it.

  3. If he had actual top secret documents, it had to be about ufos.. why else would they turn off the security cameras? No chance of seeing a word on those papers… allegedly

  4. Remember when Jr. and some of his crime family members Malden up a story about the US wanting to adopt Russian babies. yeah that was cover for the actually meeting Putin’s hence men to start making deals behind the back of the US

    If you think that’s wrong how many time has trump or anyone in his crime family brought this up since ?

  5. Remember when trump was willing to trade Ukraine and NATO for stuff on Biden. Oh yeah there is is war about this now

    Putin wanted assurances that we wouldn’t do anything in exchange for Biden info

  6. Remember when trump did 60 minutes and the reporter was asking about his health care plan. The reporter got handed a 2000 page book. when opened there wasn’t anything about health care. How does anyone get away with that

  7. They don’t tell you in the broadcast the raid was the end game. Ignoring a subpoena , lying to the fbi and saying the documents had already been returned then Trump confirm s still there – The raid should not have been a surprise to anyone in Trump world

  8. Aides have said that Trump had such a distinct ripping style they knew when he destroyed a documents😳 isn't that illegal or everyone can do it? & take them home when your famous you grab the documents by the corners & do what every you want with them..

  9. I understand the FBI crossed many lines, and has proven they are political tools, nothing more or less.
    Why is no one talking about the fact that the national archives has 0 authority to demand any paperwork Trump has. The team should have ended this when it began but they tried to play nice with a nest of vipers

  10. The money behind the FBI & all these cabal organizations is the desperate attempt to discredit Trump while creating more distractions. By harassing Trump, they're only hurting themselves going into the midterm election!!! Bye bye Biden!

  11. The FBI began in 1908, the DOJ in the late 1800s, and the CIA began in 1947 -ALL POWER INC. A president serves four to eight years. The IRS is hiring 87,000 armed agents.FACT, Under British colonial rule income tax, was 1.5% The GP was 10%.

  12. Lawyers should be able to stay and see what is taken. Just like what happened to poll watchers during the votes should have been able to observe the voting. Many were not allowed in or told to go home early. Something is wrong with both of these pictures.

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