Trump lawyer talks new traits in Mar-a-Lago raid


Trump lawyer Alina Habba and Reality Social CEO Devin Nunes speak about the credibility disaster the FBI faces on ‘Hannity.'
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Date: August 28, 2022

RSS The Hill

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45 thoughts on “Trump lawyer talks new traits in Mar-a-Lago raid

  1. Biden is impose The 3:1 rule of combat states that in order that for the attacker to win the battle, his forces should be at least three times the force of the defender. This somewhat vague statement has resulted in numerous interpretations and discussions from historical and military science points of view. By have the Democratic Nazis party in Congress pass an Assault weapons ban to reduce civilian firearms to 10 rounds of ammo while government firearms hold 30 rounds of ammo or more. That's how a Tyrannical Government starts. I'm surprised Desantis and Trump aren't talking about this.

  2. Multiple textbook acts of Treason during and after his time as president. Multiple textbook acts of High Treason during and after the election, and continued High Treason. Members of Congress who aided and abetted Trump also committing Treason. When will the media respond as such? Is the media trying to numb the public to sway them of these facts? Why is the media downplaying Textbook acts of Treason?Multiple textbook acts of Treason during and after his time as president. Multiple textbook acts of High Treason during and after the election, and continued High Treason. Members of Congress who aided and abetted Trump also committing Treason. When will the media respond as such? Is the media trying to numb the public to sway them of these facts? Why is the media downplaying Textbook acts of Treason?

  3. Truth social is being sued for non payment and this guy the ceo is also being sued
    The only good thing is that he’s outta government

  4. This was a planned ASSAULT on Trump and his wife. The FBI had select fire AUTOMATIC WEAPONS and if Donald Trump and his Lady had been there they would have been MURDERED . The same as Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  5. These christian hypocrites have no god, no christ, no holy spirit, their houses are empty. In their hearts resides Evil, Deceit,

    and Lies. I'm tired of all this republican BS. NO MORE.Desantis the biggest TOOL In the AMERICAN AIRFORCE? "I see their

    hearts and Evil is their master. These are the False Prophets That was spoken to the world, That when the end is near." Watch and Pray.

  6. We MUST have 6 questions asked on EVERY CENSUS and applications for I.D.
    1) Was person at time of birth, born to a mother married to a United States Citizen Father?
    2) Was person at time of birth, born to a United States Citizen Mother married to a Foreign National Father?
    3) Was person at time of birth, born to a Unmarried United States Citizen Mother?
    4) Was person at time of birth, born to a Foreign National Mother granted right to be in the United States?
    5) Was person under the age of 21 years old and Residing with Parent/Guardian at time that Parent/Guardian ''Naturalized' a United States Citizen? Where/When ______________.
    6) Person has 'Naturalized' as a United States Citizen? Where/When ________________.
    YES on question 1, these are 'Natural Born United States Citizens".
    YES on question 2, these are 'Natural Born Citizens' of their Father's Nation and 'Naturalized' United States Citizens.
    YES on questions 3-6, these are 'Naturalized' United States Citizens.

  7. Listen up people Liz Chaney and the Jan 6 Committee got together to set up the Raid with the FBI & DOJ to trash the Presidents 4th amendment Fourth Amendment
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. they are going to pay all they have and still go to Prison.

  8. There is a process the President has to follow to declassify anything. He can't just declare that into to ether. it needs a paper trail for it to be LEGAL. He isn't A Wizard with a Magic Wand

  9. I use to be a liberal-minded person. Until. I realize that we're at the tipping point where it becomes a perversion of morality, people's liberty, and equality. This is why democrats are becoming a destructive force. They have no purpose anymore that is why they are so left. minded.. people are wakening And democrats are panicking and the more they are panicking more they become irrational and totalitarian. Vote them out before we lose everything.

  10. It was liberal sprites and elves who smuggle sensitive documents into unsecured rooms in Maralago to make Trump look even more unhinged and idiotic than is really is. Build a wall around sprites and elves!!

  11. First thing I noticed is she is an a ambitious little tart .LOL She's confident and well poised in her public speaking. Very ambitious indeed
    I think she could be an asset to Trump kinda like Johnny Depps little tart. Lamo.

  12. It all appears There no way to defend Donald Trump Government family affairs in now the Lawyer's have to retain Lawyer's issues of their own defence in corruption in facts in Trumps defence of THE FLIN FLAN MAN

  13. I like how Racist white folks wanna get a tan like Minorities, and they have white rings around their eyes, looking like a n Albino Raccoon, they pay to have the skin we have naturally, LOL that's why their women love us

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