Trump legal professional addresses conceivable partial liberate of FBI Mar-a-Lago seek warrant affidavit


‘Hannity' panelists Alina Habba, Geraldo Rivera and Alan Dershowitz weigh in on Justice of the Peace Pass judgement on Bruce Reinhart's attention of the discharge of the FBI raid affidavit and the Justice Division's most likely redactions. #foxnews #hannity

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Date: August 26, 2022

RSS The Hill

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23 thoughts on “Trump legal professional addresses conceivable partial liberate of FBI Mar-a-Lago seek warrant affidavit

  1. transparency hahahahaaaaaaaaa what asses – to include dershowitz as he would not even balance off in real terms. secrecy about this is for both sides…blessings to all

  2. With out charging him right away shows there currupt you don’t search a place and not charge them this is a show for the public to change perception that’s it way over reach by DOJ pretty much down right criminal garland should be charged for interfearing in a coming election and deraliction of duty for Hillary and hunter no arrest

  3. This is what happens when Trump hires people based on looks. Incompetence – and big nothings that say nothing.

    God forbid – this attorney could think ahead and offer actual helpful SOLUTIONS.

    Redacted – means to remove CONFIDENTIAL info. Why would this attorney want to leave CONFIDENTIAL info IN? How dumb.

    Trump wants CONFIDENTIAL info released? What a dumb comment by Hannity!!!

    Trump is innocent until proven guilty.

    Fox “News” needs to learn how to RESPECT the privacy of TRUMP and CONFIDENTIAL info! Fox is un-American and anti-Democracy to put down the US.

    What happened to “backing the blue?”.

  4. What happened to “backing the blue”?

    This is a really dangerous moment – to see the former president of the United States – and FOX “NEWS” – stoking the flames of violence instead of saying:

    1. We need to learn the facts.
    2. We need to learn the evidence.
    3. We need to learn the information about what happened.

    To jump reflexively to attack law enforcement and to say then, 'Well, we back the blue, but we're going to attack these people (FBI) for doing their job,

    Fox “News” and Donald Trump are spitting into the faces of law enforcement and ATTACKING the FBI and the Police for DOING THEIR JOBS.

    Fox News and Donald Trump are un-American and anti-democracy to attack US law and law enforcement.

    Trump is innocent until proven guilty.

    Focus your energy on a fair and factual trial – not spitting into the faces of law enforcement.

    The American people see what hypocrisy that is and it's very dangerous hypocrisy.

  5. ol granny Trump has never gotten over 50 percent of the popular vote, not real good for a wannabe populist, all he did was just lose badly to a man who can barely function. Got fewer votes than Hillary, who was the worst presidential candidate of all time. He lost the Party the Senate and House, and at least four years of the presidential office. And for What? 4 years of scandal, incompetence, and an incomplete and crumbling wall that would never have impeded a single immigrant even had it been completed. A Republican party that is putting its faith in a bunch of Blue collar bumbling idiots who destroyed the Midwest because they originally put their faith in the Dems and the Unions for 40 years. I recall when the Republican party was proudly elitist, and when they encouraged excellence and talent, rather than play the victim card for a dying loser class (the basket of deplorables). Let the blue collar deadbeat cry in his cheap beer and man-worship the son of nepotism who inherited his wealth and got his daddy to get him out of Vietnam with a doctors note saying his pathetic son had naturally shaky ankles.

  6. so a trump lawyer signed a doc saying you have all the docs you were looking for, this was a lie

    they recovered more after the raid knowing not all docs were returned

    so is this the trump legals teams fault to with hold top secret classified info, and while stating we gave you everyting your looking for??

    this is concerning, this should be the focus, they had the opportunity to come correct and they didnt

  7. Fox News practices irresponsible journalism


    Chandler Gory

    November 10, 2017

    In the wake of some particularly gross journalistic negligence, whoever is in charge of Fox News’ branding should go ahead and remove the word “news” from the title.

    The hyper-conservative news outlet is known for its opinion-laden newscasts. The morning starts a little shaky with the heavily pro-Trump “Fox and Friends,” but it picks up a little in the middle of the day with “Shepard Smith Reporting.” Shep Smith is surprisingly, well, normal. He doesn’t typically buy into conspiracy theories and he’s shown that he can report on events relatively fairly. But as the daytime lineup ends and the evening shows begin, the news starts to get ugly.

    Fox’s primetime shows are atrocious displays of opinion billed as news. Bret Baier, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are the triumvirate of opinion-heavy “reporting.” Fox’s website describes Hannity’s show as “candid, controversial, and completely unleashed, Sean brings you political news of the day!”

    Sean Hannity absolutely does not bring you the news of the day. Or, rather, he brings the news packaged and prepared for a specific subset of people, and they love it. Hannity is particularly guilty of skewing the news beyond recognition. There may be facts buried under there — deep, deep, deep down there — but they’re so obscured by opinion that the news of the day becomes unrecognizable.

    “Hannity” is full of softball interviews designed to make the president look good, and unbalanced commentary from contributors like former-White House aide Sebastian Gorka, with no one on the other side to counter his statements. That’s not news, and Fox is doing a disservice to its viewers by calling it that.

    The big story on Tuesday, Nov. 7 was the Democratic sweep of several key gubernatorial and state-level elections. Sean Hannity covered it in six seconds at the top of his show. “Those results in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York, by the way – not states that Donald Trump won.”

    Hannity then promptly transitioned to a conversation about President Trump’s visit to South Korea with none other than Hannity’s favorite guest, good ‘ole Gorka. That’s unacceptable. The election coverage dominated the other news outlets, with a break to broadcast and discuss the president’s speech in South Korea, but Fox News barely touched the elections. In fact, some Fox News viewers may not even know there was an election, especially older viewers who may not use the internet or social media. Everyone at Fox News should be ashamed.

    Though I may be at risk of harkening back to the tired “back-in-my-day” argument, journalists used to report the news. Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather – these men would give it to you straight. Sean Hannity is a far cry from Cronkite.

    I know that other news outlets are equally guilty. I previously wrote a column titled “American media must be less partisan” that discussed the problems of ultra-partisan news like Fox and MSNBC, its liberal counterpart.

    However, there is a distinct difference between Fox and MSNBC: at least MSNBC reports what’s happening. Fox News ignores important news in favor of protecting its editorial loyalty to the president. They shift the focus of stories like the Russia investigation to fit their Conservative angle, obfuscating facts and redirecting the story always back to Hillary Clinton.

    Fox News anchors need to seriously reconsider the direction their news outlet is moving in. At what point will they stop editorializing and start reporting the news? If they care about their viewers, or the integrity of our free press, then they should take a step back and consider the facts next time they open their mouths.

    Hannity, I’m looking at you.

    Chandler Gory is a junior majoring in political science. Her column runs biweekly.

  8. After cataloging the documents recently recovered using a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, other news outlets are saying the National Archives has just given the DOJ a list of top secret documents STILL MISSING. This is not going to end well.

  9. Aides have said that Trump had such a distinct ripping style they knew when he destroyed a documents😳 isn't that illegal or everyone can do it? & take them home when your famous you grab the documents by the corners & do what every you want with them..

  10. "Alina, let me start with you as the president's attorney." Hahaha, the FORMER presidents FORMER attorney, that would be more accurate.

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