Trump Mar-a-Lago raid "unprecedented": Thiessen


Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen and Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera talk FBI whistleblowers and credibility on ‘The Story.’

Date: August 17, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Trump Mar-a-Lago raid "unprecedented": Thiessen

  1. the person that owns Fox News doesn't want Trump back in office Fox News is going to become to be stupid again people will vote for Trump still people are not blind like Fox News changing their ways

  2. It’s unprecedented because we never had a criminal treasonous president before that show his true color to the country. Y’ll keep blaming other people, and you not blaming criminal treasonous ex-president. He did it himself, so much evidence! Republicans following Trump, you are against America. Country first, party second.

  3. It’s awful when your home is violated. Especially after the FBI behaved like vultures and took what they needed. Where’s the right of a citizen, especially a President? None obviously.

  4. Changed the nuclear codes & put in place new update laws with increase prison sentence from the President right on down to the guy in the streets of America. Doucment security on all government officals Down with Fox

  5. Maybe the docs are in Al Capones vault? … Unprecedented indeed… unless there was some other president keeping classified documents in their home. Is there anyone else that could have "overdue library books" containing classified information in their home that should be treated differently ? Who ? and how do i sign up for this special treatment under the law.

  6. They need to go down there and fight like hell. The country depends on it 🫡 many thanks to the good guys!
    Hopefully this will boost FBI recruitment!!! Law and order!!!!!

  7. Thiessen is just a joke here. he whines on about "trust", this from a man who wrote a debunked book trying to support CIA torture. They moan on about, what crime, how about giving nuclear secrets to the Russians? Fox News is just garbage. Does anybody believe this simple-minded propaganda?

  8. Americans are meant to be in the top 5 civilised nations on earth but taking the side of Trump who was accused by woman of disrespectful act, someone who lies openly regularly begging government officials of finding him vote he didn’t earn and taking home government documents he signed into law that must not be taken home by any individual during and after their time at work and that 30% of Americans behind him no matter what this is uncivilised this man will bring civil war in America SAD

  9. It would be a blessing if FOX gave real information for even 5 minutes linstead of playing the ratings game to a select audience of Trump and his supporters. FOX dropped Trump for 100 days but put him back so he and DeSantis could fight for the spotlight and improve the ratings.

  10. The FBI did not pursue Trump for 7 years. Trump appointed the chief of the FBI; if he was unhappy with him him for 4 years, he could have fired him, as he did with many members of his cabinet and the executive branch.

  11. Biden and Obama and Clinton are most wicked people ever. Democrats are pure evil. After Clinton I would never vote demon crate . They are so evil defys human logic pure demon possion. Trump was a the best President of my life never has a president received so much harassment and persecution. For mean tweets to blood thirsty demons. In believing.. I'm not political just a Christian and a fair minded Man..

  12. Trump is our god and God is above the law.
    I’m sick of people trying to tell a RICH WHITE MAN what to do. Trump represents what a white man is and I’m all for him doing that whatever he wants to do.

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