Trump raid isn’t about categorised knowledge: Former assistant US legal professional


Former Assistant U.S. Legal professional Andrew McCarthy reacted to the U.S. Legal professional Basic Merrick Garland announcing he ‘individually licensed' Trump seek warrant on ‘The Large Saturday Display.'
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Date: August 23, 2022

RSS The Hill

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31 thoughts on “Trump raid isn’t about categorised knowledge: Former assistant US legal professional

  1. Trump wil take the People in the nwo trump is the swamp hé isnt going to drain the swamp hé was a time so far in debt hé got money from the swamp..

    Look out for this false trick….

    Trump also pushed the vaccins..

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  4. The government wanted there property. Trump said no. FBI came in with a warrant that covered all material. And look what came up TS/SCI material. Ruh ro. This is very very bad. Mr. Trump needs to be taken into an interrogation room & squeezed. Hard. Very hard. As hard as you or I would be. And the declassifying reasoning is, according to over a dozen White House officials working for Mr. Trump at the time, is bull.

  5. I've lived a lot of years in this country that's all of my life I thought I'd never see this country go to hell but the democrats has put it there .now the f.b.I.has gone to hell and they let the democrats put them there .we don't need eather one of them in this country.

  6. Trump's a smart man even if he had unclassified information he could put that in New York City he could put it in a storage locker in Europe these idiots don't have a clue and they know once he's back in power all these people will be fired and go to jail.. I hope he sues the FBI and the CIA and all the other criminals.. the Democrats are the worst of the worst they believe in communism and socialism and I never signed on for that life I'd rather move out of the United States..TRUMP NOW 2024 WILL BE TO LATE.. by then this country will be completely doomed.🤮🤬🤮

  7. ​ @Angre I wonder, does it hurt? The mental gymnastics required to string together your misinformed assumption of me, your biased and sophomoric interpretation of Alinsky, and the obvious understatement “Trump ain’t no saint”, as if any of that disconnected psychobable leads to the question: have you been asleep for five years? Do you even know what you're saying? Usually, to make a point, one would connect their words into sentences that logically support that particular point. Clearly, you missed that english class. Or have not taken it yet; I mean, seriously, are you 10 years old? If so, then my apologies, child. It is rather adorably transparent, though; the way you reference ‘rule 10’. It is akin to someone getting the ‘word of the day’ in their inbox and then squirming at any opportunity to use it in a sentence. I suspect you got that from some stupid video and could not wait to ‘make it your own’. Your misuse of it is so completely out of context and misrepresents Alinky’s goal to create a guide for future community organizers and unite low-income communities in a non-violent manner. It is only further evidence of your indoctrination into a low information, high propaganda, hate mongers cult. I hope you enjoy your life as a lemming. Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid! PS: I sincerely doubt that Jesus would subscribe to ‘Church Militant’. Just sayin'. . .

  8. All of you know that trump was a corrupt
    president. The divide he caused in this
    country was crystal clear. From
    Charlottesville to the insurrection on our
    nation's Capital, we have not seen days like
    those since the barbaric days during the
    formation of this country. His horrible
    example of low self control and profane
    language was an extremely horrible example
    for our children (as well as adults). The sad
    part is that with all of this is that many of you
    Bible loving evangelical Christians support
    this type of ungodly model. Shame on you

  9. A hypothetical situation lets say there was a pandemic and the people in charge shut down the entire country. Then for Good measure they had the FEDERAL Government pay all the unemployed 600 dollars a week extra. The SHUT DOWN created pent up demand. Once the Shut Down ended millions of people had a ton of extra cash and went on a spending spree. Now being the ENTIRE supply chain was shut down and came to a halt during the shut down. Now with just a novices understanding of elementary school math and the first rule of supply and demand….WOULD THIS CREATE INFLATION. Hopefully a person HONEST to themselves do not blame Biden for Trumps ineptness. BTW the above does not include the stimulus checks and the massive ppp money the Republicans gave away.

  10. Isn't it funny that the prison term on the warrant is only up to 2 years it's not funny for 2024 how they pick how they're rigging it trying to trying to steal another election

  11. Is it me or does this not remind anyone else of how a Mafia works? They give the shake downs ( warnings & intimidation tactics) and thwyre cover are corrupt cops on the inside…

  12. n ciclul a da medic militar parafa si aci si g r a d de medic deci si grad de medic militar../..corelatie ca si intes de comparatie ca si in evenimentele din 1990 au fost v i n a t o r i da cu act legaL SI DE COMPETENTA JURIDICA V I N A T O A R E ADICA CONDITIILE SI DATE DE MEDIC8INA SI C I V I L A LA VINATORI ERAU MEDICI CIVILI CU P A R A F A ADICA CITEAI EXACT MUMELE SI PRONUMELE DIN ACT DE NASTERE….. DECI M I N I M CUM SE ACORDA PERMIS DE PORTAMA DA ERAU SI MARTORI MAI MULT M A R T O R I CU TESTICOLE ELE NU SE INGRAMADEAU…DE LA A DA CE ESTE MEBRU CU TESTICOLE DA INGRAMADITI ACUM FILOLOGIA ROMANA INGRAMATITI ARE SI ALTE INTELSURI… de a da sa ia dar si asta se vede mai la o r l ….macar hnu sunt filolgic sasiii da…mai dar ca medic militar adica cum poate fi a p t ca sasiu adica priveste da in crucis c u m da intrebari simple cum poate sa detina si permisiune de a purta arma acum mergem la si psihologic minim cu elemnte p s i h i a t r i c e si comparatiile astia au si legitimari de port arma si sau figureza ca c a r t i de educatie au luat de le-au si citit au vazut si omologi ce au luat cu e x a m e n mai clar permisune de port arme…..da….mai cu e x e m p l e….. de tema apti din punct de vedere medical….si acel domne toti cu testicole armata este obligatorie mai obligatoriu este ca doar ai studii superiore obligatoriu fiind juramintul medical de medic militar de a motiva de ce este inapt de a purta arma din motive si sau o r l si sau psihologie minimala si sau si psihiatrie minimaala scrisul caligrafie de pina la anarhia cine are dreptate cu parafa ca nu este obligatoriu vizibil pentru aceia ce au permsiuni de a putrta a r m e legal competent juridic…… da deci si da comandanti ce au si medici minim ca consultanti si acel ba da ati tras c a m i o a n e incarcate cu munitie … la maxim de trasport in conditiile si cu conditiile …si acel de ati gaurit sau spart si tabla si la scoli si la locuinte sau tigla …… ..adica asta ba p a g u b e seriose si cu s e r i o z i t a t e de verificare…. ca c a m i o n u l de minitia nu a scris nicaieri sa fie tot folosit si sa mai cereti alt camion si din cele m a r i ca chamione……… doar e x e m p e cu caligrafie si de m i n a da exact da 1990……….

    Romeolucian Popa

    Romeolucian Popa

    acum 2 ore

    sociopolitica…. democratica…… si ierahie…. elemntele de la si de la b r a s o v ca exempu … arata elemnte evidente de competenta si si militare implicit si de interne deciu securitate reala discutii cu declinuri clare declind exact si copetentele lui nicolae ceausecu si multor din m i n i s t r i ce erau si mebri si ai marii adunari nationale avind declin de competenta p a t r u clase.. si sau studii adiacente celor p a t r u clase….dar extins si si in a m e r i c a …. cu si ce daca..da si in satele unite ale americii cu expresiii si intels si ce daca…. deci atentie patru clase si studii o b l i g a t o r i si si a compontei marii adunrai nationale sociopoliticile din p r i m a r i i da evidentele declinuri de competente dar si evidente completari de studii deci nu doar in terituaritati ca romania ca…alte state ce aplicau c h i n a exact si sau chiar , mongolia si da aparitia de h a r t i economice clare cu semnele specifice specivficate declarate ca h a r i t i l e economice… apar deci vizite cu elemnte da exact v i z i t e cu elemnte de d i s p e r a r e a conducerilor acele si cum sa stam da deci normal cu intels cel mai inalt nivel deci prezidentiale si de prim mi9nistru ca persone juridice de acea disperare cum sa f a c e m sa ne mai mentinem si deci si forme de a b u z u r i cu intels si si de incredere seciritatea economica inspecial.. si altele de elemnt intern se comfrunta si cu expresii si ce daca dar si arhivele de inalt nivel semnaturi de evidenta econopmie reala si nu declaratorie in scris ca falsuri date si date publicitatiilor…… aparind de la declaratii clare in propozitii a d e v a r a t e … la ministere la p a r l a m e n t e deci si dupa evenimentele brasov si chiar m i n i s t r i de justitie de elemnt procuraturi exact m i n i s t ri si deci si parlamntari da cu intels si mebri forte plini si opaficial juridic in cele doua elemnte juridice oficiali competenti si oficiali incompetenti asa ca incep sa intelga ca d i r e c t o r a t e l e si comandamentele incep sa capete ierahjie de competenta si dupa brasov in in da inb ambele blocyuri cu istorie pina la o b l i g a t i e doar de a s e m n a unele documente cu efecte juridice deci in obligatii administative.. istorice parlamnte din blocuri de atunci cunoscute si numite istoric deci de istorici ca documente de semnaturi…si apare acele acte aditinale la contracte si s t a t u t e sau regulamntele persoanelor juridice deci acele aditionalele de guvern da real administrativ legal juridic si parlamntele da exact legal ju7ridice si cele vazute cu voturile da si aici tot votul dar de competenta si mapare ori fi ei cu votul multi si multe dar si ei au cu votul declin de competente da in parlamnte in guverne si deci sare in ochi si masmediiei cu tote persoanele juridice ca nu prea mai merge ori si cum ci doar in conditiile si cu copnditiile avind intels de oficial juridic a d e v a r u l si si pentru istoriici facultati state ca vad una public si semneza dar si a d i t i o n a l e la acte si dupa evenimentele din 1990 da se vad mu8lte si a d i t i o n a l e la chiar actul copstitutiv acea da administratie de competenta si deci semneaza si si formal legal in functie da si si legal formal adica ce are si declin de competenta pentru lipsurile educatie in a adiministra si directoratele ce contin obligatoriu c o m p e t e n t e si comandamente militare aparare si intere cu competente r e a l e deci ierahizare de competenta…… legala competenta juridica…….. atentie pe verificate si si dupa 1989 aditionale contractale multa atentie deci cum arata economia adevarata si reala……pe pe fostele blocuri adica inscrise sa fie cunoscute ca comunist si ca capitalist da si deci securitatea si e c o n o m i c a competenta si cu politie economica mai precisa si masurabila si cu o b l i g a t i i si indatoriri in ierahie reala si ierahiile devin din ce in ce mai reale si cu procesele si declaratiile si in procesele vizio0nabile si publicate si ele d e j a adica si cu intels j u r i s t i si cu studii clare de competenta ………si declaratii si in i s t a n t e ………probele si probatoriile….si deci si declarati si de m e d i c i si directorate si de spitale in evenimentele de dupa 1989 ……..acele abuzuri de folosirea armelor cu cea mai evidenta a b u z i v i t a t e deci si directoratele si de medicina si ea legala si si in minister public sectiile militare si civile…..

  13. USA Government quit hitting me & your other citizens with your DARPA 5 G trojan horse intigrated neuro weapons. I have been hit with them for over 10 years. It is illigal, unconstitutional & unethical. Enough is Enough. Dr. Robert Duncan & many others warned the puplic of the illigal, unethical targeting of citizens by USA made neuro weapons & it was not only ignored, it was pushed under the carpet. I will make sure every single person on this earth knows whats going on & they can decide if they want your 5G satelites & tower trojan horse neuro intigrated weapon left standing & or these systems left in place ( leagally ). For without them you have no power to control the people & are using these advanced neuro weapons to control the mass narrative. ,

  14. I'm ready to see some people out of a job permanantly! Let the truth of the last election come to light! Americans wake up see the signs in front of your eyes… and may GOD SAVE AMERICA before its too late!

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