Tucker Carlson clashes with Rep. Salazar over Russia-Ukraine war and borders


Rep. Maria Salazar explains her approach to the Russia-Ukraine war and immigration policy on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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Date: August 20, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson clashes with Rep. Salazar over Russia-Ukraine war and borders

  1. She's in pocket for weapons manufacturing companies. She tripping. The United States Of America has done ENOUGH for Ukraine. I'm concerned about us. US citizens.

  2. As everyone should know the NRC is paying all of Trump's legal fees. Trump, however, keeps asking for donations from the fools who support him. I think its about time that people should know what he's/RNC is paying out to these lawyers. We should know how many lawyers are fighting for him, and what each one is being paid. Of course, he'll never reveal the true cost just like he won't reveal his income taxes. He knows he can keep asking for donations from all of these people he's conning like he always has. I still can't believe people are that stupid, but it's their money. You better give up a whole lot more with all the battles he has ahead. He'll keep trying to string everything out in the meantime so he can continue his fight against all laws in this nation. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. That includes Trump.

  3. Hypothetical for that gobshite warmonger to say,, she's got an ocean between Europe and the US…shut it and look after district 27.
    Putin fell into a US trap.

  4. Does anyone feel sorry for the 15,000 people in the Donbas area that were killed by Ukrainian bombing?

  5. Amnesty pier and simple Salazar is wrong, I believe Tucker when he said he read the bill and it is frustrating that people want to protect Ukraine’s border so much but they refused to protect our own and want to reward people who have committed a crime to cross it Illegally to allow them to stay as a reward and this is how other people will see it that are coming here well how come they get to stay and we can’t come and stay. I just don’t know why people aren’t more concerned about our own border but they’re concerned about a foreign countries border Joe Biden is more concerned about the Ukrainian border than he is about our own border he’s letting millions of people in here and they will probably be staying here and be rewarded for it or people like me that are on Social Security disability will begin to lose money because the Social Security is being sucked up by people that have never paid into the system, Americans live here right now do it they don’t pay out of the system and they collect thousand dollars a month from Social Security, and expect everybody to take care of them, and will do everything to try to get an extra dime from anyone including communist ideas like making the rich pay even more than what they’re paying now when they pay 49% of their income to taxes, seal the border and anyone that wants to stay needs to pay some kind of penalty or punishment and not just $1000 fine but pay for the time that they have been here taking advantage of our schools are hospitals our Social Security system how much is all that worth ?? A lot. Period.

  6. All of these countries want to make their messes then they want America's to come in and clean their mess up

  7. He is asking you are you ready to gamble getting our asses blowed up by putting dad

  8. I think we should take care of America and stop worrying about all these other countries that would like to see us dead

  9. I would rather spend more money for. American made goods and less need for immigration.

  10. I love Tucker Carlson. He is a no nonsense man. He gets to the point and that is it….

  11. Let's say that you want to demolish the republican party. Wouldn't you do it from the inside? Poison the body from within.

  12. What a stupid woman!!. Good grief. And these Cuban emigres elect this giant amoeba? Oh la la

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