Tucker Carlson: Nothing like this has ever happened


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to United States' population growth being fueled by migration on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #tucker

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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

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36 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: Nothing like this has ever happened

  1. remind me again how 3rd world, 3 grade educated 30 year olds with 13 kids that none can speak English fluently, are supposed to strengthen the American economy again?

  2. 1965 immigration reform is how I can be here today. I totally agree that we need to have a standard for immigration, but that standard should never be a racial standard. You can set up a language standard, an education standard, health standard, etc. but we need to apply that standard to the entire world, not just allowing Europeans in. Because smart, hardworking and law-abiding people are not limited to Europeans only. And we need more good people, regardless of race, to be in this country to contribute to our strength.

  3. Why is FOX News so anti-American. Fox News is only doing damage to the USA in every way. I guess it might be because Fox News and Sky News Australia must be getting paid by Trump and Putin. Why don't you guys move to Russia where your B.S. is the normal way of life. Let the professionals do their jobs without your "Fast Food" grade service.

  4. Mmmm, no. No, no, no, none of these people are "fantastic people." If they were "fantastic people," they would be coming here legally, the way they're supposed to. Anyone coming here illegally is a useless leech, a freeloader who should be expelled without question and if they come back, shoot them.

  5. Every single Republican voted against raising taxes on the wealthiest corporations and individuals!
    Do you think they really care about ordinary Americans and their most vulnerable citizens?

  6. Everything Biden wanted to help ordinary Americans and our most vulnerable citizens was blocked by this GOP as well as Manchin and Sinema!
    Minority rule does not care about the health safety and well-being of ordinary Americans and are most vulnerable citizens.
    This is why they didn't want to fund health care for vets who suffered from toxic burn pits.
    But then so many Americans protested they had to vote for it finally!
    The GOP voted against lowering the price for insulin also.
    Republicans continue to use long-debunked myths about the poor as they defend lower taxes for the rich and deep cuts to the social safety net to pay for them. In so doing, they are essentially expressing scorn for working class and low-income Americans.

  7. Republicans continue to use long-debunked myths about the poor as they defend lower taxes for the rich and deep cuts to the social safety net to pay for them. In so doing, they are essentially expressing scorn for working class and low-income Americans.

  8. This is what the GOP voted against! They voted against lowering the price of insulin because they support their wealthy corporate donors over the health of ordinary Americans!
    Over 30 million Americans have diabetes, and more than 7 million of them require daily insulin. But the cost of the drug has risen considerably in the last decade. Though U.S. lawmakers are considering policies to address the challenge, not much is known about who is most burdened by insulin prices.

  9. This GOP is against tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations and individuals.
    They want a sunset social security and Medicare in 5 years!
    They're against raising the minimum wage to a living wage!
    GOP is against extending the child tax credit, subsidized daycare and elder care which is extremely expensive and they don't want to reduce the price for insulin when so many are in need of it.
    This GOP refuses to tax the wealthiest oil companies who are experiencing a windfall profit!
    I have news for you economic sabotage not freedom!
    So ask yourself what the heck is this GOP for? Dictators and tax cuts for the rich?

  10. Not One Republican is willing to tax billionaires or the wealthiest corporations and individuals!!!
    They rather keep getting money from their wealthy donors than to help ordinary Americans and our most vulnerable citizens!!

  11. This is how much the GOP cares about your health safety and well-being.
    Senate Republicans blocked the $35 cap on out-of-pocket spending on insulin for patience enrolled in private insurance.

    Why it matters: The drug costs eight times more in the U.S. than 32 other high-income nations, according to a 2020 study commissioned by the Health and Human Services Department.
    It is the GOP that is in charge of the Senate wielding minority rule using the 60 volt threshold and the filibuster!

  12. If someone tells you what you “know” you should be cautious of what they are telling you. Tucker is condescending and treats his viewers as a lesser intelligent person. And he makes millions off of your viewership

  13. Amazes me that this guy has any influence. He is racist, anti America, pro Hungarian, and projects his anti ethical views to the lowest IQ population of America. The easily influenced

  14. The Republican playbook is the Vicktor Orban the dictator of Hungary who is against democracy and has banned any free speech in his country this is the GOP autocracy playbook. This dictator is who was invited to speak at the Republican CPAC convention in Texas!
    They want to turn us into a dictatorship where the people's voices no longer count and we no longer have a Democratic Republic.
    Is that what you want?

  15. Oil companies do not care if prices are too high. They do not care if ordinary Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Oil companies are making the biggest profits in history right now on the backs of average Americans.
    If you want to slow down inflation cut back on your driving, and cut back on your spending that is the only way to slow down demand which will in turn slow down the cost of goods and services.
    President Biden does not control the price of oil.
    Also raising interest rates may help as well.

  16. The problem is the they are purposely trying to replace the America's.
    Our grand parents fought and died settling this land, and they are telling us that it's stolen.
    It may not have been our land, but there nothing here when we got here.

  17. Also, people don’t realized that Latinos are taking over America and we need to be truthful that if we don’t have a white majority we will be in serious problems. Since white people built America, not Latinos. I am Latino but Latinos should stay as minorities.

  18. Biden has the broken the record having the lowest unemployment in history. Also a lot of Immigrants are front line workers. A lot of them don't make a lot of money on jobs most people don't want, but they do.

  19. There should not be one homeless person living in the street within one of the richest countries in the world. We live in a country where the rich get richer, while the poor or middle class don't get to be rich. Something is wrong with this picture.

  20. As foreign born us citizen the democrats have something else coming. Most migrants I know are conservative leaning and hard working. If republicans can reach out to their 1st generation legal immigrants and stop alienating them they would be great partners.

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