Tucker Carlson This night 8/24/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 24, 2022


Tucker Carlson This night 8/24/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 24, 2022
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Date: August 26, 2022

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  • McCarthy: Social Security, Medicare cuts ‘off the table’  January 29, 2023
    Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said ahead of a meeting with President Biden this week that cuts to Medicare and Social Security are off the table in talks around raising the debt limit. McCarthy has said that Republicans want commitments to spending reductions in exchange for raising the debt limit but has been unclear about what...
  • Classified documents fiasco leaves lawmakers shaking heads: What happened?  January 29, 2023
    The discovery of classified documents at the homes of three top elected U.S. officials has left many lawmakers and former government workers shaking their heads and wondering how the country has ended up in this situation. Authorities found dozens of classified materials at former President Trump’s home last year, including some marked “top secret,” that...
  • With ChatGPT rising in popularity, what's a parent to do? January 29, 2023
    Parents have a new platform to contend with in the battle to keep up with the ever-growing technological advances in their children’s lives: ChatGPT. The new AI technology has become so popular that some schools have banned it as it makes its way into the lives of K-12 and college students around the U.S. It...
  • House Intel members look for ‘reset’ after partisan era of Schiff, Nunes January 29, 2023
    The House Intelligence Committee will get a facelift this Congress following the booting of its former chairman and the retirement of a prior ranking member — a drastic makeover that’s prompting internal hopes that the panel can move beyond the partisan battles that have practically defined it in recent years. The committee launched the last...
  • Trump says DeSantis running for president would be 'a great act of disloyalty’ January 29, 2023
    Former President Trump said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) running for president would be “a great act of disloyalty” as he kicked off his first two major campaign events as part of his own 2024 presidential run. Trump visited New Hampshire and South Carolina, two of the first states to vote in the primary calendar,...

32 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson This night 8/24/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 24, 2022

  1. Tucker Carlson you have.been cancelled on you tube because of Fox news reports are not getting to play anymore starting tonight because of I watch your show every night and tonight every Fox news reports.have been cut you get started then it goes to the end and cuts the report off and you don't get to see your show this crap pisses me and alot of people in Nashville Tennessee of big time and we want answers from u tube about this wokeness going on there

  2. preach to the masses so they understand what has truly been done to our beautiful country and americans.
    thank you for exposing them for who they truly, are.

  3. stumbling, fumbling, bumbling, mumbling, plagiarist, liar-n-chief, fjb, likes little girls. he touches and whispers to them. nasty, dirty, fjb.

  4. Fleas hang around fleas and will help each other. Are people so absorbed they can't see through it all or do they just not care. Pedophiles and just what they are perverted scum who likes to look and touch etc.. children, it is DISGUSTING to even try and make these people looked at as being as misjudged…Are you kidding me! Anything good and pure the far left dems seem to hate and crush but anything corrupt and immoral and sick they seem to love!

  5. We're running out of time before people decide to go ahead and tear the current system apart and rebuild it to what it's supposed to be .
    The average citizen is getting screwed and they know it .When a society becomes so utterly corrupt and wicked decent people will eventually have enough and take matters into their own hands . History shows us this has happened time and time again .

  6. same as the stores, driving up inflation with huge increases in food allegedly due to printed money and gov money which is utter nonsense, it is the gov. who is not enacting anti inflation measures, i.e. restrict universities and stores or large food producers from increasing their prices, including no rent increases, measures must be anti greed. because they are not it will never work. U need real economists/poli scientists who can understand these Corp. and gov s frauds.

  7. Have a niece that has been a professional college student for 9 years. One of her classes was Hip Hop Study, No lie. She was so distraught when Osama Bin Laden was taken out that she had to go to a doctor that prescribed her Xanax.

  8. Thank you Tucker Carlson for calling it as you see it. Biden admin is just scrambling grasping at any option to deflect or distract from other issues. If you attack food, water, shelter (the basics for survival), the fight becomes nasty and physical. Law of nature, tooth and claw. Fighting over little things WHILE everyone is eating and sheltered is not so bad. But everyone isn't eating and sheltered! Is life a competition? Attack basic survival needs and you will get primitive response (rock to the head cave man style).

  9. Democrats are trying to normalize pedophiles because they have evidence against them Epstein evidence from a private island it's going to have to come out sooner or later and they don't want to look like monsters That's my personal opinion and observation

  10. Cancel debts for Americans who work for America before you send money abroad especially if banks, schools, and politicians all conspired against people to exploit them.

  11. Tucker. There is NO GREATER PROBLEM in America than its Education problem. THANK YOU FOR STAYING ON THIS TOPIC. It is a scam. All of it. Bullshit on top of bullshit.

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