Tucker: There is something really wrong


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the politicization of the Texas school shooting in Ulvade, reflects on mental illness and stopping violence in America.
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Date: August 20, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Tucker: There is something really wrong

  1. Good point: lockdowns and being glued to social media led to mental disconnection of those who did mass shootings.."staring at a screen all day" is a problem–more than guns

  2. It’s like I’ve said for a long time we need a reform on mental health. Making things more accessible and more longer holds to stabilize someone. Antidepressants actually can make our suicidal and homicidal thoughts worse.

  3. I’m not so sure everyone is horrified at the sight of murdered children😳 I’m beginning to believe the “pro choice” aka abortion only ideologues don’t mind at all the sight of dead children even worse babies if in fact that baby gets in the way of an entitled narcissist personal wants and desires😵‍💫

  4. I agree that these senseless mass shootings tend to be enacted by (usually) young men who are experiencing serious psychotic episodes, but I'm not sure I agree that these shootings are the result of them taking ssri's. I have some follow-up questions. Do you think that young minds are (sometimes) not able to handle these types of drugs, but more fully developed minds can (in other words, adults might be able to handle these drugs but (their use) is a trickier proposition with young people)? Do you think they may be taking the wrong drugs or not enough of the drugs they are taking? Is it possible that they have stopped taking the meds (against doctors' advice)? I'm not sure that red flag laws are Constitutional or fair, but I am hopeful that a better understanding of the mental health problems that young men are experiencing might be a way to get in front of the mass shootings and other destructive behaviors we are seeing today among young men (e.g., serious drug use, anti-social behavior, disinterest in education or the pursuit of positive futures, other crimes and the joining of gangs…). As such, I'm reluctant to blame the ssri's or to perhaps remove them as part of a possible solution, but do think that we may need to be more selective in determining who is prescribed them and in what dosages. The issue of mental health disorders has become a chronic problem in America (particularly amongst young men) and is a subject I think that we, as a culture, need to get a better understanding of and develop plans to handle more effectively. Your thoughts? Thanks for the great work you do.

  5. Jesus Christ let’s talk about how high powered military are play toys for young men in this country! Carlson does double time on blaming , blaming , blaming….let’s talk about why our Political parties cannot get together to make choices that put citizens before Political aspirations and Corportations that dictate our laws.

  6. There’s definitely a CLEAR AGENDA … these shootings come outta nowhere in bunches every couple years, they target the ppls guns and it’s worth questioning cause it’s become a pattern… these Fox guys make great points but they have their agendas and picks as well 😒

  7. I want to respond to the first 2 minutes, the first part. Yes we have this problem of ppl with massive mental problems, who are a severe danger to society. (Hence we need police.) But there are also the ppl with "minor mental problems" so it's not on a catastrophic level. They are maybe just quirky, or whatever. That's why, since i want ppl to learn about flawed humans, because ultimately, aren't we ALL flawed? That makes the concept of church so beautiful. (We need each other. Very simply put.) So my advice is watch this movie, about the lesser mental health troubles, that we all probably struggle or wrestle with, at some point in our lives. Silver Linings Playbook 2008 i think it's a very nice movie. Starring bradley cooper, and robert deniro is his dad.

  8. So Tucker. Yah. Your kids have. No. Future. In. Synogog. Of Satan. USA. Cops. And sherriff s. Are. Chosen. By Clinton's. Bushes. Reptil lion. Illuminati confirmed. So. It's fun. To tell. To you cop. Shitheads. Who. Protect. Reptillio n. Illuminati confirmed. Child. Protection. Services. Cps. Horrible baby raper's. We are. Galactic federation. Plia. Dians. Arcturian. Etcetera

  9. Fox News is pathetic and Tucker Carlson is their Poster Boy. . . sure they won't run the January 6th hearings. They are too busy lying and spinning – just like this.

    It is so sad to think that many people are stupid enough to believe Fox News' lying nonsense. America was almost taken on January 6th by Donald Trump's attempt to get Mike Pence to decertify the vote.

    The insurrection and violence at the Capital that coincided with that
    attempt pales in comparison to Trump's blatant attempt to make himself
    president despite the law and the will of the people . . . Remember –
    Trump lost both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, unlike
    the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2,000,000
    votes, but lost in the Electoral College.

    But if that angry mob of 'Proud Boys' on January 6th physically gotten
    ahold of Congressmen, Senators, and Vice President Pence, who knows what
    might have happened?

    . . . . . . And if something bad had then happened, what would YOUR
    position be today? The same, or different? Think about it Trump

  10. America appears to have become a lunatic society. Ja, something is really wrong. Surely, no more than Tucker, do I know why. Yeah, we really ought to have a look at a number of things. But mostly I just don’t want to go back there.

  11. Loose your right to own a weapon, and free speach at the same time . Peolpe left defenseless, to most likely, because everything is based on money, ( monopolist ) dictator , to assume power.

  12. Yes, Tucker, there is something wrong. Its FOX News!! I'm almost laughing that FOX News and Tucker specifically have radicalized bigoted conservatives to violence then ask, is something wrong? Its you MF!

  13. The military is being controlled by our government and the police are being controlled by our government the police have been at a couple school shootings now and did not a thing to stop a murderer from killing our children they sat there like Howard's with their body armor and weapons what do they get paid for? Either way the military nor the police in riots or schools Will Stop The Killing against innocent people this is what we've witness repeatedly. Taking our guns away we need iron parents at those schools and all these gun laws need to stop for we are totally helpless to our own government

  14. Stop targeting guns and actually going after the root cause which is normally mental health. If we actually taught our children to be responsible, productive members of society instead of letting the TV and internet babysit and raise our children. My heart goes out to all the families effected by these tragedies and I know we can actually come together as a nation instead of pointing fingers.

  15. Over does was caused by giving addict's a 2000 dollar check for a drug binge I witnessed it personally guy got his check called his dealer he died the next day

  16. Parents need to be more hands on. I know this because my Daughter and her Husband are very hands on Parents, so their Children have rules, in regards to Social Media. There are age limits that determines what social media platforms they are allowed to join. They have time limits on the computer. Their Parents want them to spend time with Family, and since these Children are naturally creative and crafty, they spend time with their creative pursuits. There's nothing better than discovering what you Child's passion is, and then encouraging them in that direction. This gives them confidence to becoming great at what they do.

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