Tucker: We would possibly not have sufficient meals quickly


Fox Information host reacts to the president announcing meals shortages can be actual on ‘Tucker Carlson This night.' #FoxNews

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Date: August 24, 2022

RSS The Hill

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50 thoughts on “Tucker: We would possibly not have sufficient meals quickly

  1. I don't give a flying flip about California the crazy people who live there or what they pay for fuel 9 billion should be given to the American public to buy fuel this Administration has got to go and it's got to go now

  2. Where are the people who voted for Biden? Where are the rally and marches and protests against this economy? Those voters are the ones that should pay these prices..not the Trump supporters

  3. I try not to watch too much of this stuff because it is so crazy it is off the charts with stupidity. How can such a shipwreck of a government as this exist? It amazes me. We have clearly been invaded and taken over. Biden and his democrats have had an agenda to wreck this country's economy and legal citizens. He and his minions have revealed their true colors. I wish people would stop talking about it in our government and do something about it. So far nothing much has happened to remedy it.

  4. It’s not just fuel prices that are effected with oil. Hundreds of products come from oil ! From trash bags , to plastic parts , plastic utensils , shoes , every thing that has pretty much any manufactured part has some sort of oil by product.
    Food wise we have been outsourcing far too long. Remember how outraged everyone was for a minute that China would be processing our chicken in the states ??? We all asked how could shipping all our chicken to China and back be a good thing or cheaper ?
    The train lines are now being effected , food plants biting down in record numbers , and bird flu has wiped out millions of chickens.
    If something doesn’t happen and fast we are doomed to repeat a history lesson we have never faced in this generation. Prepare your kids because this is going to get rough.

  5. Humans have historically provided food for themselves, by means of intelligence and hard work, but at this point we rely on huge-scale corporate agriculture that uses enormous quantities of petroleum. That's about to change.

  6. this guy is okay until he starts to talk about people from other countries then he gets passionate he has hate in his heart u can feel it and hear it in his tone everything else he is an okay guy just a little silverspoon fed

  7. I cannot believe this guy is our president. Sanctions are hurting innocent civilians. War is never the answer.
    Hatred does not cease by Hatred.
    Hatred can only cease by Love.
    This is an ancient rule.

  8. This administration has been so reactionary. They don't think ahead at all. It's like a big experiment for them. We have not declared war on Russia, but we are very much involved in this. All they had to do was to look back at both world wars to see how sending over a boat load of money would effect our economy. And the effect has been amplified because of all the money we printed before that, weakening our own economy. Historically, people have been encouraged to during times of war to be very frugal and not waste a single thing. Plant a garden if you can, reuse what you have, and don't spend money you don't have on things you can do without. That's the only way we'll get through this.

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