Tulsi Gabbard discusses the idea of ‘permanent Washington’


Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, discusses the bipartisan permanence of the people who control Washington, D.C., on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

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36 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard discusses the idea of ‘permanent Washington’


  2. I expect the Democrats will invent an excuse to cancel the November elections. Pelosi said "We're not planning on losing." I take her at her word on that. They are planning… something else.

  3. Not sure our country is being run by “Americans” anymore. Too much globalism influences our policies and the bureaucratic state has way too much power, time for a remake

  4. I love you Tulsi Gabbard. At the end of the day she is truly the only real qualified candidate for the presidency of the United States

  5. This is how the Communists took over Russia and other countries. They used division and the police to leverage their ideology and get rid of people who were a threat to their power. Read 1984 and Animal Farm.

  6. Dems are likely to keep house and senate this election term. Trump did awesome work. His endorsements did do good. Dr. 10 houses Oze did really good. He did crush Fetterman.
    Its not easy to lose both WH, House, Senate in one go. But Trump is carnage in human form.

  7. What we have in America today is the modern day equivalent, no matter what you want to call it, of the old British Monarchy. The old British Monarchy was not JUST the King …. It was the entire monarch SYSTEM to maintain and keep the MONARCHY in perpetual power. They had the KING at the top, then the queen, princes and princesses, then lords and ladies, then counts, then barons, and etc and so forth on down the line. It was a very complicated and complex system of power and control established to perpetually retain power OVER the people. That is where we are at in America today. Washington DC, the Swamp, has evolved into a very complex system of mutually supporting and intracritely connected organizations and bureaus and agencies and so forth AND their army of bureaucratic employees whose primary job is to maintain and support this system of power centered in The Swamp. Elections, today, are not strong enough to overcome this caldron of corruption. We The People, to THEM, are their enemy. They hate us. The despise us. Why? Because to them, we represent a threat to their power … just like the Colonists did to King George and the Monarchy. Elections? They may not enough to support We The People any more. Food for thought ……………

  8. We need term limits now. If they won't put in then we need to take them out. Sick of these self appointed kings and queens of America. We own this Country and they work for us.

    This isn't 1985.

  9. Each bureau needs to be reduced in size and budget. Also the top 4 layers of leadership must be removed and put in solitary confinement. Then the America first policy explained to all who are left and any action that does not support that agenda be listed as a felony, 50 years in prison. They have to be brought to justice.

  10. He says it isn't "left vs right" but "elitist vs populist." Well that's just another way to say that government can't be trusted, which is why we were supposed to have a limited government. Well, the growth of government IS a "left vs right" issue, so stop compromising partisanship. We need partisanship to protect our freedom from partisan fools as well as partisan tyrants.

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