Turley on Trump warrant conflicting narratives: 'It's like watching two movies at the same time'


Legal panel discussion on ‘Your World' the unsealed Trump raid search warrant includes Shannon Bream, Jonathan Turley, and Katie Cherkasky. #YourWorld #FoxNews

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Date: August 16, 2022

RSS The Hill

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35 thoughts on “Turley on Trump warrant conflicting narratives: 'It's like watching two movies at the same time'

  1. For all we know the FBI team that conducted the raid could have been Guys that are not in the best interest of America, please think people don’t let your emotions cloud your vision

  2. ​"inflation reduction act" ="get the trump voters act" not about native americans or environment or taxing the rich it is about locking up n destroying trump voters businesses. pls make the connection trump voters. watch out pillow guy.

  3. ​"inflation reduction act" ="get the trump voters act" not about native americans or environment or taxing the rich it is about locking up n destroying trump voters businesses. watch out pillow guy.

  4. If the Court opens the files in a case against Trump – the contents become public information. If they are classified files they should be taken from the FBI and sent to Archives immediately. No one should be reading them. Classified documents are not supposed to be in the hands of FBI agents.

  5. Get ready George W. Bush, your Home and your Fathers grave will be raided by the FBI and DOJ, Wake up Obama here comes the FBI and DOJ, Hay Jimmy Carter get ready here comes the FBI on your Home, not to forget Billy Bob Clinton and Crooked Hillary R. Clinton Violations of your 4th Amendments Rights: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things …

  6. Please everyone hear the gospel message before it's too late or they try to cancel it! Ray Comfort has FREE movies and interviews on YouTube with the gospel! Jesus is our only hope for freedom and Salvation not politicians!

  7. Give them a couple days and they will announce a smoking gun ( which they planted hence turning off cameras to cover it ) and here we go again TDS for another 3 years . Partisan treatment once again !

  8. Trump said the documents were planted, THEN he said he declassified them.

    So….the FBI went to all the trouble to plant DECLASSIFIED documents?

    Get your act together Trump. I mean really.

  9. Come on the FBI was there a month early okay they knew exactly what he had okay there wasn't nothing he just Declassified everything otherwise why would the FBI leave all that stuff there when they left that doesn't make any sense this is b***** it's another Marxist communist little ploy to make Donald J Trump look bad that's all it is you traitors of this country ought to lay down somewhere cuz we're coming for you mother f******.

  10. Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns formerly headed an influential D.C. think tank while it employed undisclosed Chinese Communist Party members as well as individuals with Chinese government ties.

  11. According to the Nation Archives, no documents where every taking by Obama, so that story falls apart even faster. Wow, Trump team keeps throwing out as crazy stories as they can be easily be disproving. Fox a news seems to be behind this story and the DOJ and Merrick Garland are way ahead of Trump team.

  12. What was Trump doing with top secret documents in his basement? Turns out there was 27 boxes now. With we now know several labeled top secret and were missing from the secure national archives. There was no report off a issue of declassification by Trump so that story falls apart pretty fast. Someone also on the inside was helping the FBI retrieving these files. Was it Mark Meadows or son in-law Jared Kushner helping the FBI.

  13. This is all part of their 2022 script. Supposed to have the hearings (24 hours of propaganda on network news) the raid (more interior broadcast interruptions) paint all Republicans as extremist that are unelectable. The raid was planned last year. They never considered how bad the economy would be and nobody would care. The raid looked good on paper but the Dirty DNC miscalculated.

  14. The assumption must be made that America and it's allies have been compromised as Trump is money hungry and those documents are worth $Billions to America's enemies, just look at all the spin a frightening tale and beg for money emails he is sending out , support your messianic Billionaire give him your savings and food and rent money. There are documents there that must not be removed from the secure vault so how come he had them at the Whitehouse, who removed them from the secure location to give them to Trump so he could steal them. they are Government property and once Biden was sworn in he was no longer a part of the Government, even then those documents must never be removed from government premises

  15. instead of wondering if it was a legitimate raid in Mara Lago, why isn't anyone in here ever asking why did Trump have all of this information in the first place? It seems to Trump no pun intended everything else, where are our priorities here? We would rather go after those police that were doing there jobs than seek justice.

  16. Bottom line is it’s bs…even if there is something that isn’t declassified, Trump just says I declassified that. And in the word of Comey “No reasonable attorney would prosecute this”. Just another show from the dems.

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