Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland


Former Trump deputy national security adviser weighs in on the two American veterans who were captured while fighting in the Russia-Ukraine war on “Fox & Friends Weekend.’ #foxnews

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Date: August 19, 2022

RSS The Hill

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45 thoughts on “Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland

  1. The whole world and the USA are saying that Ukraine will lose and there is no doubt. They are arming them only to weaken Putin. None of them care about Ukrainians. I thought that the Ukrainian people were smart, but it turned out to be the opposite. They give their lives so easily for nothing. Zelenski took away their sons and fathers, 90% of whom will not return to their families. 🤦‍♂

  2. 6:35 – Suomi has over 1350km border with russians and russians controls our border every day. Our border guard only waits for asylum seekers at border stations because our socialist state pays for every asylum seeker good sum of money.

  3. Americans are silly.
    Ukraine losesthe war.
    Ukraine will be left as were iraq and Afghanistan
    Russia will have even greater reputation
    Aren't google and Microsoft watch and share data.
    What would chinese get by watching half naked girls ?
    5G is a technology – whoever use it , can have control over it. It sure will be US govt's surveillance on its own citizens . Proved by Snowden and he had to run away.

  4. So much lies from the mainstream media its truly fake news , mainstream and the western governments are the true enemy of the people..

  5. Neither side is winning or losing in a military sense of the word. Skirmishes are not to a scale that can be called 'battles' at this stage. Even the conquest of the 2 cities in the east, Sevrodonesk? and Lucischansk? (however you spell them) cost Russia a couple thousand troops, but cost the DNR/LNR at least 5,000 that Russia uses as fodder. Ukraine also lost over 1,000, but got more than 10,000 out. So even a strategic defeat for Ukraine, losing 2 destroyed cities, was still a tactical defeat for Russia, losing large number of Troops and huge numbers of equipment.

    Also Russia can not replace soldiers at this point without mobilization. They have a 'soft mobilization' going on where they are offering people a year salary per month, giving them 2 week boot camp, and 3-5 days weapons training before sending them into Ukraine. That is not going to help. Those 'soldiers' will do more harm than good. 3-5 BTG of these soldiers, incoming now, and another 3-5 BTG in a few weeks.

  6. Zelensky has said…. They'll keep fighting till the last Ukranian…. This while he's enjoying the attention of the US and it's evil NATO alliances…..the former uk pm boris lavished zelensky with prime front beach property In the UK while the Ukranians are suffering at a alarming rate

  7. It would be good for the Pentagon and their retired cronies to stop the lies. Ukraine will lose this war for so many reasons. They have about a month or two left. Once Iranian weapons are deployed, Ukraine will lose quickly as the hunters take out all postions and methodically will do just that. And Iran and China will want to see Russia win, as well. America has threatened the pride of these nations. Biden said he would attack Iran. American media says China has to think twice about attacking taiwan.

  8. Through media brainwashing in the US people have lost common sense. Ukraine can't win. Not possible. The TV generals know it. As many Ukrainians die in 10 weeks as Americans die in Vietnam in 10 years because of US arms deliveries. In the Prime 90% in the Donbass republics live over 75% Russians. These people were saved from genocide by Putin and they want is the US FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY understanding?

  9. From the first time the US declared its full support for Zelensky, I began to feel sorry for the miserable opportunist. He's going to be hung out to dry, just like the others before him.

  10. Y’all really think russia is at war with Ukraine ??? They would’ve been wiped them. This is between America. America is evil and probing a world war like in every movie they show you. “X men” first class for example. In their heads this is was they’ve been waiting on. They’re only using Ukraine to fight russia

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